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Friday, October 16, 2009

Squidzoid’s Back at The Stage - Penguin Poll

We have a New Penguin Poll on Community :) Squidzoid’s back at the Stage and I am: Showing off my action skills! Wearing my Super hero costume! Using my Plasma Glow Wave to save the city! There’s a giant squid at the Stage? Help!

…This is how the Poll looks like right now…Make sure that you VOTE too :) Please don’t just vote like me…Remember to make YOUR Voice heard!

       …I Voted for There’s a giant squid at the Stage? Help! LOL :)

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal now Playing at The Stage :) Animated Effects!

                             See Last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

4th Anniversary Invitation Card from Club Penguin :)

Today we got an Invitation Card in our Mailbox from Club Penguin Team :)  To Saraapril You’re invited to Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary 1 day only! Saturday October 24 at the Coffee Shop!

click to enlarge                               …THANKS! I will be there :)

…Read More about The 4th Anniversary and see The 3th Club Penguin Anniversary Card here Animated :)

How I decorated my Igloo for the Halloween Igloo Contest 2009 :)

My Igloo is Halloween Contest  Decorated :) WELCOME the Tour Guide starts now :) I have made a Greenhouse Igloo so I can continue my Pumpkin Experiments and help Gary to do some New Test that  Rockhopper can take to Florida…Again SORRY for that the Plants overtook our Island earlier this year…Rockhopper’s Plants – My Stories and Adventures 

click to enlarge…Now it is Time to make NEW interesting Experiments…My Puffles looks like they understand what I am doing I wonder if they wants to be Scientists too…Oops! This didn't work…LOL…I have to try something else :) 

            …Can these plants grow in Extreme Heat?  Let’s try :)

…This is so Strange…Both these plants are treated the same but one is Green and one is almost dead …

             …Will my Plants grow better if I add artificial light?

…LOL…Last years Pumpkin Experiments resulted in GIGANTIC Pumpkins This year I will try how Music can effect my Pumpkins :)

…Will this Fan effect the Fish and make it jump higher? I think so…LOL :)

…Spider Web is AMAZING and stronger than steal…I have an idea what to do with that :)

…This is very interesting I have got special Cold light Bulbs from Gary and he wants me to see how this light Affects Flowers…

     …This I am so HAPPY over I have grown GIGANTIC FLOWERS :)

…I have No idea what have Happened to this Plant…It looks so Weird…

…Thanks for visiting my Greenhouse Igloo :) Sorry I have no more time for Tour Guiding I have so Much work to do…

                …to The Box Dimension I need some samples…

…Oh…I almost Forgot…Time to Submit my Igloo to the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest

click to enlarge

…Thank You! Your Igloo has been sent to our contest judges. Note: Don’t change your igloo decoration until October 25 to make sure the judges see how it looks now. Winners will be announced Oct 29 and Nov 5 in the Club Penguin Times.

click to enlarge

                                              DONE :)

Read about my Adventures on Halloween2008 - The Pumpkin Experiments Adventure :)

Go Green

More Fun and More Friends :)

Secret Room!

Halloween is HERE!

More Agent Work

Pumpkin Experiment…

And then it was all these Stories about the Missing Puffles and How to protect our Puffles…but that is another Saga :)

Rockhopper’s Tree Has Lost ALL Leafs!

The Flowerpots Rockhopper brought us have changed AGAIN! This time The BIG Flower Pot Tree that have Changed…ALL leafs have fallen of…SPOOKY…

…But This makes me HAPPY these Plants have started to GROW again :)

              Look how Rockhopper’s  Plants looked like Earlier :)

Halloween Party Opening Picture :)

The Halloween 2009 Opening Picture on Club Penguins Log in Page is here…LOOK the SLED is ALIVE AGAIN…AHHHHH…LOL :)

click to enlarge

                  See Sensei and The Living Sled Animated!

