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Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Cute Plush Toys Series 4, Club Penguin :)

More cute Penguin Toys will soon be for Sale :) These Series #4 Limited Edition Penguins includes a special coin that has a code to unlock items online in Club Penguin  How to use your Code Coin and Unlock items Online in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush - 12th Fish Costume

           Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Faery - Fairy with Rainbow dress Club Penguin Soft Toy

Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush - Frankenpenguin (Rare Chase)

     Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Sensei Toy 

Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited-Edition Penguin Plush - Shipmate (Semi-Rare Chase)

              Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Ninja     Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush - Rad Scientist            I LOVE Cute Soft Toys :) The Faery is my Favorite :)

          Thanks to my Friend Spider880 I saw this on your Blog :)

Herbert, Klutzy and More New 2” Mix ‘N Match Figure Packs Club Penguin Toys :)

Chrisdog93 BUSTED as a LIAR!

Sadly Chrisdog93 CONTINUE to LIES! He has now Removed the Pictures he refused to give me Credit for!

Chrisdog93 wants to destroy my Blog and all my hard work just because I don’t accept him STEALING! Chrisdog93 THREATEN me to have my Blog shut Down!

Look at his comment at Chrisdog93 Continuing STEALING from Me!

After that Chrisdog93 had removed My Pictures he sad this on my comments:

“I removed the picture but I did not use your edit. You keep saying I'm using your material but I'm actually not. I made that edit. Remove this post. I removed both pictures you think were from your site. Now leave me alone and stop complaining over things that are not even real.”

ENOUGH Chrisdog93! I will now PROVE you as The LIAR YOU ARE!

Let’s start with the Ninja Amulet Picture Chrisdog93 took from me and instead of giving me Blog Credit Chrisdog93 added his Watermark over mine.

After that this image was spread over internet I added an extra Watermark inside the Amulet

Then Chrisdog93 STOLE another Picture from my Blog! This time My Ninja with a Golden Amulet and Sensei Background!   

       Chrisdog93 still LIES and claim that he has made this Picture

…Look inside the Golden Ninja Amulet My “Saraapril in Club Penguin” Watermark is STILL THERE! The original Picture is in My Stories and Adventures: Sensei’s Worry

                              Chrisdog93 you are BUSTED!

Let’s STOP DISHONEST BLOGGERS go to Chrisdog93’s Blog a LAST TIME and Tell him what you think about this!

            Ninja Amulet Picture STOLEN! Give Blog Post CREDIT!          

                    Chrisdog93 Continuing STEALING from Me!

                    Ninja Amulet STOLEN! More Liars BUSTED!

Chrisdog93 Continuing STEALING from Me!


The image Chrisdog93 posted and put his OWN Watermark on is stolen from my My Stories and Adventures: Sensei’s Worry Just take a look at the watermark on the amulet

         Chrisdog93 you are so DISHONEST! SHAME ON YOU!


           Ninja Amulet Picture STOLEN! Give Blog Post CREDIT!

                           Chrisdog93 BUSTED as a LIAR!

Sensei Toy :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
There's lots happening all over the island - like Sensei's scavenger hunt, and more on the way for ninjas (your guesses all week were really cool, by the way). There's even ninja stuff happ ening OFF the island!! Check out this new Sensei penguin toy:

click to enlarge

We've heard that some of you've had a hard time finding the toys, so we're excited to let you know they're available in more places now - like Target in the US - hopefully they'll be easier to spot now! Be sure to let us know.
Card-Jitsu Trading Cards Series 2 are in stores now too, and the team's always working on new stuff, so if you have ideas for trading cards, we'd love to know what you'd like to see!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

   WOW! I so Much want this Sensei Toy :) Mim! MUM! MUMMY!!!

                     Golden Code Cards for Card-Jitsu Game :)

                        Animated Picture will be added soon…

Non Ninjas can Meet Sensei at the Dojo Courtyard :)

If you not are a Ninja Penguin yet and still wish to meet Sensei you can sometimes find him at the Dojo Courtyard :) Sensei invites all Penguins to train Card-Jitsu and become Ninjas :) Amulet Shaped Pit in Secret Ninja Hideout!

New Fan Activities soon to Club Penguin :)

Under Fun Activities we have got a Message: 

Coming Soon!

We know many of you enjoyed the Offline Activities during 101 Days of Fun. Stay tuned! We’re going to add some new activities here really soon. We’ll let you know as soon as we do. For the latest news, check out the What’s New Blog!

click to enlarge

…I Remember that Billybob have talked about this before Hopefully he will tell us More soon :)

       My Mum is so HAPPY over this she LOVES Offline Activities!

THANKS Club Penguin Team for adding the Last Week of 101 Days of FUN Online Activities Week Fifteen :)click to enlargeNow I will PRINT this week Fifteen out and my WALL OF FUN will be Complete :) And so will Grandpas :)

I met Sensei in Big Surf :)

I just met Sensei Pictures will be added Later :)

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