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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Stuff by Screenhog :)

This is a Message from Screenhog:

Hi everyone - It's Screenhog!
There's a lot of Halloween spookiness going on around the island. The Halloween Igloo Contest is starting on Friday along with a new furniture catalog, and the team's even been putting together more costumes for later this month. And speaking of costumes, we wanted to show you a little secret about something we do when we design clothing for penguins.
Remember the You Decide Poll with the rough art of the Gnome costume for the new November Stage? We got quite a few people asking why the penguins are always grey in these pictures. Some of you even asked if it's a new penguin color that's coming out!
It's not a new penguin color... but we do put the clothes on grey penguins for a reason. Grey is neutral - which means it doesn't look strange next to a different color. If we were to use a yellow or dark blue penguin all the time when we designed clothes, we might end up making a lot of clothing items that look really good on yellow or dark blue penguins, but nothing else! Using a grey penguin gives us the best chance of creating clothing items with colors that work on all penguins.
What do you think? If you've got any secrets of your own for putting together costumes or decorating a spooky igloo, leave them in the comments.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

More Costumes! That is AWESOME! I wonder if my Flower Costume wish will come true?

FUN with Friends :)

I Love to Waddle around and meet Old and New Friends :) At the Mine I meet Kkbhh, Fatabraham and Pinkgirl885 :)

click to enlarge        …Hi Pippy Zippy4 and Owen1075 it was FUN to talk to you :)

click to enlarge …Owen1075 and I went to Ninja Hideout and Played Card-Jitsu…He SCARED me with his Dragon Card…LOL :)

click to enlarge

…Owen1075 has an AWESOME Igloo :) Look at the cute sleeping Puffles…aren't they Adorable :)

click to enlarge …Owen1075 has a Pretty Garden and he grows FLOWERS too :) He asked if I wanted one…Yes Please I LOVE FLOWERS…and he said that I could chose any Flower I wanted! THANKS my Friend a PINK Rose Please :)

   …THANKS Owen1075 for my Pretty Flower :) You are a good Friend :)

click to enlarge               …I like The Cove and here I meet Boingo1314 :)

click to enlarge …PINK Party at Town :) This was so Much FUN :) We Danced, Talked and had FUN TOGETHER :) Meanna15locc gave us all Popcorn and I had PINK Ice cream for Everyone :)

click to enlarge…THANKS to ALL FUN and Kind Penguins it is always AWESOME to spend time with you in Club Penguin :) Waddle On!

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