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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with Friends on Happy Running Quick Party :)

Thanks Friends for Coming to The Happy Running Party :) It was FUN to meet you all :) …LOL…First Happy Running was Surprising for some new Friends but then they turned out to be AWESOME at Happy Running :)

                                 …It was so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge…More Pictures from This Party will be added Later…Sorry I am too Tired to Blog I must go to Sleep now…Goodnight…Zzzzzz…Hello again I am back :) HAPPY RUNNING :)click to enlarge

…Flowers for Friends :) Sorry my Buddy List is FULL…But we are ALL FRIENDS ANYWAY :)

click to enlarge            …Cactusperson started HAPPY DANCING! Great Idea :)


…It is so Much FUN to be spend time TOGETHER with Friends :) We all feel like Funkyawesome :)

  …Mattmatt3228 asked if we could play Find Four? Yes lets do that :)

click to enlarge                       …Bamhawk216 is Good at Find Four :)

click to enlarge…Sled Race Time! Zhujms, Jojo73161, Floppyj10 and me are not scared for the Ridge Run Slop :)

click to enlarge                                   …Well Done Everyone :)

click to enlarge

…Time for Theater at The Stage :) RROOOOAAARR! I am a SQUIDZOID…LOL :) Oops Floppyj10 is GAMMA GAL! I better RUN…LOL :)

click to enlarge                                           …Dojo it is :)

click to enlarge                                 …HAPPY Dojo DANCING :)

click to enlarge

…Cactusperson and I will just start to Play…Look I have TWO of the same Card-Jitsu Card

click to enlarge           …Here I and Bamhaws216 just have Finished a Game :)

click to enlarge …Mancala Time :) My old Friend Waddles186 came for the Party too I am glad that you found us :)

click to enlarge …This is a FUN Party Trick…We Dancing and Playing Mancala at the same time :) Just click Dance after that the Game have Started :)

click to enlarge                                    …Dance Contest Time…

click to enlarge   …LOL…I still needs to Practice MORE…CONGRATS Bamhawk216 :)

click to enlarge      …My Friend Marissa17 is a GREAT Dancer and so are Rtype :)

click to enlarge …Now we are HUNGRY and went to eat PIZZA :) Sorry I BURNED some of the First Pizzas…LOL :) But then we made New ones TOGETHER and they was Yummmy!

click to enlarge

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to the Happy Running Quick Party it was so Much FUN to meet you ALL :) See you ALL again in Club Penguin my Friends :)

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