Sensei’s Volcano makes Smoke and caused a STORM that now heading for Club Penguin…

We Already know that The Volcano has covered The Dojo in Smoke and the pollution problem is Worse! The Climate Change on our Island have now caused a BIG STORM to come! The Ski Village is Affected…

click to enlarge…up here from the Ski Hill we can see how BAD this is…The Storm Clouds filled with dangerous Smoke is Thick over The Valley…

click to enlarge

                        …We can see it from The Mine too…

click to enlarge

…This makes me so SAD! Now I hope Gary can Help to fix this Environment Problem and that Club Penguin give us Face Masks to Protect us from The Pollution I DON’T want to breathe in all this Smoke and damage my Lungs! Now I have to do Storm Preparations…

click to enlarge   Blog Action Day 2009 Climate Change – What have you done Sensei?

The 4th Anniversary Party Invitation! Opening Picture - Club Penguin :)

We are ALL invited To Celebrate Club Penguins 4th Anniversary at Saturday October 24 2009 :)

click to enlarge

…Look at all Cool Club Penguin Party Hats :) The Yellow and Pink Party Hat is The BETA Hat…The Blue and Green Party Hat is from The First Club Penguin Anniversary, The Yellow and Orange Party Hat from The Second Club Penguin Anniversary, The Yellow Orange and Blue Party Hat is from Club Penguins Third Anniversary :) I wonder what Colors on our Party Hat we will get this Year? I looking Forward to eat the CAKE :) Last Years Cake was FANTASTIC and Yummy can this years Cake top this? 

Igloo Upgrades Catalog Halloween 2009 :) CHEATS

Today we got a New Igloo Upgrade Catalog :) And as Always I will Help you to find the Secrets without spoiling your FUN :)

click to enlarge …First we have some New Igloo Flooring The Cobblestone and then a FAVORITE is Back The PINK Carpet THANKS Club Penguin I have missed the PINK Carpet so Much :)

click to enlarge                           …Secret Stone Igloo 2000 Coins...

click to enlarge …Click on Four Candy to find the Secret Yummy Gingerbread House 2100 Coins…

click to enlarge                     …Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 Coins…

click to enlarge

                                   …and that was all :)

CHEATS to Halloween Furniture Better Igloos October – November 2009 :)

The New Furniture Catalog looks little Scary…as always I will Help you to find ALL the Secrets without ruin your FUN to look for secrets and Hidden Items  :)

click to enlarge                                  …Cauldron 630 Coins…

click to enlarge

                     …Puffle Jack-O-Lantern 250 Coins…

click to enlarge

                          …Goofy Jack-O-Lantern 250 Coins…

click to enlarge

                              …LCD Television 2500 Coins… 

click to enlarge

                                      …Piano 400 Coins…

2009-10-16 06.33.36 - Copy

                                 …Bowling Alley 700 Coins…

click to enlarge

                                      …Fridge 700 Coins…

click to enlarge                                  …Bowling Pin 40 Coins…

click to enlarge                                …Band Stage 800 Coins…

click to enlarge                               …Wall Speaker 800 Coins…

click to enlarge

…These Spooky Scary Items  are Brand NEW :) Iron Gate 650 Coins, Creepy Cottage Cut-out 700 Coins, Haunted Mansion Cut-out 850 Coins, Spooky Tree 200 Coins…I wish we in the Future get a PRETTY FLOWER Cottage Cut-out :)                  

click to enlarge …These Spooky Items are Old…Jack-O Lanterns 250 Coins, Spider Web 75 Coins, Tombstone 300 Coins, Candelabra 650 Coins, Pipe Organ 1800 Coins…

click to enlarge …Now I will Decorate my Igloo and Submit to The Halloween Igloo Decoration Contest :) 

click to enlarge

                                …Let’s Start DECORATE :)

New Igloo Music List :)

Today we got New Music to play in our Igloos…Team Power, Ruby’s Team, Haunted Disco and Zero Gravity :) I am so Happy that Campfire Song and The Coconut still are on the List :)

click to enlarge                         …See Old Previous Igloo Music List :)

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