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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Book on Unlock Items Online :)

We have got The Official Stage Book added to Unlock Books Online…

click to enlarge

        …Now we have Six Club Penguin Books we can Unlock BUT…

click to enlarge …they ALL gives you a Blue Book online! I still wish that we got a NEW Color for every Book we Unlocked :) In that way all Penguins could see which Books we read :)

The Ultimate Official Guide to Disney Club Penguin could be Blue same as the Book we can Unlock Today

The Stowaway! Adventures At Sea Book - Light Blue like Bambadee

The Inventor’s Apprentice Book - Purple

The Secret Agent Handbook - Red or Black

The Star Reporter Book - PINK with SPARKLES on Aunt Arctic LOVES PINK :)

The Official Stage Playbook - Yellow like the Stage Puffle Shakespeare :)

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Club Penguin Team can you fix this?

click to enlargeRead More about Club Penguin Books before you buy one so you can Pick the one you like Best :)

I got a BOOK :)

I can use My Club Penguin Book Code :)

Aunt Arctic Book Start Reporter

New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

Disney Club Penguin Books :)

To unlock Items online find this icon in Club Penguin and click on it…

                   How to Unlock items Online in Club Penguin

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