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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Running Party at Tuxedo :)

It was a month ago that we had The End of 101 Days of FUN Party! So Today I will have a Quick Party that will start soon…

Day: Saturday October 10, 2009

Server: Tuxedo

Time: 8.30 Pm Club Penguin Time

Place: We start at Dock and then we will HAPPY RUNNING around and Play Games TOGETHER :)

                       Any Party  changes will be Posted here :)

                                    WELCOME Friends :)

Penguins Around the World :)

This Week are Globetrotter Penguins continues Their Traveling :) Aunt Arctic have taken all of them to Hawaii :) The Squidzoid Catchin’ Waves in the Sunset :) Thanks for the Postcard :) Great Picture!

click to enlarge

...WOW! What a Fantastic View! I wonder where this Picture is Taken? The Rocks are so Cool :) Awesome Work!

click to enlarge

…Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy and Aunt Arctic’s Puffle making something…I wonder if it is a cake for the Fourth Club Penguin Anniversary Party or a new way to make the snow to our Igloos more Sun Resistance?  Or Fuel to Jet Packs or…I LOVE this Picture! Very Creative :)

click to enlarge  …Rockhopper and the Migrator This is FANTASTIC! The one that have build this Ship has prove to have Both imagination and Terrific Art and Craft Skills! HURRAY for You :) Please sail careful so this boat don’t get Shipwrecked

click to enlarge …Yummy in my Tummy :) This Blue Puffle have found a Yummy Treat :) Tasteful Picture LOL :)

click to enlarge …This is a Good Picture of Rockhopper when he trained Puffles for the Puffle Circus :) You have ELEVEN Puffles! WOW! That is so COOL :) Thanks for showing them to us :)

click to enlarge…See Last Weeks Penguins Around the World :) Penguin Around the World Archive Gallery :)

Penguin Poll – Favorite Halloween Costume :)

This weeks Penguin Poll is about Halloween Costumes you can see them in The Penguin Style Halloween Costume Catalog :)

My Favorite Costume in the Gift Shop is: Frankenpenguin! The Rad Scientist! The Blizard Wizard! The Butterfly!

…I Voted for the cutest one the Butterfly :) This is how the Poll looks right Now…Go and Vote you too :) Make sure that you vote for the one YOU like Best :) Make YOUR Voice heard!

                                 Last weeks Penguin Poll :)

New Wallpaper in Club Penguin :)

At the New Wallpaper we have the same Penguins as in I’ve Re-decorating my Igloo card…with a lot of more Penguins and stuff added :) Look a GNOME! LOL :)

click to enlarge                          See ALL Club Penguin Wallpapers  :)

I got NEW Club Penguin Plush TOYS :)

Some days ago I got an AUNT ARCTIC Plush Toy and a Sensei and a Ninja and a Faery and a Squidzoid! So now I have Unlocked items from Treasure Book Series Three and Four : )

With my First Coin Code I unlocked A Life Ring, Burgundy Beanie and I got 1500 Coins…

…With next Code I choose The Green Peacoat and The Dark Denim Jacket and I got 1500 Coins…

…With my Third code I unlocked The Cool Tie Dye Shirt and The cute Stuffed Bunny :) And 1500 Coins…

…With my Fourth Code I unlocked The Canvas Rocker Hat and The Cool Canvas Cloud Shoes and I got 1500 Coins…

…With my Fifth Code I unlocked The Superstar Cool Star Glasses :) And the Blue Boa and 3000 Coins :)

…Now I have lots of New items to wear :) I like all my new Toys The Fairy is the Cutest I LOVE her, Sensei and Ninja are so Cool, The Squidzoid is AWESOME! And Aunt Arctic is my Role model so she is my FAVORITE :)


…Thanks Mum and Dad, Littletias, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle I LOVE my New Toys :) The Faery is the cutest Club Penguin Toy EVER! I know that Baby Cuss choose that one for me :) THANKS Cuss you are so little and already you LOVE PINK just like me :)

                         How can I unlock Items in Club Penguin?

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