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Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting for New Igloo Music :)

In Last Weeks Club Penguin Times we can read that we will get New Igloo Music Today :)

                …Nothing yet I wonder if Club Penguin Forgot?

click to enlarge …I LOVE the Coconut Song it Always make me so HAPPY when I hear it :) I hope that song will be on the Updated Igloo Music List too :)

New Card-Jitsu Card Series 2 soon for Sale :) Club Penguin

Soon we can learn to  Mastering a new kind of Card-Jitsu!

New Card-Jitsu card will be for sale starting October 19, 2009 This New Series 2 of Card-Jitsu Cards is all about our new Ninja Journey

  • 6 Game Cards
  • 1 Customize Your Penguin Card (1 Sticker Sheet)
  • 1 Foil Power Card
  • 1 Online Card Code

Look at the Samurai Statue in thee Background! I still think that a New Room will be added in Club Penguin :)

Thanks to Lux1200 for this information go to his Blog to read More and to see More Pictures :)

         Ninja Amulet Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin!

Ninja Amulet STOLEN! More Liars BUSTED!

I am Tired of all Lying Bloggers that STEALS from ME! And then claim that thy are HONEST!  Here is SOME of the Lies from Jman93 have said to me:

Hey, Do you think you could send me the image of the Ninja Amulette, Please. As large as possible w/o mark. I will give you credit. Please?

  He didn't gave me Proper Credit and when I asked him too he LIED!

LOL! No, I found the SWF file become when it was out someone grabbed the temp file, and a took a pic from that. So it wasent YOUR picture... so I just didnt understand why I had to give credit if the picture was not yours... If you want I can add "Thaks Saraaprillin for . . . Im sorry, I didnt think I had to since it wasent ur picture. I dont know how to clear off ur stamp…You think im lying?…Look, Im a nice dude. I did not try to rip you off. Im just honestly telling you that is not your picture. YES, without you I would . . . have never found out about this glitch, but I found this picture for a different resource, That's honest. But I added a little note... But don't tell me a stole something of yours, when I didnt. I just got the IDEA from u.

Jman93 you are a LIAR and here is the PROOF! One thing is true…Jmann93 you don’t know how to clear off My Watermark!

Jmann93 says he has the Original Picture but if he had used an Original Picture why did he add small traces from my Watermark?
These traces that he and others could not remove proves that they used my picture with my Watermark and NOT the Original Picture
The Original Picture don't have these traces and shadows
To see the details better you can zoom in either in your web browser or in a paint program


Below you can see a small part of my original large sized image and it is easy to see the “r” that is part of My Watermark and that Jmann93 used my Picture and NOT an Original as he claims!

Jmann93 you are DISHONEST! You STEAL and you LIE! Jmann93 you are BUSTED!

                           Lux1200 you STOLE My Picture!


                             Adam you STOLE My Picture!


                        Codename Cp you STOLE My Picture!

Codename Cp

  Marczuurman ( you STOLE My Picture!

Spaw9 you STOLE this Picture from Lux1200 That Lux1200 STOLE from Me in the First Place!



To ALL Dishonest Bloggers! To Remove your Blog Post about this is NOT ENOUGH! Make an Apology Post Where you admit you did wrong and that you Stole from me and Promise to NEVER steal from Me or Anyone else again and Promise to never Remove, Replace or cover over anyone's Watermark Again! Add a Clickable link to Saraapril in Club Penguin  

Then edit your Post and Remove your STOLEN Pictures and Replace it with THIS PICTURE!

Make a clickable link back to my Post NINJA AMULET Key to New Journey in Club Penguin :) And learn to GIVE PROPER CREDIT!

Don’t try the trick to remove your Blog Post or Remove the Pictures later on for if you do you WILL be BUSTED AGAIN!

          Ninja Amulet Picture STOLEN! Give Blog Post CREDIT!

                    Chrisdog93 Continuing STEELING from Me!

                           Chrisdog93 BUSTED as a LIAR!

Volcano at Tallest Mountain is AWAKE! in Club Penguin :)

            LOOK! The Volcano at Tallest Mountain is now AWAKE!

…WOW! This is so EXCITING! I can Hardly Wait until we can go up There :)

click to enlarge Thanks Joanna7777 for asking me to come and look at The Tallest Mountain :) Take a Look at Joanna7777’s Blog too :)

      NINJA AMULET  Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

Volcano! Mountain and Scavenger Hunt Extended :)

This is a Message from Club Penguin:

Hello Penguins!

Have you seen it? Hmmm... Lots of mysterious things going on around the island right now!!

Keep your eyes open for more clues about exciting things to come. And speaking of clues, the scavenger hunt's been extended until Sept. 28, so there's a bit more time to help Sensei! Good luck.

In other news: The new igloo furniture catalog was released and the green Puffle Bean Bag (the chair you decided on) is there! Let me know how it looks in your igloo.

Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

For a short Time Club Penguin had this Message on What’s New Blog Now It is Take Down but will soon be posted again :)

click to enlargeI LOVE This I Hope we soon can Waddle up in the Tallest Mountain and I looking forward to be Able to use My Ninja Amulet :) I wonder if there will be any new Pretty Flowers up there?

Chrisdsog93, Jmann93 and the Rest of you STOP STEALING from my BLOG!

                              Chrisdog93 BUSTED as LIAR!

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