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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Fan Art under Community Today :)

Today Club Penguin published New Amazing Artwork for us to Enjoy :)

…I Like this Picture :) It is so Much FUN and HAPPINESS in it :) Great Movements in the Drawing it looks like the Penguins will continue to sled down any second :) Sled Race is so Much FUN :) GOOD WORK!


click to enlargeMUSIC PARTY! WOHOO! Let’s ROCK! I Like the Happy Puffles and the cute Smile on this Penguin :) I would LOVE to hear her Sing :) WELL DONE!

click to enlarge …A Nice walk in The Forest TOGETHER with your Puffle when the snowflakes softly falls down…what a Lovely time you two must have had :) The 3D effect in this Picture is so well Done and I LOVE all the Shadows and Details you have made :) Your outfit is so cute and I wish Club Penguin made this one so we can buy it :) FANTASTIC WORK :)

click to enlarge

…I LOVE Pictures and Drawings so I often visit Club Penguins Fan Gallery go there to see more New Drawings :) Last Weeks Fan Art :)                              

New Featured Igloo by Club Penguin Community :)

          CONGRATS Bx2115! Your Igloo is Featured this Week :)

…This Jungle Igloo filled with Artifacts is a dream comes True for both an Archeologist and all Adventures Explorers :) This Plant filled Igloo reminds me about The Awesome FUN Adventure Party we had :) GREAT WORK!

click to enlarge

                            See Last Weeks Featured Igloo :)

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