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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Underwater Adventure at The Stage August 21 – September 10 :)

When I read about The Underwater Adventure in our Newspaper The Penguin Times I Thought that The Underwater Adventure was a PARTY! BUT now when I read The New Penguin Poll I Know that The Underwater Adventure will be a NEW PLAY at The Stage AWESOME!

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…I Hope we will get some NEW Costumes :) And I am so curious about the Switchboard 3000 I wonder what cool effects Uncle Gary has for us this time :) You can take this Poll Right Now Under Community

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                                     …This will be FUN :)    

…I hope Club Penguin will make a Story Book to this just like they did for Fairy Fables :) and maybe another Time we can get the Underwater PARTY!

Day 66: Shopping Race – 101 days of FUN :)

Saturday August 8, Have a Shopping Race with a Buddy! Start at The Snow Fort and see if you can Run to The Gift Shop, Buy a New Outfit, Then Return to The Snow Forts in 1 Minute.

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…Cool :)  but I already bought Everything in The Festival of Flight Catalog…Let’s have The Race Anyway :)

 2009-08-06 17.54.13 - Copy

                …This is FUN…I have Raced so Many Penguins :)

                                    …Change Outfit and…

                                …I WON! This Time…LOL :)

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