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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Penguin Poll - The Club penguin Times :)

We have a New Poll in Community :) The Club penguin Times  just released it’s 200th edition. I will: Write a letter to Aunt Arctic…Read some back issues in The Boiler Room…Throe a Party in my Igloo to Celebrate…What’s the Club Penguin Times?  

…I Vote for Read some Back issus in The Boiler Room :) CONGRATULATIONS Aunt Arctic you ROCK!

                             Adventure: Aunt Arctic’s Show

                                     See last Weeks Poll :)

Fun Art Update :)

                                We have New Fan Art too :)

…a Knight and a DRAGON! WOW! Good work this picture must be inspired from The Medieval Party :)click to enlarge…Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy and Shakespeare as a Flying Puffle Hero! COOL Drawing :) Well Done! I Liked this Play :)

click to enlarge …Drave Safe at Sea…LOL… Hydro Hopper is FUN and This Picture makes me Smile :) GREAT FUN Drawing :)

click to enlarge                            See More Fun Art in The Gallery

Penguins around The World Updated :)

We have got More Cool and Cute Pictures to Penguins around the World :)

…Here are some of them :) Cool a Basket player Penguin AWESOME Picture :)

click to enlarge

…Pink Puffle listen to Music Awww so Cute i must Show Cadence this :) GREAT Picture I LOVE the Shadows on the ground too this is so much perfect summer day :)

click to enlarge

…The sun is setting and a Purple Puffle Fishing :) Look how good The Purple Puffle matching the sky :)  PICTURE PERFECT! This is Grandpas Favorite Picture this week :)

click to enlarge   …you can see More Puffle Adventure Pictures in The Penguins Around The World Gallery

Waiting for Festival of Flight PARTY :)

                  Soon…Soon…The Festival of Flight will Start :)

click to enlarge

                                   …and Penguins will FLY!

…Only 7 Minutes too Festival of Flight Party! This will be AWESOME :) I jumping up and down of Excitement! Lalalala… soon I can Fly I can Fly I can FLY :)

Week Scrambles – 101 days of FUN :)

LOL… Someone made a Week Mistake :) Online Activities for Week 11 and Offline Activities for Week 1 and 2…I guess Club Penguin will correct this soon :)

click to enlarge

UPDATE: Club Penguin has fixed this THANKS! Offline Activities Week Eleven and Twelve :)

click to enlarge

Happy 77 talks Festival of Flight - Reviewed of You


This Message is from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
Are you as excited as I am? Festival of Flight starts tomorrow. It's going to be pretty amazing to have Club Penguin floating in the air.
Last week we asked you about your ideas for how you might help Gary lift the island. Lots of cool ideas came in. Here are some from Limeg6 who said:
There is a lot of ways we can help Gary. These are the ways I will be using! First I will blow up balloons with the Super Helium. Next I will use my propeller to lift Club Penguin off the ground! Then I will fill up hot air balloons. I would tie balloons around everything! I will tie a balloon to the Iceberg and everywhere!
Thanks! You'll have to let us know tomorrow what you think about the solution Gary came up with... The party will go from August 14 - 18 and then on the 20th (Friday) you'll find a brand new, never before seen play at the Stage! It's called Underwater Adventure.... This week, we'd really love to know: If you could write a script for an Underwater Adventure, what would it be about?
Let us know what you think of the Festival of Flight tomorrow...(and if you think the clouds look at all like cotton candy).
Until then...Waddle on!
Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

        Festival of Flight GUIDE and CHEATS! 14 – 18 August 2009

TRACKER! Where is Gary the Gadget Guy in Club Penguin? CHEATS!

click to enlarge

Do you want to meet Gary The Gadget Guy? If you do Follow my Gary the Gadget Guy TRACKER :) The famous inventor Gary the Gadget Guy will be possible to meet during Festival of Flight in Club Penguin that runs August 14-18, 2009. Where can I find Gary the Gadget Guy or in what rooms will Gary the Gadget Guy be? In The Forest , Underground Pool and Tallest Mountain :) In what servers can I find Gary the Gadget Guy? Start to look in half full to almost full Servers…Remember the DJ Cadence and Penguin Band Tracker and the Sensei Tracker. If we working TOGETHER again we will find Gary the Gadget Guy :)

How does this tracker works? If you find Gary the Gadget Guy send me an email or leave a comment here or make a tweet on my Twitter account where you say Gary is in Server…TOGETHER WE WILL FIND GARY THE GADGET GUY :)


We will start TRACKING Gary the Gadget Guy as soon as The Festival of Flight Starts :)

Festival of Flight GUIDE and CHEATS! August 14 – 18, 2009 :)

Everything you wants and need to know about The Festival of Flight Party you will find here! Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Free items, Hidden surprises Special Effects and a Tracker to find Gary the Gadget Guy :)Prepare for take off as the Whole Island soars to New Heights! as Uncle Gary use to say: Anything is Possible with a Dream!

click to enlarge  

Preparing Festival of Flight:

Small Problems may need BIG SOLUTION!

