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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun with Friends in Club Penguin :)

Today I have Waddled around in Sherbet and have had so Much FUN TOGETHER with my Friends :) Powerful Til our Frozen Friend is here :)

click to enlarge …We standing here to support Powerful Til so she don't have to feel Abandoned…LOL :)

click to enlarge

…Francesca68’s invited us to her Igloo :) Thanks Francesca68 I like you're cozy Tree Igloo  and her Puffles are so cute The Red Puffle is named Starlight that is so Pretty :)

click to enlarge

…Thanks Francesca68 for the Igloo Party I had so Much FUN Talking and  Dancing and Eating all your GREAT Food you are a Good Friend :)

click to enlarge                   …Back in Town again for a FROZEN PARTY :)

click to enlarge                           …Send Card to Frozen Penguin :)

click to enlarge                 …My Friend Chloekt79 came to the Party too :)

click to enlarge

                   …We all are Frozen Penguin Friends Now :)

click to enlarge …Steffi67 come up with an idea Let’s play Music to see if we can wake Powerful Til…LOL :)

click to enlarge                     …Powerful Til’s Mail Box is FULL! COOL :)

click to enlarge

…THANKS to all that Helped and send a Card :) You are GREAT supporting Friendly Penguins :)

click to enlarge

   …Turn AQUA for Frozen Penguin! GREAT idea :) Let’s do that :)

click to enlarge                        …AGUA FROZEN PENGUIN PARTY!

click to enlarge

                                 …More Friends :) Hello :)

click to enlarge…We moved the Party to Joanna7777’s Igloo Joanna7777, Andy2122 Flame0522, Strails33, Fluff287 and I Danced, Talked, Laughed and had Yummy Cake to eat :) It was so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge …Sorry my Buddy List is FULL again…But Let’s be FRIENDS anyway :) If you ask I send a Buddy Card and we are Friends :)

click to enlarge                                       …HAPPY RUNNING :)

click to enlarge…Joanna7777 wanted us to go to The Volcano so we did :) And we tried to make it STOP…LOL :)  Yup it is True…Fire beats Snow…but Snow doesn't stop Waterfall :)

                                        …This is FUN :)

click to enlarge

           …Card- Jitsu Time :) Stralis33 has the Thin Ice Card :)

click to enlarge

…Oops! Sorry my Friend…LOL…I like this Bean Bag Counter Card :)

click to enlarge

                                 …Let’s Play some More :)

click to enlarge

                        …Joanna7777 can slide the Slopes :)

click to enlarge

…LOL…This Fire Fighter card is Cool :) And Feet93487 is a Great Sport :)

click to enlarge

                                        …Good Work :)

click to enlarge                          …Owne1075 has a Plummer Card!

click to enlarge

                     …I LOVE to Play card-Jitsu with Friends :)

click to enlarge

                       …Stralis33 has the Carpet card too :)

click to enlarge

               …This was FUN :) All Card-Jitsu card Animations :)

click to enlarge…When I made an Animation for the Reviewed by You Post I meet my Friend Thoord :)

click to enlarge…Now Powerful Til has been standing Frozen for at least 23 Hours… me and Littletias will do some investigation about this :) I will write about it later :)

click to enlarge…THANKS to ALL FRIENDS that I Played with Today :) You ALL ROCKS!

Aqua Now an Original Color :)

Sommfi has found out another New Detail :) If you create a New Penguin in Club Penguin Aqua is now added to the Colors you can choose from :)

click to enlarge                                THANKS Sommfi you ROCK!

                                 Aqua More Aqua Now :)

Igloo Music - Penguin Poll

We have a New Penguin Poll :) New Music for Igloos comes out September 25 and I'm excited because: No party is complete without it, I love listening to new music! I’m tired of listening to the old music, You can get music for igloos? Since when? 

                     …I Vote for I Love listening to New Music…

You can make your Voice heard too at Community Club Penguin :) See last weeks Penguin Poll :) This means that I have to wait for The Igloo Music a little bit Longer…LOL :)

Card-Jitsu Card and Best Halloween Costume - Reviewed by You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Last week, lots of you told us about your favorite Card-Jitsu Power Card. Here's one from Hnwjanuary11 that we liked:

Wow, I love all of the Card-Jitsu cards, it's so hard to choose a favorite! If I had to pick, I'd go with the Keeper of the Boiler Room card! It's so funny to use it during a match and watch our opponent fall down the speaker! It's also cute to see the little green puffle become part of the action! I love it so much! Waddle on!click to enlarge

Thanks, Hnwjanuary11! We loved hearing about all your favorite Power Cards. As always, if there's a Card-Jitsu card that you've always wanted to see, let us know!

For this week's Reviewed By You, we're looking ahead to October and one of the biggest parties that hits the island every single year. We wanna know what Club Penguin Halloween costume has stuck in your mind as the ultimate!!

