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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aqua Party FUN :)

Yesterday we had an Aqua Party :) Here are some Pictures :) Troy1529, Monstercjr, Ahmad Hamody and Navdav119 were at The Iceberg early and waiting for me :)                       …Hi Friends let’s start The AQUA PARTY!

click to enlarge

                                      AQUA PARTY! YAY :)

               …Penguin4 and Monstercjr told us Fun jokes  :)        

click to enlarge                                 …HAPPY AQUA RUNNING :)

click to enlarge…CAKE TIME! Thanks Monstercjr for bringing Cake to all of us you are so Kind :)

click to enlarge…This is a Yummy cake…LOL…Cakes are ALWAYS Yummy in my Tummy :)

…Tazy1305 and Reddy82995 came from The Pizza Parlor and Made us GREAT Pizzas :) THANKS!

click to enlarge                      …Hi Extra Peng Glad you could come :)

click to enlarge   …It is so Much FUN to dance and Sing TOGETHER with FRIENDS :)

click to enlarge …Hi Harris T 1 That’s okay Sorry we started The Party 15 Minutes To EARLY…LOL :)

click to enlarge                                      …Dance and Sing :)

click to enlarge

                           …let’s move The Party to Cove :)

click to enlarge                                         …Hello Cove!

click to enlarge          …We are almost Invisible in the Water…WATER NINJAS!

…Aqua or Light Blue we both look like WATER :) It is FUN to Dance in The Water it Splashes so Much!

click to enlarge                            …HAPPY WATER AQUA RUNNING :)

                                    …To The Forest!

click to enlarge

…I LOVE The FOREST it is always GREAT here and if we help Gary we will soon have a Hot air Balloon here too :)

click to enlarge                …Lalalala…we sing Pretty like the Forest Birds :)

click to enlarge    …Aqua or Light Blue it doesn't Matter we have FUN TOGETHER :)

…Dance Party at Night Club Extra Peng challenged us in a Dance Contest!

click to enlarge …This going GREAT! or…LOL…At least for Extra Peng, Monstercjr and Pengwing4…I think I had two left feet that day :)

click to enlarge…Thanks Cadence :) I will do better next time I just need More Dance Practice!

click to enlarge           …well Danced Everyone and CONGRATS Extra Peng :)

click to enlarge …And a BIG CONGRATS to The Blue Team and Their Cheerleaders They Are in FINAL!

click to enlarge

                 …Next Party place will be The Lighthouse!

click to enlarge              …I LOVE that we can Play TOGETHER and HEAR it!

click to enlarge                        ...TOGETHER we sounds FANTASTIC :)

click to enlarge                            …I Like the view from here :)

click to enlarge

  …I, Nick2471, Extra Peng and Lightning27 sledding down the Sloop…

click to enlarge                                  …This is FUN :) AGAIN!

click to enlarge…Monstercjr, I, Pengwing4 and Chey Chey7…heading for the BIG JUMP!

click to enlarge                                   …CONGRATS Pengwing4 :)

click to enlarge                                         …Dojo Party :)

click to enlarge                                   …First Say Hi Nicely :)

click to enlarge                              …CONGRATS MONSTERCJR :)

click to enlarge                      …Extra Peng Have so Cool Power Cards :)

click to enlarge                              …CONGRATS EXTRA PENG :)

click to enlarge                                    …You are Welcome :)

…Monstercjr and Extra Peng Played Card – jitsu TOGETHER and I talked to my Friend Hannh3823 :)

            …Hi Hannah3823 I am Glad you made it to our Party :)

click to enlarge …What is Pengwing4 up yoo? LOL…See All Card – Jitsu Animations I have so far…

click to enlarge …THANKS to ALL that came to My Aqua Party it was so Much FUN to met you all :)

            …See you all soon again in Club Penguin :) Waddle On!

Day 67, You're a Car – 101 days of FUN :)

Sunday August 9, Form a Group with Other Penguins and Pretend you’re a Car. Waddle Around The Island TOGETHER and give Other Penguins Lift!

click to enlarge…A Car? Okay but I will be a Train! Trains are Better for the Environment :)

                       …ALL ABOARD!  Follow Me I am a Train :)             

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