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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working out with Friends in Dojo Hideout and much More :)

Ninja Hideout Work and FUN :) Me and Speed eat an AWESOME tasty Pizza that Anne79 helped us to order :) Thanks Anne79 you are a GREAT Manager :)

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                         …Emma88432, Speed and I drilling…

…Flipflappin, Pedro1012 and Darklorddd came to help us THANKS Friends :)

click to enlarge…Emma88432 invented a FUN Game she says Water, Fire or Snow and we Hurries to stand on that Sign :) This was so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge…Secret Agent Party in HQ :) I am so Happy that my Friend Hannah3823 is both an Agent AND a Super Hero :) During the Party we got a Message…

click to enlarge…from The Director Gary and The Penguin Band are kidnapped by Herbert! Fro Bro98 is The Agent Commander in this Mission and Coolguy4494, me and Hannah3823 will help him to find and save our Friends!

click to enlarge  …We looked all over the Island even UNDER The Iceberg…LOL  :)

click to enlarge                     …No signs or clues…Then we got a Tip…

click to enlarge

…We found The Penguin Band captured behind the curtain in the Night Club and we Saved them :) Thanks Jesse1226 for helping us :)

click to enlarge …The Penguin Band had heard Herbert talking about The Mine and there we found more clues…

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…That lead us to GARY! Thanks all Agent for this FUN Mission and Thanks for the FUN Snow fight at the Snow fort too :) GOOD WORK Everyone! Stay Alert we will have more FUN Missions soon :)

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                                  …Fire Puffle Training :)

                                     …Soccer is FUN :)

click to enlarge          …Hi Sommfi :) What Secrets have you discovered Today?click to enlarge

…Me and my Old Good Friend 1w34e and our Puffles having a Snow Dance Party :)

click to enlarge

                       …Dorina8 is AWESOME at Find Four :)

click to enlarge

…Hi Funkyawesome thanks for Helping me :) We Secret Agents works best TOGETHER :) Any clues about Herbert?

…One of my Friends just left when I noticed Neji3839…He is the Water Element :) 

click to enlarge                                       …That is so Cool :)

click to enlarge                                       …I will be Snow :)

click to enlarge                                        …This is FUN :)

click to enlarge

…I got an Idea :) Me and Snowflake are Element Snow TOGETHER :)

               …Waiting for Halloween Costume Catalog Party :)

click to enlarge…It is ALWAYS so Much FUN to Play in Club Penguin :) THANKS to ALL Penguins that have played TOGETHER with me :) You ALL ROCKS! See you soon again in CP…Waddle on!


Today on the Club Penguin Post Reviewed by You my Friend Leeny500 got a comment POSTED! CONGRATS! You have WON 10.000 Coins!GREAT WORK :)

Leeny500 said: If I had choose my favorite costume it has to be SQUIDZOID!!!!!!!!!!!! Squidzoid is AWESOME! I love how you guys provide different animal costumes so we can look like animals!!!!!!!!!!! My Favorite is the Squidzoid!! Sometimes i go to cove and pretend to be a squid!! I am SO happy that Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are coming back!! Cp you have the best clothes EVER!!!

click to enlarge…CONGRATS to ALL the Comments WINNERS :) GREAT Comments!WELL DONE!

UPDATE: Thanks Floppyj10 for correcting me you are a GREAT Friend :) Lenny500 will not get 10.000 Coins…Sorry Leeny500 my mistake…Only if you are Posted in a Blog Post you get the 10.000 Coins Reward…CONGRATS ANYWAY! Your Comment Got POSTED! GREAT COMMENTING :)

Penguins Gets Paid - Penguin Poll

Tour Guides and Secret Agents get Paid Today and I’m going to: Spend my coins on a New Outfit! Save up my coins for a Rainy Day! Buy New Furniture for my Igloo!  Penguins get paid for jobs? Who know?

…I still Think Pretty and PINK…LOL :) So I voted for: Spend my coins on a New Outfit!