New PIN Toy Sailboat in Coffee Shop Club Penguin :)

Party Sneak Peek a BRAND NEW PARTY will come to Club Penguin :)

I wish for a Jet Pack :)

How will you help Gary to prepare for lift off in the Underground Pool area? Reviewed By You

Construction Started at The Plaza and Beach and all over CP Island :)

Festival of Flight Opening Picture :)

Time to Build at Club Penguin Island :)

Festival Of Flight Outfits are FANTASTIC!

Festival of Flight PARTY BANNER :)

Festival of Flight Sneak Peek :)

Working Hard to Build Festival of Flight :)

Festival of Flight set to Soar! August 14 – 18 :)

Happy 77 talks Festival of Flight - Reviewed of You

Waiting for Festival of Flight PARTY :)

Festival of Flight:

TRACKER! Where is Gary the Gadget Guy in Club Penguin? CHEATS!

Festival of Flight is FINALLY HERE!

Free Item Festival of Flight at The Plaza

New Pin inside Mine The Sand Castle Pin in Club Penguin

Free Item Jet Pack for Members at Tallest Mountain

Island Lifter 3000 ANIMATED!

Club Penguin Soaring Home Picture :)

Cloud - Maker 3000 ANIMATED! Festival of Flight :)

Balloon Ride ANIMATED! Festival Of Flight :)

Balloon Ride and Tallest Mountain Tour Guide :)

Festival Joke :)

Club Penguin Island in the Air :) Animated :)

Night Club Cloud Floor ANIMATED :)

I just met Gary the Gadget Guy in Winter Land :)

Non Members can meet Gary in The Forest :)

Fun at Festival of Flight :)

How can I fly with my Jet Pack?

Day 73, Airplane Igloo – 101 days of FUN :)

Breeze Maker 3000 ANIMATED :)

Tour Guide of Underground Pool :)

I just met Gary the Gadget Guy in Server Snow Angle Club Penguin :)

Non Members can Meet Gary at Underground Pool and Forest :) Club penguin

I met Gary the Gadget Guy at Pool in Server Freezer Club Penguin :)

I met Gary at Tallest Mountain in Server Snow Fort :) Club Penguin

I met Gary at Pool in Server Tundra :) Club Penguin

I met Gary at Pool in Server Sub Zero :) Club Penguin

My Stories and Adventures: I met Gary at the Tallest Mountain in Server Snow Day Club Penguin :)

I met Gary at the Tallest Mountain in Server Snow Ball :) Club Penguin

More FUN at Festival of Flight :)

Festival of Flight Card - I wish…

Balloon Ride Sand Bags Animated :)

Party EXTENDED! Festival of Flight STAYS :)

Day 77, Cove Wave – 101 days of FUN :)

Underwater Adventure Talk By Happy77 :)

DOT – TO – DOT Picture :)


Penguin Poll – about Festival of Flight :)

My Stories and Adventures: Herbert's Plan…

Festival of Flight Finished! My Stories and Adventures :) 

                         Gary the Gadget Guys Background :)


Closed CONTEST! Cool Pictures :)

I was helping Gary and found this is the Old News Archive of Club Penguin Times :)

click to enlarge …Take a Look at the Penguin Tales CONTEST CLOSED! Issue #197…

click to enlarge

…and Issue #198 :) THANK YOU! For your Submissions. Judges are Currently Selecting Winners! COOL :)

click to enlarge

…I LOVE The Archive down in Boiler Room :) I often reads old Newspaper…it is very interesting :) 

                         Last day for Penguin Tales Contest!

200th Issus of The Club Penguin Times Newspaper :)

CONGRATULATION to Aunt Arctic and The Club Penguin Times Newspaper!

click to enlarge

This interview is from The Club Penguin Times: The Club Penguin Times celebrates its 200th issue this week! Here’s a message from the Editor, Aunt Arctic:

click to enlarge

Dear penguins, Wow! Our 200th edition, what an amazing achievement! We published out first edition on October 24, 2005 and things have changed so much since then. Back in the day we printed the paper in black and white! I started writing my advice column for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006, and took over as Editor in Chief in April 2008.

But I really couldn’t do it without you! I’d like to thank every writer in Club Penguin who has submitted their work to the Club Penguin Times.

I love writing and researching stories, and I know you do too. I really enjoy reading all of the fantastic material that I get sent in the main each day. Here’s to the next 200 issues!

~ Aunt Arctic

click to enlarge

…My Famous Aunt Arctic is so GREAT! I Love to follow her when she interviews Penguins and she knows EVERYTHING that's going on sometimes even before PSA :) Do you want too help her too? Look at this Page Submit your Content in The Club Penguin Times…

click to enlarge

…I think Aunt Arctic Deserves a PARTY to her Honor :) Let’s CELEBRATE This!

