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Sunday, September 13, 2009

MEGA Club Penguin Communication BUG!

For some Days my Friends can no Longer say my name Saraapril! If they say my Penguin Name it will NOT SHOW! That is so Weird!

…Littletias and I starting to do some Testing! This is the CHOCKING Result! NO PENGUIN NAMES SHOWS UP IN CLUB PENGUIN!  But we can talk about Club Penguin Toys! So to say a Penguin Name doesn't Show BUT commercial about Toys does…PLEASE Club Penguin tell me that this is a BUG you soon will have Fixed and Not on Purpose!

                                    …My Computer Screen…

    …Littletias Computer Screen He can’t see that I says Hi to him!

                         …On My Computer I am SINGING :)

                    …On Littletias Computer IT DOSE'S SHOWS!

…let’s try in my Igloo…This is Littletias Computer screen…We can Talk about Toys and Herbert Toys it Shows…

                           …On My Computer I can see this…

…On Littletias screen he tries to talk to me starting with my name Saraapril…                                  …On my Computer I CAN NOT SEE THAT HE TALKS TO ME!

                …This is a MAJOR COMMUNICATION FAILURE! 


I LOVE Fall Fair FUN :)

It is so Much FUN to do and to Look at on The Fall Fair Party :) Is this Cart surfer Neon Sign a Warning? LOL :) I LOVE to Play Cart Surfer and I earn Lots of my Coins in this Game :)

…Riding a Carousel Horse is so Much FUN :) Ooh…I starting to get dizzy everything around me is Blurry…LOL :)

…Time to Fly Away on an Adventure :) I have my Jet Pack on See you later…

…I have worked very hard in The Coffee Shop making Cotton Candy Now I am on an Break…And eating COTTON CANDY :) YUMMY in my TUMMY :)

…some days ago I was looking for Rockhopper and I missed that Danisaurus27 wanted to talk to me…

click to enlarge …Sorry i missed you I went up to The Crow’s Nest…and then back to The Beach…There Novaman2 told me were to Find ROCKHOPPER :)

                             I met Rockhopper in Grizzly :) 

click to enlarge…Hi Friend :) Yesterday I was Happy to add Leeny500 to my Buddy List during The End of 101 Days of FUN Party :)

click to enlarge                             …We both Likes to Dance :)

click to enlarge

                                 …Today I am a COWGIRL!

…Angel 29 99, Owen1075, Flyers2499, Fro Bro98, Chamaole08 and cute Puffle are here :) Let’s have a FOREST PARTY!

click to enlarge              …I Like to Talk and spend Time with my Friends :)

click to enlarge                              …Dance :) Dance :) Dance :)

click to enlarge                             …Hello Jmann93 you found me :)

click to enlarge                                     …Let’s Party MORE!

click to enlarge

           …Spider880, Jeepkid7 and Yellowsoccer are here too :)  

click to enlarge

…MORE FRIENDS :) This is a Great FUN Party :) I LOVE THE FOREST :)

click to enlarge

…Now I will go and Play some More Fall Fair Games :) I will Soak you! LOL :)

click to enlarge                          …See you around Club Penguin :)

                                      FUN at The Fair :)

                               More Fun at the Fall Fair :)

                          FALL FAIR PARTY 2009 IS HERE :)

THANKS Jmann93 for my Card Code :)

Today I WON a CARD CODE :) THANK YOU so MUCH for this Jmann93 you are so KIND :)

click to enlarge            …I got one New Power Card and Three Pretty Cards :)

click to enlarge

…I have POWERS! LOL :) This card has Special POWERS: When this is scored, Water cannot be played next round…GREAT :)

click to enlarge                     …I got The Bean Bag Counter  Power Card :)

…I entered the Giveaway to try to get the Rare Golden Code Card so I could Animate the Three New rare Golden Code Power Cards :) I didn't won that so if anyone has those Golden Code Card – Jitsu Power Cards Please contact me so I can meet you in Club Penguin and Animate them :) I give you Credit :) I LOVE my NEW CARDS they are AWESOME :) THANKS AGAIN Jmann93 you ROCK!

                            Card – Jitsu ANIMATIONS! ALL :)

Sneak Peek SAMURAI in Club Penguin?


This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
There's something brand new coming out on the island and we're thinking it's gonna be BIG!! I don't want to say too much and give away any surprises...but I can show you this:
That doesn't give too much away, right? What do you think? Can't wait to hear your ideas.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team 

By Billybob

Is this The First Club penguin Samurai? I HOPE NOT! I don't like violence! or is this a New Room? A New Mission! I really Really hope that this is a NEW MISSION :) But there are no Moderators inside the Missions…A Party or a New Room is my Guess :) I am sure that this has something to do with The Flaming Puffles :) This will Hopefully be FUN!

…Sensei has told us to look for signs This can be what he Talked about :)

                             I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                        I met SENSEI for the FOURTEEN TIME :)

                          I met SENSEI for the FIFTEEN TIME :)

101 days of FUN Load Error Message :)

The 101 days of FUN Banner is out of FUN! LOL :) Now it just shows Undefined…

click to enlarge …on The Opening Page we got this Message: Loud Error Please clear your cache and try again…LOL…What does that means? If we clear our cache will we time travel back to the First day of Fun?

click to enlarge…LOL :) just Kidding :) Club Penguin will soon take this Banner down for this year :)

Drum Glitch Trick at Lighthouse Stage :)

This is a Cool Trick that will make your Penguin Buddies wonder if you are a Magician :) First Go to the Lighthouse Stage…Wear ONLY the Drum Sticks and Then Click on D or Dance to Start Drumming…Open The Newspaper and FLIP a PAGE! Then Close The Newspaper…Your Penguin is STILL but The Drums Playing ANYWAY! I think this is a Cool and Fun Trick :) LOL…Did you see that The Drums kept Playing when you were Reading the Newspaper too :)

The Stage Tour Guide Mistake! The Penguins that Time Forgot :)

Now at The Stage we have the Play The Penguins that Time Forgot but Club Penguin FORGOT TOO! If you put on your Tour Guide Hat and gives a Tour you Gives The Underwater Adventure Tour! LOL :) Please Club Penguin can you make an Update? 

click to enlarge…THANKS Jt9034 for Telling me about This Club Penguin Mistake :) You are a Helpful Penguin :)

Herbert, Klutzy and More New 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Packs Club Penguin Toys :)

We have NEW COOL Club Penguin 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Pack - Herbert P. Bear, Esquire and Klutzy the Crab with blueprint accessory and iceberg accessories

Club Penguin 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Pack - Rad Scientist and Faery (Fairy) with lantern accessory

Club Penguin 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Pack - Bumble Bee and Frankenpenguin with Jack-O'-Lantern treat bag accessory These were Available as series 1 too :)

Club Penguin 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Pack - Camper and Fisherman with flashlight accessory

Club Penguin 2'' Mix 'N Match Figure Pack - Lifeguard and Snorkeler with ducky pool ring accessory

These Series #4 Club Penguin toy figure packs, includes a special coin that has a code which they can use to unlock items online at  How to Unlock Items Online Tutorial Club Penguin

This is GREAT I LOVE Penguin Figures all these small Penguins are so cute :)

            TOYS – Snow Trekker, Gary and MORE :) Club Penguin

                      Aunt Arctic TOY 2” Mix’n Match Figure :)

                            2” Mix N’ Match Figure – Toys!

                          New Toys 2" Mix'n Match Figure :)

                                     New Toys in Stores

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