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Friday, October 2, 2009

Down date of Comics…LOL :)

We have an New Down Date not Update in Club Penguin…LOL :)  On the Community Page we can see the OLD Comics as New…

…If you click on Go Now you will get the latest one :) See The NEWEST Club Penguin Comics :) I am sure that Club Penguin Team will Fix this soon :)

    Thanks to Steffi67 you are GREAT :) Will you Blog about this too?

Halloween Costumes by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
The day you've all been waiting for is here: the Halloween costumes have arrived at the Gift Shop! There are some great outfits (the Rad Scientist is one of my favorites) but what's even better is the way you guys mix & match stuff. Check out these penguins at the Gift Shop:click to enlarge

Let us know what you think of all the costumes!! And definitely don't forget to pick up a Halloween background - the one you picked during the You Decide Poll is in Penguin Style today!
Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

My friend Limerider22 is in Billybob’s What’s New Picture :) COOL! Congrats Limrider22 :)

…I LOVE how the Butterfly Wings Moves It looks like I am FLYING :)

Halloween Costumes Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS! October 2009 Club Penguin :)

Rad Scientist - Penguins at Work :)

Club Penguins Home Page Bug :)

Yesterday i noticed that I got Undefined at Club Penguin Home Page…First I thought it was my Computer but Today My Friend Steffi67 send me an comment and told me that she has the same Problem…Thanks Steffi67 :)The message quickly changes to Normal and The Select Language, Membership, Community, Parents, Toys, Help works to click on :)

click to enlarge…but the What’s New Blog quick look is Crazy…LOL :) You have to be QUICK to click at that Headline :)

…I guess this have something to do with the Updates Club Penguin have Promised us :) New Fun Activities soon to Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: These Problems are now Fixed :) THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team you are GREAT :)

Rockhopper’s Plants Changed again :)

The Autumn is here and almost all the leafs are gone from the Big Tree and so are the dead Flowers…I wish my beloved Plants will start to Bloom soon again :) Look how the Plants looked earlier :)

click to enlarge

                                Thanks Sommfi you Rocks :)

I have a Gnome in My igloo :)

Club Penguin talks a lot about Gnomes these Days…I have one in my Igloo :) Gnome was a garden item once and now me and my Gnome performs at my igloo Stage :)

click to enlarge                               …He is Very quiet…LOL :)

UPDATE: Did you Know that Club Penguin have Gnomes hidden in Books and Pictures? Look at The Friends Card Picture you find a Gnome to the left right under the Jet Pack Flying Penguin :) If you visit my Friend Mimo777 you will learn More :) THANKS Mimo777 :)

Rad Scientist - Penguins at Work :)

The Scientist outfit is Back :) If you are a Genius this is The Work for you :) I often use these Items when i do research to Help Gary and Rockhopper :) Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2

click to enlarge            …Put the Items on and Dance with or without The Wig :)

                          Halloween Costumes Catalog 2009 :)

Volcano Burning again and Wind in Club Penguin! as Sensei said :)

The Volcano is more Active again and The Wind Blowing…Sensei was RIGHT AGAIN :) Sense’s Fortune Cookie :)

             Ninja Amulet Key to Ninja Journey in Club penguin :)

Halloween Costumes Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS! October 2009 Club Penguin :)

Here are The Halloween Costume Catalog Cheats :) As Always I help you to find them without Ruin your FUN to find them :) 

click to enlarge

                                  …Black Cape 550 Coins…

click to enlarge

…Ghost Costume 600 Coins…Tips add a Flashlight to this Costume and then Dance :)

click to enlarge

                          …Black superhero Mask 100 Coins…

click to enlarge                                         …Black Bowtie…

click to enlarge …The Red Viking Helmet 750 Coins open and Close Tree Times…open again and…

click to enlarge            …you have found the Blue Viking Helmet 1200 Coins :)

click to enlarge …Remember the Background we Decide? Here it is The Ghostly Grin Background :) And ALL Players can buy it for 60 Coins :)

click to enlarge…I Like the Cute Costumes on this Page :) Ladybug Antennae 150 Coins, Ladybug Suit 330 Coins, Ladybug Shoes 250 Coins, The Royal 500 Coins, Butterfly Wings 400 Coins,  Magic Wand 150 Coins and butterfly Dress 600 Coins :)            

click to enlarge…The Rad Scientist Wig 500 Coins, Rad Scientist Costume 500 Coins, Blizzard Wizard Hat 300 Coins, Blizzard Wizard Robes 450 Coins, Chrystal Staff 300 Coins, Frankenpenguin Hat 400 Coins and Frankenpenguin Costume 450 Coins

click to enlarge

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