Festival of Flight set to Soar! August 14 – 18 :)

During The Festival of Flight we can meet Gary The Gadget Guy again :) One thing Gary will use to lift Club Penguin Island is Super Helium if you play Jet Pack Adventure you know what I talking about :) Gary has invented a Cloud Maker 3000 too…I have Helped Uncle Gary Test Flying this week but I promised him not to give anything away…one thing I can tell you…look up for “weird things in the sky”  :)

This is from The Club Penguin Times Newspaper: The Festival of Flight ‘takes off’ August 14 – August 18! Explore the island high in the sky! Soar with a balloon ride! Hover with your own jetpack! Help Gary the Gadget Guy replace the Underground Pool’s windows…  and maybe meet the famous inventor! Everything ‘comes down’ on August 18!

 click to enlarge

         …This will be a FANTASTIC Festival See you all there :)

click to enlarge                       Working Hard to Build Festival of Flight :)

How to Catch Mullet – Secret Revealed!

           Secret Nr 39 or RERUN of Secret Nr 22 and Secret Nr 1

2009-08-13 03.29.36 - Copy

How to catch MULLET!

For those penguins new to the fishing business, the enormous Mullet fish at the end of the Ice Fishing game can be frustrating to try and catch. Here’s the secret to landing him:

When you see the Mullet swimming in the background hook a Fluffy fish, but don’t reel it in. Use it for bait! Mullets love them!

You’ll earn an extra 100 coins!

click to enlarge

                          Catch Mullet in Ice Fishing Game

                        Catch Mullet in Aqua Grabber Game

Week Eleven and Twelve Offline Activities – 101 days of FUN :)




2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup half and half cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup salt (the bigger the granules, the better)
ice cubes (enough to fill a large freezer bag half full)
1 small freezer bag
1 large freezer bag


1. Combine the sugar, cream, and vanilla extract in the small bag and seal it tightly.
2. Combine the salt and ice in the large bag, then place the sealed smaller bag inside as well. Seal the larger bag.
3. This is were the ice cream goes airborne! Lightly toss the bag back and forth with a friend until the mixtures hardens (about 5 minutes).
4. Take the smaller bag out of the larger one, add toppings, and eat the ice cream right out of the bag. Easy cleanup tool




2 or more players
a different colored flying disc for each player
a park with trees
a parent or guardian to keep score


The object of the game is to throw the flying disc and hit a target in as few throws as possible.

1. Find a field with lots of space and a few trees to us as targets.

Note: A target is only considered ‘hit’ if the disc comes in contact with the portion of the trunk below the first branch.

2. Find a place to begin the game a fair distance away from the first target.
3. All players need to take their first throw toward the target from the same location.
4. In the same order that the discs were originally thrown, each player will make a second attempt at hitting the target from where their disc landed.
5. The player who successfully hits the target in the least amount of throws wins!

click to enlarge




8 1/2 x 11 inch paper


1. Place a sheet of paper on a flat surface with the shortest side of the paper facing you.
2. Fold the edge of the paper closest to you back by 1/2 an inch. Keep folding the paper back on itself until 6 folds have been made.
3. Flip the paper over, so the folded edge is still closest to you.
4. Fold the paper in half, left to right.
5. Turn the paper lengthwise, so the closed end is facing you.
6. Half an inch up from the closed end (the end closest to you), draw a line from the left edge to the right edge.
7. Fold the top flap of paper towards yourself on the line drawn.
8. Turn the paper over and fold the other flap to match.


Grab a few markers and pencil in a few of your puffles as passengers!

click to enlarge                                    PRINT out this Schedule :)

                  Week Nine and Ten Offline Activities FUN :)

Day 71, Aunt Arctic's Sunglasses - 101 days of FUN :)

Tuesday August 13, What Kind of Sunglasses does Aunt Arctic wear? Find out by Moving your Mouse around Page B5 of The Newspaper, then Tell Five Friends!

click to enlarge                   …First Look in The Penguin Times…I found it :) …Aunt Arctic has Black Sunglasses now I will tell Five Friends :)  Hi Icicle568 and Zspink1 :)

                            …Hello Cici2379 and Danskin10…

                                  …Hi there Hollie Mae :)

         …HELLO EVERYONE! Aunt Arctic Has BLACK Sunglasses :)

click to enlarge

Week Eleven Online Activities – 101 Days of FUN :)


What kind of sunglasses does Aunt Arctic wear? Find out by moving your mouse around page 85 if the newspaper, then tell 5 friends!

Find the new pin! When you do, draw attention to it by forming a wide circle around it with the other penguins in the area.

Transform your igloo into an airplane, then invite other penguins over and watch the fun take flight!

Go to the Pet Shop and practice your puffle roundup skills. Try capturing the blue puffles first, then the rest, one color at a time!

Talk to your buddies using only emotes! See how many time you can

Try to find your penguin twin! Look at other penguin’s player cards and see if you can make buddies with a penguin dressed-up just like you today!

Start a wave at the cove! Get a bunch of blue penguins together, then as a group walk back and forth in the water shouting ‘wave!’click to enlarge

                                  Print out this Schedule :)

                                   Week Ten Online FUN :)

                              Week 11 and 12 Offline FUN :)

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