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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I met Rockhopper in Server Caribou :)

                  Best Web Browser for viewing Animations:) 

I was waddled around and then I met Rockhopper and Yarr! I am so HAPPY to see my Old Friends again :) I was counting on a Fall Fair Background but Rockhopper has his old Background with him…GREAT for New Penguins that doesn't have this one yet :)

               …Yarr is so cute bouncing next to Rockhopper :)

        …If you have Trouble to click on Rockhopper in The Crowd…

…just click on Users in Rooms List and then on Rockhopper to get the Rockhopper’s Player Card and Then you can get the Background :)

click to enlarge      …Bye for Now see you soon again in Club penguin Friends :)

Ski Lodge Candle

In Ski Lodge we can blow out the candle if we mouse over it…NOT ANY MORE! I wonder if this is a CP Bug or on Purpose?

I met Rockhopper Card is Back :)

Have you met Rockhopper yet? I hope to meet him sometimes during this Fall Fair…LOL…It is soon time for SERVERHOPPING! The “ I met Rockhopper” Card is Back…

click to enlarge

                   …Remember to send it to your Friends :)

click to enlarge

…my Mailbox is FULL! Please Club Penguin we need a better and Bigger Mail system so that we can SAVE our Mail and Rare Cards!

Day 94, Game Show – 101 days of FUN :)

Saturday September 5, Start a Game Show in your Igloo and come up with Silly Prizes for the First 5 Winners!

click tio enlarge …My Puffles LOVES to Play Games :) The Winners will have this EMPTY Popcorn bag :)

click to enlarge

…Shakespeare, Sunshine, Gosig, Sweet and Snowflake WON TOGETHER! Snowflake took the Empty Popcorn bag and hidden it and Shakespeare looking All Over The Igloo trying to find the Paper bag! I think I will go to Cove and buy some More Popcorn…LOL :)

click to enlarge

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