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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Fan Art :)

We have NEW Fan Art in Club Penguin :) This High Flying Picture is from The Festival of Flight :) Flyastic Drawing :) Well Done!

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…This is a VERY IMPORTANT Art Work! THANKS! for sending in this Picture! If you see anyone left outside go and say Hi :) TOGETHER we can STOP ALL BULLYING!

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…This is a Happy FUN Picture :) Good Work :) I LOVE the cute Puffle and the Cool Cloud Shoes :)

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…Here you can see Last Weeks Fan Art  :) See More Pictures in  Fan Art Gallery :)

Payday in Club Penguin :)

Today we gets our Paycheck in the mail so remember to check your mailbox :) 250 Coins for Agent Work

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…and 250 Coins for Tour Guide Work :) Under Label Tour Guide you can read Tour Guides from now unavailable Rooms :)

click to enlarge …Thanks Club Penguin can I use these Coins to Renew my Membership?LOL ;)

ONLY Three day Before my Membership Expires!

THREE DAYS before I am no Longer a Club Penguin MEMBER! BUT…Thanks to all Great Ideas You have send me I have earned some Money and Now I have 12.15 Dollars :) Tomorrow Littletias and I will have a Bank meeting with our Parents and see if they are willing to Borrow me some money to Renew my Membership…Right now we working on an economic calculation to show Mum and Dad :) And we thinking up reasons to WHY they should borrow me the Money I need to buy a 12 month Membership

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                         …I will let you know how it goes…               

New Igloo is SAFE Decorated :)

Today I am a Lifeguard :) Welcome to swim around and visiting me and my Puffles :)

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New Wallpaper in Club Penguin :)

        A New 101 days of FUN Wallpaper :) I LOVE Sled Racing :)

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                           See All Club Penguins Wallpaper :)

Fall Fair Party BANNER :)

                  THANKS Club Penguin for the New Part Banner  :)

click to enlarge                  Fall Fair Party will be here September 4 – 13, 2009 :)

Rockhopper is coming with Fall Fair Items :)

This message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Rockhopper's getting closer so keep checking the telescope this week to spot the Migrator. Looks like Rockhopper's going to be here for The Fair!

click to enlarge The team loves it when Rockhopper's here because there's always buzz all over the island about meeting him, checking out his catalog, and playing the Treasure Hunt game he brings. Have you played? It's inside the Migrator's Captain's Quarters and you can search for treasure with a buddy. I always try to get the rare emerald. Let me know if you've ever found one.
Until then...Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

WOW! Look at Rockhopper ship! This will be an Amazing Fall Fair Party! I know it ‘course I feel tickly in my toes when I see this :)

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…I working very hard Right now to get Money to Renew my  Membership

Day 90, Buoys – 101 days of FUN :)

Tuesday September 1, Help your Buddies find all The Buoys in Club Penguin from 1 – 8. They’re Hidden in Games, Missions and Rooms. Good Luck! click to enlarge                        …Buoy One is in Jet Pack Adventure :)

click to enlarge     …Buoy Two is in Aqua Grabber Thanks for this one Joanna7777 :)

click to enlarge

                       …Buoy Three is in Jet Pack Adventure…

click to enlarge…Inside The Lighthouse you find Buoy Four this Picture is from a Mission :)                         

click to enlarge

…in Jet Pack Adventure you find Buoy Five…watch out for the SHARK!

click to enlarge                             …At The Beach we have Buoy Six…       

click to enlarge                       …This is how Buoy 6 looks in a Mission…

click to enlarge

                                …Inside Lighthouse Buoy 7… 

click to enlarge

                                         …and Buoy 8 :)

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…Right now The Lighthouse is Filled with Fall Fair Party Boxes so The Buoys 4, 7 and 8 are Hidden or Moved…

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