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Monday, October 5, 2009

TWO Club Penguin Parties and Halloween Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
October's an especially cool month because there's not just one but TWO parties coming up!
Saturday, October 24 is Club Penguin's 4th Anniversary - it's one day only and we want you to be a part of it!! A ton of stuff will be happening around the Coffee Shop like cake, the new Yearbook...and lots of you have been wondering what the hat colors are going to be this year. We've heard cool suggestions! I guess we'll have to just wait and see...
ALSO, starting Tuesday, October 27 is the Halloween Party! Get ready for some surprises - including a new scavenger hunt. Members will be able to check out a spooky room... I don't want to give everything away but I did get this for you to look at:
What do you think?

click to enlarge
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

This Green Scary Picture is from the Mine…

Thanks andy2122 for letting me know that this Post was out on What's New Blog :) You are a GREAT and Kind Penguin :) Please visit andy2122 Blog and leave a Kind and Encouraging Comment :) This is From Halloween 2008 First we had a BIG Storm and we had to take extra care of our Puffles then came Halloween with a Candy Hunt and I met GARY  for the First time in Club Penguin :) and then NINJAS! They were ALL over Club Penguin and I liked the Ninjas on HQ Monitors Best they were so FUNNY :) Find More Links to Ninja Pictures in Ninja Shadows GONE! And we had a GREAT FUN PUFFLE PARTY at The Iceberg :)

click to enlarge                             …We LOVE our Puffles so MUCH!

click to enlarge

The Three Years Anniversary Party was AWESOME! I LOVE that it was a LIVE broadcast from New York that we ALL could see :) Me and my Friends had a BLAST online :)

                                   And I LOVED the CAKE!


…I am sure that this Years Club Penguin Four Anniversary Celebration will be AWESOME too :) I can Hardly Wait!

Penguins around the World :)

New Penguin and Puffle Pictures :) I LOVE these Cool, Fun and Cute Pictures :) Let me present More Club Penguin Penguins Around the World Pictures!

…Aunt Arctic and her Friends have take some more time to relaxing and a Black Puffle found a place to train to be a Ninja Fire Puffle! WOW! AWESOME Picture :) I LOVE this :) GREAT Work :)

click to enlarge

         …This is the Black Ninja Puffle in Club Penguin Forest :)

…This is what Aunt Arctic's Puffles likes to do after their Adventures :) I wonder what movie they are watching…I am sure it is something FUNNY in 3D :) GREAT Idea for a Picture Well Done!

click to enlarge …Gary Playing Offline Card-Jitsu TOGETHER with Rockhopper and Yarr :) Look at the cards The Migrator for Rockhopper and Yarr and Klutzy for Gary…Good Work!

click to enlarge…Go to Club Penguins Penguins around the World Gallery to see all this Weeks Pictures and More :) See last Weeks Penguin Pictures :)

New Igloo and Hide Penguins names and talk CHEAT :)

I have moved again :) This time to a PINK Candy Split Level Igloo :) My Friend Peggie Quin came to help me Move :) Thanks Peggie Quin :)

click to enlarge…My Puffles needed Food so we feed them and then they needed a bath they had food all over themselves…LOL :)

click to enlarge                    …after that we had a Just Moving PARTY :)

click to enlarge …Time to DECORATE! WOHOO! When I was doing that my Friend Jb48 came for a visit and I decide to do some experiments :) First have you ever wonder why sometimes in What’s New Blog Pictures Penguins are without  names? I did :) And this is how you do that :) First your Igloo have to be in decoration Mode…then when someone comes for a visit you click on that Penguin to open the  Player Card…Hello Jb48 :) Click on the Igloo icon…

click to enlarge

…WOW! Great Igloo :) Look both mine and Jb48 Penguins name are GONE! And we can’t talk either!!!

click to enlarge

    …LOL…we CAN talk but you have to open the Talk List to see it :)

click to enlarge

…From here you can Waddled out in Club Penguin just decide where you want to go and click on Map……

click to enlarge                         …Hello nameless Penguin Friends :)

click to enlarge

…Hmm When can this Cheat be useful? I know if we meet Rockhopper or another Famous Crowded Penguin we can use this to easier SEE their Penguin :) And we can take GREAT Pictures without any black Penguin names written on Rockhopper :) And no Talk Bubbles that hides him :) COOL! Hmmm…and no Rockhopper name under him either…LOL :) It doesn't matter with that beard I will know that it is Rockhopper anyway :)

click to enlarge

                                 …Silent HAPPY RUNNING :)

…Now I have to click on every Penguin to know who it is…I miss the Penguin names and all the Talks specially the Happy emote! I want Club Penguin to be NORMAL again…

click to enlarge       …go back to you Igloo…Hi Jb48 Thanks for waiting for me :)

click to enlarge

…then open and close the Igloo decoration and everything is Back to Normal (if you log of everything will be back to normal next time you log in) I CAN SPEAK AGAIN! And I have a Penguin Name and I am HAPPY :) Great Idea Jb48 let’s do that :)

click to enlarge

…I LOVE Sled Race :) And I LOVE the two supportive Sled Race Penguins it always makes me Happy to see them :)

click to enlarge

…Back to decorating…I am almost done but something is missing…I know…

click to enlarge …A Blue Polka Dot Floor Carpet :) Now my home is just the way I want it to be :) My Puffles LOVES our new home :)

…Bye for now Friends I will go to work in the Coffee Shop and earn more Money see you later :)

click to enlarge

…Thanks to Stormy777 for the inspiration to this Post :) You have GREAT Cheats :)

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