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Friday, September 4, 2009

Big Flames in The Ski Lodge Fireplace :)

        Oops! I think we need Firefighters here just in case…LOL :)

     THANKS for all your Help Sommfi :) You are a GREAT FRIEND :)

                          FIRE in Pizza oven at Pizza Parlor!

FIRE in Pizza Oven at Pizza Parlor!

In The Pizza Parlor The Pizzas gets Burned! COOL :) THANKS so MUCH to Sommfi :) You are AWESOME at Club Penguin Details :)

           …You don’t have to be dressed as a Ninja to see this :)

                      Big Flames in The Ski Lodge Fireplace :)

Firefighter – Penguins at Work :)

If you want to Help out in Club penguin you can be a Fire Fighter :) It is tome to Fight Fire – with Firefighters :) Join The Fire brigade and  Help keep the Island Safe.

click to enlarge  We Always needs More Firefighter on this Island Welcome to join :)

If you not are a Member you can still gets this outfit…Find a Toy Code from Series one  and  buy The Firefighter Outfit from The Treasure Book  :)

click to enlarge

                        Kelowna Fire! is Club penguin in DANGER?

                              Stop The FIRE Save Club Penguin!

                       Kelowna Fire from Club Penguin support :)

Great Puffle Circus Video and Guide Tour :)

For ALL my Non Member Friends I have Recorded The Puffle Circus :)


…The Guided Tour Starts Now :) Welcome to the Great Puffle Circus!

click to enlarge

                …Click on the Puffle to watch them Perform…

click to enlarge                            …You won't believe your eyes!

click to enlarge              …Why not bring your Puffle to watch The Show?

click to enlarge              …That was all Friends :) Have a FUN Fall Fair Day :)

                          The Great Puffle Circus ANIMATED :)

Ninja Fire at Cove :)

Put your Ninja Outfit on and wait…The Fire at Cove will Flame BIGGER…Like Sensei said Look for Signs :)

                   THANKS! Littletias for this you are GREAT :)

                        See Today's FUN Ninjas go to Cove :)

UPDATE: After being Dressed as a Ninja and seen The Fire you can change to any other Outfit and still see the Fire :)

Fall Fair Games 2009 ANIMATED :)

                    Best Web Browser for viewing Animations:) 

      Here are ALL Fall Fair Games 2009 and How to Play them :)

Memory Card Game – The Beach – Find the matching pairs in the fewest tries for Maximum Tickets. 

Ring The Bell – Dock – Press and hold the mouse button to aim. Release the mouse button once you have reached your desired strength.

Puffle Paddle – The Snow Fort – Use your mouse to bounce the Puffles and keep them in the air. Every time you bounce a Puffle you increase your score. Juggle more at once to win more. The longer you can keep bouncing the same Puffle the more you win.

Balloon Pop – Bonus Games Room – Blow your Puffle with the fan. Hold the mouse button to go faster. Bump balloons into walls to pop them. Collect the tickets.

Puffle Soaker – Bonus Games Room – Blast the targets with Puffles on them. Don’t blast the targets with penguins on them. Duck underneath objects that fly towards you! Use arrows keys to move, and spacebar to shoot. Left arrow to turn left. Down arrow to duck. Right arrow to turn right. Up arrow or spacebar to shoot.

                                   …Don’t get Hit…LOL :)

Puffle Shuffle – The Forest – Puffles are hidden undern eath tall hats and shuffled around. Select the hat hiding the correct color of Puffle to win tickets! Keep playing until you run out of tries.

Feed - A – Puffle –The Cove – Feed Puffles by shooting Puffle-O’s into their mouths. Feed as many as you can with 100 Puffle-O’s.

