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Friday, August 28, 2009

Renew your Membership!

Today I got a New Reminder from Club Penguin…in only 7 DAYS my Membership will EXPIRES! My Membership Expires soon… What a cute Card :) THANKS Club Penguin I LOVE Puffles :) I so will miss to be a Member…

click to enlarge…I asked Mum if she will buy me a New Membership but she said NO! I have to pay for this myself…I wonder if Dad will pay me if I cutting the lawn again Littletias cut the lawn yesterday…                     

My Membership Expires soon…

The 21 August I got this Card in The Mail from Club Penguin…Keep adding to your Closet! Renew your Membership. It expires in 14 days.

click to enlarge …and August 22 I got this: Just a Friendly Reminder your membership will expire on September 5 We would love to have you join again!

click to enlarge

Thanks for the Reminders Club Penguin I would LOVE to Renew my Membership BUT…Right now I have No Money! I trying to save some but I will not have enough for a Membership before September 5…My earlier Memberships has been a Present from my Big Brother Littletias :) I don’t think he can buy me a Membership this time he still pays to Dad for the Keyboard…Maybe I will be a Non Member…                   

Fall Fair Stuff in Lighthouse :)

    Look at this :) Rory have started to prepare for The Fall Fair :)

click to enlarge

Fall Fair Opening Picture :)

WOW! Have you seen this? During The Fall Fair Party it will be a PUFFLE Circus for Members :) AWESOME! And it will be Games and Prizes to Play and Win for EVERYONE like earlier year :) This will be so Much FUN :) Read More Here Fall Fair Festival September 14 – 19 2009 :)

click to enlarge

Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS! Aug – Nov 2009 Club Penguin :)

                                In The Winter Sports Shop…

click to enlarge                  …We have a NEW Snow and Sports Catalog :)

click to enlarge

Football Items: Blue Football Helmet 360 coins, Blue Football Jersey 500 coins, Red Football Helmet 360 coins, Red Football Jersey 500 coins, Silver Whistle 100 coins, Referee Jersey 300 coins, Green Football Helmet 360 coins, Green Football Jersey 500 coins, Football 300 coins

click to enlargeTeam Spirit: The Sidetied Too 500 coins, Red Cheerleader Outfit 350 coins, The Sidetied 500 coins, Blue Cheerleader Outfit 350 coins, The Sidetied Strikes back 500 coins, Green Cheerleader Outfit 350 coins…I Looked so Much Forward to The New cheerleader Wigs but Only ONE of this Wigs The Sidetied Strikes back is NEW…

click to enlargeSport Furniture: Red Gym Mat 100 coins, Blue Gym Mat 100 coins, Blue CP Banner 170 coins, Red CP Banner 170 coins, Green CP Banner 170 coins

click to enlarge

Penguins at Work: Life Guard Shirt 170 coins and Backgrounds 60 coins :)

click to enlarge …I found NO SECRETS in this Catalog and very Few NEW Items…Maybe Next Time we can get some cute Outfits in PINK and Purple? Can you Hide them in the Catalog?  Please Club Penguin :)

                        Sports Catalog Talk by Happy77 :)

New Pin The Koi Fish Pin at Cove - Club Penguin :) CHEATS!

                        The New Koi Fish Pin is at Cove :)

…You have found a Koi Fish. Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Day 86, soccer – 101 days of FUN :)

Friday August 28, Start a Game of Soccer at The Soccer Pitch! Get Two Teams TOGETHER and see how many Goals you can score in a Match.

click to enlargeSoccer AGAIN? Day 19, Sport Team game day – 101 days of FUN :)

Day 42, Soccer Ball Party – 101 days of FUN :) I want to do something more GIRLY! Like a Dress in PINK and Purple Day :) Now i will go to the Soccer Pitch and Plant some FLOWERS :)

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