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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ninja Footprints appeared on Festival of Flight!

After the Post Ninja Footprints are BACK at Pet Shop Roof! I started to wonder WHEN did the Ninja Footprints came back? They was Not here during the Festival of Flight Preparations

click to enlarge…NOW THEY ARE! So the Ninja Footprints came back when the Festival of Flight started :)

click to enlarge

                 …They are half hidden by the Party Decorations :)

              …This is so COOL :) I wonder what will Happen Next?

Fun with Friends :)

Today I and Spider880 met in The Dojo we can hardly wait for the Fall Fair :) If you have any ideas of what you want to see during this years Fall Fair send your Ideas to Billybob and they might come True :)

…Spider880 is a Magician in training he can make Sensei Appear or Disappear…LOL :)

…I Love to Talk with my Friends :) Spider880 and I Remember the Most Crazy FUN April Fools Party EVER! The CPIP Party! We had a FANTASTIC time! We ALL was PUFFLES!

                …More Friends :) Hannah3823 is a Superhero :)

click to enlarge

                                …she has GREAT Powers :)

  …Oops Spider880 turned Hanna3823 and Fro bro98 into Bunnies :)

click to enlarge                                      …Aren't they cute :)

         …Can you turn me to a Bunny too? Sure Spider880 said and…

        …I become a Fish! LOL :) A Lollipop eating Fish…Yummy :)

click to enlarge                                      …let’s try again…

click to enlarge                            …POFF! I am a Sheep! Again…


                 …Spider880 did it! I am a Bunny! Great Work!

              …and Now we are The Blue Team :) GO BLUE!

click to enlarge …Thanks Friends this was FUN :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

Ninja Footprints are BACK at Pet Shop Roof!

In July 31 I Posted about Ninja Shadows Gone! And Today Anonymous told me that The footprints at The Pet Shop Roof are BACK! What will this mean? Sensei told us to “Watch for signs to come” is this a Beginning? I hope so :)

click to enlargeTHANKS my Friend for telling me this you have a Great eye for Details :)

I am POSTED :)

For the First time EVER I am Posted in Club Penguin :) THANKS Happy77 :) This is a BIG Honor!

click to enlarge

                          Sports Catalog Talk by Happy77 :)

Day 87, Card- Jitsu Tips – 101 days of FUN :)

Saturday August 29, Ninjas should Exchange Card – Jitsu Tips in The Hideout! If you don’t have your Black Belt, head to The Dojo and learn to Play Card-Jitsu! 

click to enlarge

…Read this Post to Learn Card-Jitsu How can I be a Ninja in Club Penguin :) Have you seen the Cool Animations from The Card-Jitsu Game?

click to enlarge

…When Sensei had a PARTY in The Hideout he taught us so Many things :) I met him EIGHTEEN TIMES :) Today I will try to add the Last Blog Post about that…

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