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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt text Almost Fixed :)

The Message on The Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt is Fixed so now it is no longer easter_hunt if you click on the Flame it will be Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt :)

click to enlarge

…Oops! If we pick up the items we STILL gets the ester hunt Message…Can you Please fix this part too? Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :)

click to enlarge

                          Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!

              UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks CPBT :)

New Fan Art :)

                              We have New Cool Drawings  :)

…I LOVE this Penguin with Puffle Friends Drawing :) The Details are AWESOME and the Coloring so well Done :) THANKS for this inspiring Picture Now I will go and Play with my Puffles too :)

click to enlargeHERBERT! This Artist has capture his personality so well :) Scary and Cute at the Same Time GREAT WORK :)

click to enlarge …don’t worry this SUPER PUFFLE will keep us SAFE! I Like this Cool Puffle and I LOVE the Polka Dot Carpet :) Cool 3D Effects! Well Done!

click to enlarge

  Last Weeks Fan Art Drawings :)  More Pictures in Fan Art Gallery :)

New Comic in Club Penguin :)

                  Today we got a New Comic in Club Penguin :)

…This was kind…OR…LOL :) I am sure that the intention was good but…LOL :)

click to enlarge            See the Moose Comic and ALL Club Penguin Comics :)

Changes, Updates, Bug, Effects and Ninja Puffles in Club Penguin :)

Sometimes when I log in to Club Penguin I got this Loading Failure…My cache IS CLEARED! If this happens to you and you want to see the Home Page Picture just close down the Page and start over this don't effect the Game so if you want to play click on Play Now! I think this Looks Pretty Cool :)

        …In HQ we Agents can keep an eye on our Orange Island :)

click to enlarge …I thought I was on Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt? LOL…This must be a leftover from the Easter Egg Hunt :)

click to enlarge                        …Harrynanu and I playing Mancala :)

click to enlarge ...Today we got a New Text Font Update on The Mancala sign :) This is yesterday…

                       …and this is Today after the Update :)

…The two Flaming Ninja Puffles in The Ninja Hideout are Both gone…I guess they are in the underground and helps to build the New Ninja Room :)

click to enlarge …Have you notice this little change in the Mountains? This Picture is from The Dock…

    …a little part of the Mountain is gone just between the two Tops…

…I think the Orange sky is Cool but Next Year Can it be PINK Please? LOL :) Up at the Beacon I got an idea :) Turn off the Beacon Light and…

             …you will see The Beacon Floor in darker Orange :)

click to enlarge…At The Cove we can see in the binoculars that this Orange is all over the Sky…

click to enlarge…The Candle in Ski Lodge still can’t be blown out as before and the  view from the window is Orange too…

click to enlarge …Try to open different doors in Club Penguin and you will see that our World really is Orange…

click to enlarge         …I think this view is cute :) The Snow looks orange too :)

click to enlarge

             …BUT if we throws a Snowball it will still be WHITE! 

…Were we live in our Igloos this Orange hasn't come yet…On the Halloween Party 2008 the sky become Dark and we had Beautiful Stars outside our Igloos :) Please Club Penguin Team can you make our Igloo sky Orange this time? Please :)

click to enlarge …The Club Penguin Party Banner has been Updated :) Thanks Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE The Effects in Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt Game :) Sizzling Puffle Hair…

                                             HOT Sauce…

                                           …Jet Pack…

                         …The Dojo Lantern Chinese Lamp :)                       

                              …Look at the glowing Stick :)

…Harrynanu and I Training TOGETHER with The Forest Ninja Puffle :)

…Karla41, Blergmasta watching The Ski Village Black Ninja Puffle when we Training :) 

           …THANKS Courtyard Ninja Puffle this works GREAT :)

…Now I and 77kaled77 will Train some More in The Forest and the Ninja Puffle is already in Flames :) I wonder if we can train so much that we learn to Flame too?

click to enlarge                         Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :)


              SENSEI is in Club Penguin and you can Meet Him :)

                        Prepare for a New NINJA Journey :)

                                Ninja Party Home Page :)

                 I met Sensei in Ninja Hideout Server Grizzly :)

         I met Sensei in Flying Flippers Emporium Server Flurry :)

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