         …Go and VOTE you too :) See Last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

Pay checks for October in the Mail Today :)

                                Today Club Penguin Paid us…

click to enlarge

                                         …Secret Agents

                                   …and Tour Guides for…

click to enlarge                                       …our Hard Work :)

…Thanks Club Penguin :) I will save these coins to buy something Pretty :)

Ultimate Halloween Costume and Most AWESOME Stage Costume - Reviewed by You

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked what you thought was the ultimate Halloween costume - and there were tons of great comments! Here's what Deino told us:

My Favorite Holloween costume? hmmmmm? I think it would have to the skeleton costume. I just think skeletons are sooo cool! I think it's cool how I can go around the island telling this joke I made up." Hey, did you order some ribs? He he he he!" Waddle on CP and keep up the good work!

Thanks, Deino. We're stoked that all the Halloween stuff will be out tomorrow in the new Penguin Style. I guarantee the Gift Shop's gonna be busy!

Speaking of costumes, there were a LOT of votes for the November Stage Gnome costume. Overall, the most votes were for:

Very cool choice! And since costumes are on everyone's mind, this week we want to hear what you think the most awesome costume EVER has been at the Stage.

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

My Favorite Costume is…Twee :) She is the Cutest and Funniest Fairy and lives in the Prettiest Forest EVER I LOVE her HAIR I use it almost Every Day :) 

             Fairy Fables the Story Book and Switchboard 3000!

Coming Soon To Club Penguin October 2009 :)

On Friday October 2 we will get a New Penguin style Catalog this time it will be lots of Halloween Costumes for sale…Look at the New Blizzard Wizard Costume

click to enlarge

This is what Aunt Arctic writes in this weeks Club Penguin Times about this:

On October 2, the Gift Shop will release its annual Halloween edition of the Penguin Style catalog. Penguins are in for a spooky surprise because a bunch of new costumes are being released, along with a few old favorites.

“We wanted something for everyone this year,” said one seamstress together a few costumes for the penguins who just like to mix and match too.”

One popular costume making a return this year is the Rad Scientist Costume, which goes well for those with a passion for making monsters. “I’ve been rehearsing my Rad Scientist laugh,” said one penguin in the Gift Shop. “How does this sound – MWA HA HA HA!”

Those looking for fearsome fashions should head to the Gift Shop without delay.

Thanks Club Penguin Team for thinking of us Penguins that NOT like Halloween :) I hope it will be something CUTE! And I think Scientist should be nice and HELP us! Last Year I had a Lot of FUN in Gary's Secret Room and we did Experiments that HELPED Gary to find a better way to Grow Food :) That was FUN :)

  October 16 we will get a New Furniture Catalog with spooky items…

…But Here are Something I LIKE A LOT :) Coming to The Stage October 9 - November 12, 2009…The SQUIDZOID! And this time The Island is in Double Trouble! I am so HAPPY that Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy is Back too :)

click to enlarge

…This time The Squidzoid have a New MONSTER Friend to Help HIM! We will have a New Script and NEW Cool Effects :) This will be AWESOME! I can hardly Wait :)    New Postcards and New Collectible Pin will be out October 9 too :)

Jet Pack Adventure: Perfect Run – Secret Revealed :)

                                      Secret Nr 45 and…

click to enlarge…This is a Rerun of Secret Nr 25 :) You can go there to read More and see Animation  :)

Jet Pack Adventure: Perfect Run

Some players know that the hardest thing to do in Jet Pack Adventure is run the course without getting any coins… But they keep trying because they know they can earn a secret prize.

Make in to the end of level 5 without collecting a single coin, and you’ll receive 1000 coins!

A hint: You’ll have to use up all your fuel at the end of each level. Hover just above the landing pad until it’s gone.

click to enlarge

…Please Club penguin Team can we have More NEW Secrets Please :)

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie :)

Sensei is a Great Chef and he have made us some Cookies :) Yummy…

click to enlarge …What? a Paper…it is something written here…Stay Ready. Look to the Mountains, and watch for changes in the wind.

click to enlarge

…AWESOME! More Ninja Secrets! I will go to the Dojo Courtyard right now and wait…see you there :)

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