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Friday, September 25, 2009

Penguins around The World :)

Last week our World Travelling Penguins were in England and other Places this week’s Aunt Arctic has taken them too…

…US, Washington, D.C.This obelisk is named Washington Monument and a lot of important Historical events have happened here :) Thanks for the Guide Tour Pretty Ballerina Penguin this is a Cool Place to visit :) I like the Proportions in this Picture Good Work!

click to enlarge …On a Trip it is FUN to find things to do outside the Big Tourist Attractions :) Look the PINK Puffle riding a PINK Bike :) I LOVE this Pretty PINK Picture! Cute Cute Cute :) Well Done!

click to enlarge …The Rare Golden Helmet Viking Penguin is riding on a Water and Land Tour Guide Boat in some Town :) Is it anyone that recognize this Boat? I have no idea of where Aunt Arctic and here Friends are right now…Cool Picture I like how the clouds Mirrors in the Building :) Good Work!

click to enlarge …Everything looks different from an other angle…I LOVE to do this for Real! What a Perfect way to spend a early Autumn day :) The sky is so BLUE! Very well Done! I think I will go out and climb too Right Now :) 

click to enlarge…I wonder what our Penguin Friends will be up to next week? See More New Penguins around The World Pictures in The Fan Gallery :)

Frozen FUN with Friends :)

Earlier I waddled over to Sherbet to see how Powerful Til doing…and I was so HAPPY to find Supportive Penguins hanging around :) Huggy301 and Flubububer have copy her outfit…

                            …Cool idea :) I will do that too :)

click to enlarge

                                 …Let’s stand FROZEN :)

click to enlarge…We wants to be Frozen too :) Let’s Test if we TOGETHER can find a way to Unfreeze Powerful Til :)

click to enlarge  …My Brother Littletias came and Helped too :) Thanks Littletias :)

click to enlarge…I got this message on my Computer…Auto Disconnect, your Penguin has been idle for more than 10 minutes…

click to enlarge…On Littletias Computer I was gone…GREAT! This working as it should :) No Bug…

                                 …and I am back…Hello :)

click to enlarge

    …but WAIT a Little…Littletias is FROZEN! We DID IT! But HOW?

click to enlarge         …I left Littletias Frozen at the Iceberg…Hi Emma88432 :)

click to enlarge

                …We went to my Igloo to say Hi to My Puffles :)

click to enlarge             …Emma84432 and I lives next to each other Igloos :)

click to enlarge …She has a GREAT Igloo :) I LOVE the Cozy Fireplace and her ocean view :)

click to enlarge                                 …Littletias is still Frozen :)

…Littletias says that the Secret to be Frozen in Club Penguin is to be totally STILL and QUIET in front of your Computer…LOL…That is NOT TRUE :) I am NEVER quiet in front of the Computer…and I can’t type and be STILL at the same time…but eventually I got my Penguin Frozen Anyway…LOL :)

…TOGETHER Emma84432 her Blue Puffle and I had FUN playing Club Penguin Games she is Awesome at Find Four and her Puffle didn't help her at all :)

                                            …Sled Race

                                        …and Mancala :)

click to enlarge…Back in Town for more Testing :) Sorry Friends I couldn't Answer…

click to enlarge …Oh What if Joanna7777 is Right and that the Town in Sherbet is Enchanted!!! That would be AWESOME! Then Powerful Til can be our SLEEPING BEAUTY :) Let’s Pretend that :)

click to enlarge              …Hello Friends I Testing something…want to Help?

click to enlarge         …THANKS Friends! It is so Much FUN to work TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge                                        …Let’s Test…

click to enlarge

…Littletias Computer screen looked like this WE were FROZEN…LOL :)

…Joanna7777, Ccfc Rock, Stralis33 and I needed a break so we went for a Sled Race :)

click to enlarge

                               …LOL…we are so Funny :)

click to enlarge                      …Let’s Try to Freeze Littletias again…

click to enlarge                                             …DONE!

click to enlarge…Now I will Report this to Club Penguin Bug Team :) Hopefully our information can be helpful :) If you have some ideas how to solve this or if you finding something else that is wrong in Club Penguin Please send an email to Club Penguin Bug Team so they can Fix it :)

click to enlarge …We have so Much FUN TOGETHER with our Sleeping Beauty Frozen Friend :)  She has been Idle for more than 37 Hours…and she is STILL HERE :) click to enlarge

            WE DID IT! Littletias is now FROZEN in Sherbet too :)

WE DID IT! Littletias is now FROZEN in Sherbet too :)

Me and Littletias did some Testing and now his Penguin is Frozen Dancing at the Iceberg :)

click to enlarge

…After a 47 minutes Littletias was Removed and Now We have FROZEN him again :) This time next too Powerful Til :) As soon we have all details HOW we did it we will take him down and Report to Club Penguin Bug Team :)

click to enlarge

New Padlock PIN in Book Room :) Club Penguin CHEAT!

              The New Club Penguin Pin is in The Book Room :)

click to enlarge …Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins…LOL I have to wait a little…

…Now it is here :) You have found a Padlock. Would you like to pick it up? This is Cool for School! YES Please :)

…The Padlock Pin is not in the right Pin order either…I hope Club Penguin finds time to fix this soon :)

…When you are up here take the Time to read the New Penguin Tales they are GREAT :)

New Igloo Music List :)

My Long Waiting is over and the New Igloo Music is here :) Campfire Song, Extra Anchovies, All the Fun of The Fair and Spicy Salsa are New :)

click to enlarge

…I am so Happy that one of my favorite Music's the Spicy Salsa song is Back :) I LOVE the Mexican Parties in Club Penguin :) Here are some Pictures from The Fiesta Party 2008 :) Right now I have the calming and cozy Camp Fire Song in my Igloo :)

Thanks Club Penguin for keeping the Coconut Tune :) See the earlier Igloo Music List :)

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