Use the comment form to write your answer. We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You blog. And if your comment is posted, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Favorite Halloween Costume…I don't Like Halloween! It is too SCARY and too Little cute…I Think I will Vote for the Fairy but I like to put my own outfit Together :) This year I Wish for SPARKLES on a Pink and Purple dress that looks like a FLOWER…Soft PINK Shoes with Sparkles and a BIG Bunch of FLOWERS to hold in my Left Flipper and Heart Shaped Wings in GOLD and GREEN with a little PINK on :) And a WILD Hair in Light Gold with FLOWERS :)

                        …And I Wish Halloween was PINK  :)

Powerful Til Frozen in Sherbet

Today I have been in Server Sherbet several times and in Town Powerful Til is standing FROZEN! I have seen Powerful Til’s Penguin standing there for over Eight HOURS! (and my cache is cleared)

click to enlarge                     …Yup! Littletias can see Powerful Til too…

click to enlarge

                          …Hi Again…You are STILL FROZEN!

                  …Poor Penguin a Flower for you and…I Know :)

click to enlarge                                …I can send a Post Card :)

click to enlarge                                             …DONE :)

click to enlarge …I will Report this Bug to Club Penguin Now :) Hope to see you in Club Penguin Powerful Til  when you are Unfrozen :)

UPDATE: Powerful Til has now been Frozen for over Twelve Hours…I have an Idea Let’s TOGETHER fill the Mailbox with Nice Cards so when Powerful Til is Unfrozen he or she has Mail from a lot of different Penguins :) Fun with Friends in Club Penguin :)

             WE DID IT! Littletias is now FROZEN in Sherbet too :)

                               Frozen FUN with Friends :)

                                   Powerful Til is Gone!

Sensei Awaken Volcano! No need to Worry :)

In Today's Club Penguin Times Aunt Arctic have Posted News about The Volcano and Interviewed Sensei:

click to enlargePenguins across the island witnesses a spectacular sight this week – the “awakening” of a Volcano! Originally thought to be a mountain, it is a great discovery for ninjas. “I can’t believe we did it!” said the fiery things we gathered ‘woke up’ that Volcano! It’s so amazing to see on an island covered in snow!” The Sensei was quick to let everyone know there was no danger, and that the stirring of the Volcano is part of a great ninja secret that will unfold. “Ninjas, hear me now. Behold the great Volcano-Where we’ll seek to train.

But there’s much to do, Before we learn its secrets. We must be patient.”

click to enlarge

            …soon we will take next step in our Ninja Journey :)

What a RELIEF!  I am so HAPPY to learn about this :) My Friend Spider880 have been so Worried that Sensei was trying to Melt Club Penguin Island and we were just on our way to Gary to talk to him TOGETHER :)

      …LOL…I guess we can STOP Trying to stop the Volcano Now  :)

                   Best Web Browser for viewing Animations:)

Hidden Emotes :) Secret Revealed CLASSIFIED :)

                         Secret Nr 44…Rerun of Secret Nr 19

click to enlargeHIDDEN EMOTES

Sometimes sticking your tongue out or making a barf-face says more than words ever could. That’s why many penguins enjoy emoticons so much. If you enjoy these excellent expressions, did you know that there are a few hidden ones?

Pressing ‘E’ on your keyboard, and then another letter will display an emoticon, some of which you won’t find in your emoticon list. Give it a try!

click to enlarge


Emotes are a GREAT way to Communicate with other Penguins :) Emotes are small icons that display a thought or Emotion. You find a list of common Emotes when you click the Smiley Face icon second from the left on your Tool bar.

Quick Keys are GREAT :)

You can display Emotes as do Actions using keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of Quick Keys…Try them out next time you log in to Play Club Penguin!

Some Quick Keys are:

…e1 Laughing face, e2 Smiley, e3 Straight face, e4 Frown, e5 Surprise, e6 Sticking out tongue, e7 Wink, e8 Green sickly face, e0 Sad face, eu Crooked face, ec Coffee cup, eg Game, eo Popcorn, ez Pizza, eq Ice Cream, ek Cake, el Good Luck, eb Light Bulb, eh Heart, ef Flower…

click to enlargeActions

You Penguin can do several different Actions. Click the sitting Penguin icon on your tool bar. It is the Third icon from the left. Choose an action and watch your penguin. You can Sit, Dance and Wave. To throw a snowball, click the snowball icon on your tool bar or press t and then click the area you want to throw it :)

           …OR…s Sit or use your Arrow Keys, d Dance, w Wave :)

click to enlarge

…Here are Club Penguins Secret Emotes :) ew Chocolate Ice Cream, et Note, ei Igloo, ep Puffle, ed Sol, en Moon and Stars, em Coin :)

                     …I Like Emotes so I can Express Myself :)

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