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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noisy Party FUN with FRIENDS :)

              THANKS to ALL that came to my Quick Party Today :)

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                                   …Hello Let’s PARTY :)

click to enlarge           …I am so HAPPY to have so GREAT NOISY Friends…LOL :)

…I try to send Postcard if you ask me but sometimes you have a Full Mailbox…Sorry Kitypenguin1…I will try to send you a Buddy Card Next time I meet you…Friends Anyway :)

click to enlarge                               …THANKS for the Hearts :)

                                    …Hearts for Friends :)

                                    …HAPPY RUNNING :)

click to enlarge

                    …and then we Waddled too…The Beacon :)

…WE made so Much NOISE :) Sadly Chan258 had to leave Bye Friend Thanks for coming to the Party :)

click to enlarge         …We all talked about our Favorite Club Penguin Parties :)

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                                 …FLOWERS for FRIENDS :)

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               …To the Ski Hill for more talking and Sled Race

click to enlarge …Emma84432, Annhm, me and Funkyawesome flying down the Hill :)

click to enlarge     …Frosty9825 is worried about the Climate Change just like me…

click to enlarge …More Sled Race :) Me, Owen1075, Jedi4847 and Vnkdolphin Racing down the Hill…Jedi4847 have a Toboggan! Cool :) 

click to enlarge

…Jedi4847 won CONGRATS! Well Done :) and Jedi4847 gave me the trophy! THANKS that is so Generous of you I will treasure this trophy FOREVER :)

              …Outside the Mine we all tries to STOP the STORM!

…It didn't work but TOGETHER we did our BEST! And that what counts :) Friends FOREVER :)

click to enlarge                 ...What time is it? Ice Cream Time! Yummy :)

click to enlarge...We had so much FUN Dancing and Singing at The Cove :) Let’s all send Postcards to each other :)

…Remember Club Penguins Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest? This Igloo belongs to Jedi4847 and I was so HAPPY because me and Kitypenguin discovered something interesting I will try on my Experiments :) This Igloo is GREAT Decorated Well Done Jedi4847 :)

click to enlarge…Owen1075 have lots and lots of Pumpkins :) I wonder if I can have one?click to enlarge…Taylow have not started to decorate yet…GREAT a empty Igloo gives a great echo to a Noisy Party the sounds bounce of the walls :)

click to enlarge…I like Emma84432’s Igloo it is not Scary at ALL but cozy and Pretty and the sun shines in thru the window :)

click to enlarge    …Emma gave us Pizza :) It was so yummy that we eat it ALL…

click to enlarge

…and then we made more Pizza and all kinds of Party Food TOGETHER it was so much FUN :)

                                        …eating Pizza…

       …eating Ice cream and Drinking Hot Chocolate and Coffee…

                  …Then Kitypenguin baked us a CAKE! Yummy :)

…Kitypenguin1 lives in the Cool Circus Tent Igloo she Won at the Fall Fair and there we had a DANCE PARTY :)

click to enlarge                                 …TOGETHER we ROCKED!

                              …WOW! THANKS FRIENDS :)

…Mankoosa has a SCARY igloo…Great for Halloween Decorating Contest…Way too SCARY for me…LOL :)

click to enlarge                      …Singing Party Owen1075 played Music :)

                 …Taylow has a Really, Really SCARY Igloo too!

click to enlarge…Pengwing4 said don’t be scared…and with my Friends around me it was okay :)

click to enlarge …My Igloo is NOT Scary :) In My Greenhouse I do Experiments :) Thanks 1w34e you are a good Friend too :)

click to enlarge                                …Good Work  Pengwing4 :)

click to enlarge  …Time to end the Party…First I will agree with Suelow…GO GREEN!

click to enlarge …THANKS to ALL that came to the Noisy Party :) Bye for now Friends see you soon again in Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge

                      Taylow has Posted from this Party too :)

Quick Party Today :)

Today I will have a Make Noise PARTY! LOL

Server: Outback

Room: We start in Lighthouse then we will Waddle around :)

Day: Saturday 17 October 2009

Time: 4.00 Pm Club Penguin Time

I looking Forward to meet Old and New Friends :) Sorry but my Buddy List is FULL! Let’s be Friends Anyway :) WELCOME!

                    UPDATE: Noisy Party FUN with FRIENDS :)

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