   …ALL The Puffles are SO CUTE! Look at This Adorable PINK Puffle :)

      …THANKS Club Penguin Team for this Fall Fair FUN Games :)  

Circus Tent Igloo :)

We have Moved to a Brand New Circus Tent igloo :) Now it is Time to Decorate!

click to enlarge

…DONE! We Like our new Home :) And we Playing Silly to Funky Igloo Music Right now :) Welcome to visit :)

click to enlarge

Ninja Footprints The Mystery Continues…

The Ninja Footprints on the Pet Shop Roof are GONE AGAIN! THANKS! Sommfi you have a Good eye for Details :)

click to enlarge

Rockhopper’s Plants turns to Autumn…

Look at Rockhopper’s Plants The Tree is Turning Autumn Orange :) The Pink and Orange Flower are on the way to Bloom over and The Wonderful climbing Plant is fading some more…I will take good care of them and hopefully they will start bloom again :)

click to enlarge

   THANKS Sommfi for telling me about this! You are a Great Friend :)

Aqua More Aqua Now :)

Remember how Aqua Won The New Penguin Color Vote? LOOK at This! This is how the Aqua Color looked when it first came… 

click to enlarge

…and this is from Today's Catalog! Aqua is More AQUA NOW! Many Penguins didn't like the Aqua Color it was very close to Light Blue Thanks Club Penguin for giving us more Aqua in The Aqua Color :)

click to enlarge

                                   2009-09-04 04.08.14 - Copy

                        Old Aqua Color           New Aqua Color :)

     Thanks to Anonymous for telling me this as ALWAYS you Rock!

Rockhopper’s Rare Items :)

The Free Item is The Old Winged Viking Helmet! GREAT! I know some Penguins that wants this one :) Monocle 160 coins, Fuzzy Viking Hat 300 coins, Toy Giraffe 550 coins ( Furniture Item)

click to enlarge  THANKS Rockhopper these Items are Cool and the Giraffe so Cute :)

Ticket bug!

          After Winning 834 Tickets I Bought a Circus Tent Igloo :)

click to enlarge            …But My Tickets are still here! So My Tent was Free?

click to enlarge      …I Logged out and Then in again and The Tickets were Gone :)

click to enlarge

                          …I LOVE My New Circus Tent Igloo :)

Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator BUG!

Right Now we can’t enter Rockhopper’s Ship…Club Penguin Bug Team working hard to fix the Problem so Hopefully we can go on The Migrator soon :)

click to enlatge

                  …and The Migrator needs to be DECORATED!

click to enlarge

UPDATE: This Bug is Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :) But…NO PARTY DECORATIONS?

click to enlarge

Fall Fair Home Page Picture :)

               The Fall Fair Festival has Begun Let’s have FUN :)

click to enlarge                             Fall Fair Party 2009 is HERE :)

The Great Puffle Circus :) ANIMATED!

Best Web Browser for viewing Animations:) From The Forest Members can go to The PUFFLE CIRCUS!

click to enlarge                 …And Here you find The Member Prizes Booth :)

click to enlarge

…Shakespeare is Circus Director or The Ring Master :) And can makes lots of tricks:) Thanks for the Pretty Purple FLOWER :)

          …Pick an Act :) The Black Puffle is The Flying Fireball…

       ...The White Puffle…Let me Present The Bearded Puffle :)

                    …The Red Puffle in The Puffle Cannonball…

…The Pink Puffle is the cutest Diver Ever :) Time for the The Delightful Diver!

...Now it’s Time for The Green Puffle Let’s claps for The Joyful Juggler…

             ...Here is The The Blue Puffle The Brilliant Bouncer!

…As The Last Act I The Yellow Puffle will Make The Purple Puffle Disappear! Now The Vanishing Puffle!

…Thanks to all That Watching The Puffle Circus and  Welcome Back :)

Great Puffle Circus Video and Guide Tour :)

CHEATS! Penguin Style Catalog September 2009 :)

        We have a New “Back to school Penguin”Style Catalog :)

click to enlarge…Here are The Hidden Secret items and always I tell the PAGE NOT Exactly WHERE on the Page I will NOT RUIN Your FUN :) Black Bowtie…

click to enlarge

…The Red Viking Helmet 750 coins…Open and Close Three Times and Open again…

click to enlarge

                         …The Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins…

click to enlarge

…Here are the NEW Items from this catalog are: The Chill Out Wig 450 coins, Boy’s Sweater Vest Outfit 300 coins, Laptop 1800 coins, The Prep Wig 450 coins, Girl’s Sweater Vest Outfit 300 coins, Burgundy Buckle Shoes 400 coins…

click to enlarge…The Turf Wig 500 coins, Red Suede Jacket 700 coins, Flame Messenger Bag 300 coins and Flower Messenger bag 300 coins :)

click to enlarge

There are some Bugs in The Catalog I will add More when this Problem is fixed…

UPDATE: Still Problem!

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