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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy77 talks to a Anniversary Party planner!

This Message is from Happy77:

This Saturday is really exciting because it's Club Penguin's 4th Anniversary! We're all stoked to party in the Town Center and Coffee Shop. I can't wait to get the new hat. This'll be my 4th!! I tried to get some info from some of the team who's helping with the planning.

Is it challenging to make such a HUGE cake for the Anniversary Party? Doesn't it make you hungry?
It sure does. That is why being a cake maker requires extreme self control (but I did go home and make a giant cake anyhow...)!

What's your fave party from the past year & why?
Definitely the Medieval party! Putting on my fish knight costume and waddling amongst the dragons and fellow gallant adventurers was an experience of epic proportions!

Lots of readers are really curious about the colors of the party hat this year. What can you tell us?
Haha, part of being a super party planner is not revealing secrets. I can tell you was that it was my favorite color combination ever! So I'm super excited to share! But not 'til Saturday.

I guess we'll have to wait and see... Bring your friends and your best memories. Remember: One day only!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

                              This will be so Much FUN :)

I Wish for ICE :)

In Real Life my Figure Skating Practice have started :) And Now I and Snowflake wants to Skate TOGETHER in Club Penguin again…but we have no Ice! Well we have the Iceberg but that Ice it not so smooth to skate on…Please Club Penguin can we get the Ice Rink back soon? Please :) And I would LOVE if we could do Figure skating Moves or a jump when we had our Figure skate outfit on :) Can you Please fix that too? Pretty Please :)

click to enlarge

…Do you Remember when the Ice Rink returned last Year we couldn't slide on the Ice! Herbert was behind that AND he had kidnapped Puffles too? I am so GLAD that Gary helped us…

On a Secret Mission…Free the Puffles 

The Ice Rink in Club Penguin Works again :)

…In other news…LOL…I sounds like Billybob :) The Noisy Party Review is DONE :) Take a look at all the FUN we had and all the COOL Decorated Igloos :) 

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