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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends Adventures around the World continues…Here they have found the Olympic Rings :) I am sure that this Reminds them about us home in Club Penguin when we have the Penguin Games :) Cool Picture :)

click to enlarge          …A Yellow Puffle have found a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin :)

click to enlarge

...WOW! This is ART! The Snow Fort made of Sugar :) I LOVE this look at the top on the Clock Tower…Klutzy :) Very Creative :) FANTASTIC WORK :)

click to enlarge

               …Mmmm…Marshmallows…Yummy Good Picture :)

click to enlarge

…Our Puffles need some Rest and Relaxing after all FUN Touring…Spa Day :) Good Idea :)

click to enlarge …I LOVE this Picture Purple and PINK :) It’s reminds me about the FANTASTIC Princess Castle at Club Penguins first Medieval Party 2008 :) Cute Picture Well Done :)

click to enlarge                      Penguins Around The World – Archives

Fan Arts :)

     We have NEW FUN ART in Club Penguin :) I LOVE Drawings :)

…This Happy Penguin is Prepared for the Anniversary Party :) GREAT :) See you there…LOL :)

click to enlarge …A NEW Super Hero is in Town to Help us with The Climate Change in Club Penguin :) Thanks  Shadow Guy for bringing your Friend :) Good Drawing :)

click to enlarge

…This Picture is my Favorite this week :) I LOVE all the Details in this Picture :) The Hungry Purple Puffle making a mess spilling her water…The Club Penguin Times the Penguin carries under his flipper…I LOVE the HAPPY Smile Icon and The Art on the wall and…Again I LOVE this Picture Well Done :)

click to enlarge    See earlier Fan Art :) See more New and Old Fan Arts Archives :)

Penguin Poll – Favorite Club Penguin Party 2009 :)

This weeks Penguin Poll is about Favorite Parties :) Club Penguin is 4! My Favorite Party this year was: The April Fool’s Party, The Medieval Party, The Adventure Party, The Festival of Flight Party

                 …I Vote for The AMAZING Adventure Party :)

    …VOTE for YOUR Favorite Party :) See last weeks Penguin Poll :)

Community Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

          We have a New Featured Igloo…This looks interesting…

…CONGRATULATIONS Popedd :) WOW! So Much items :) Pumpkins, trees, Books, Puffle Toys, Music instrument, Popcorn and so Much More :) This Igloo is Perfect for a Game of Hide and Seek :) Well Done!

click to enlarge                    …See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

Detail: This Picture is not taken Today…Rockhopper’s tree didn't look that way Today but it did in June see Flowerpot Mystery

click to enlarge …on the other hand the Dead Spooky Trees is a New item and was NOT available in June when the Rockhopper’s plant looked that way neither was the Windows…Is Popedd from Club Penguin Team? LOL :)

New Rockhopper Comics in Club Penguin Today :)

                    Today we got a New Club Penguin Comics :)

                   …LOL…Rockhopper likes Stinky Cheese :)click to enlarge

                         …See More Club Penguin Comics :)

Halloween Party Banners :)

    Club Penguin has Updated our Auto-Updating Event Banners :)

click to enlarge                                     …The Party Banner

                  …and The Original 101 Days of FUN Banner :)

…If you want a Club Penguin Banner or a Saraapril Banner for your Blog you find them here :)

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Favorite Event and Halloween - Reviewed By You

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

The big 4th Anniversary celebration's almost here and we'd love if everyone would join the party this Saturday, October 24! Last week we asked about your favorite event from last year. Danjot1 said:

My favorite thing was definately the quest at the mideval party, who can forget that great solid gold armor, shields with the gleaming red jewel, and the gold helmet? And the shining pool of water in the last cavern and the most beautiful music... and the tree house! Oh I loved the dragon in the mine, me and my friends would stand beside it and before we would get hit by the fire we would wave our solid gold shields in the air and the dragon would be defeated! Those surely were some "knights" to remember!

click to enlargeWe heard from lots of you about how you like parties and getting ready for them.

As you know, the Anniversary celebration isn't the only party's that's happening this month - The sky's getting spooky and there's definitely a ton of creativity happening with costumes and furniture! Halloween's approaching fast and we wanna hear what you and your friends are getting most excited about...

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                …I am Most Excited about…The CANDY HUNT :)

Anniversary Party 2009 one day Only :)

Club Penguins Fourth Anniversary Party is here soon :) These are Two Articles Aunt Arctic has Posted in Club Penguin Times about this FUN Event :

Penguins Celebrate  4th Year! October 24

Penguins are preparing to party in celebration of Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary. We spoke to a member of staff at the Coffee Shop to get the lowdown on how to celebrate this special 1 day only event.

click to enlarge

“It’s a bit of a tradition, that we get together every year to celebrate the day Club Penguin began,” he explained.

“We hold it in the Coffee Shop because it was one of the first places on the island that penguins could visit.”

“And because it’s traditional, there are certain things we always do,” he told us.

“We always decorate the shop the same color as our hats. We always like to look through the new Yearbook in the Book Room. And of course, we always eat a lot of cake…”

Be sure to bring your buddies to join in the fun at the Coffee Shop, on October 24.

Club Penguin turns 4! Saturday October 24

Saturday, October 24, is Club Penguin’s forth Anniversary Party, and all penguins are invited to come to the Coffee Shop and celebrate! This one-day-only event will have party hats, cake, music and a special Yearbook that looks back at all the wonderful events of the past year.“I can’t believe Club Penguin is turning 4! one excited penguin commented.

click to enlarge“It seems like yesterday that I first started waddling around the island. It’s amazing how much things have changed!”

Aunt Arctic, Chief Editor of the Club Penguin Times added this noted for everyone to read:

“Each year, I am amazed at all the incredible stories and experiences I head from penguins all over the island. This truly is a special place, and is possible only because of the wonderful penguins who call it home.

Thank you all for a delightful year – and I can’t wait to see what the next one holds!” – Aunt Arctic

                   Happy77 talks to Anniversary Party  Planer :)

                  Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary is AMAZING :)

Storm hits Club Penguin Island October 27, 2009

In Today's Newspaper The Club Penguin Time Aunt Arctic has Posted this interesting information for us Penguins:

Penguins who have visited the Dojo recently may have noticed the dark clouds that have been gathering. Ninjas and scientists alike are predicting that one of the biggest storms in Club Penguin’s history is going to hit the island soon.

click to eblarge“The heat and smoke from the Volcano has definitely made this storm possible,” said one Rad Scientists.”And it’s going to be a doozy.” Gary the Gadget Guy, who has also been tracking the storm, had a few words for us.

“Well, this storm has me both excited, and a little concerned,” he explained. “A lightning storm would be fantastic for the Halloween Party, and for powering my Monster Maker 3000, which is excellent.”

“However, this storm isn’t just blowing in and out. It’s growing because of the Volcano, which makes me wonder if it will settle down on its own. I’ll have to work with my fellow scientists to calculate a solution.”

“But we should enjoy it while it’s here. When it hits, scientists can gather in my secret lab to perform experiments. Just follow the scavenger hunt clues…”

Thanks Aunt Arctic… My guess is that Gary’s Secret Room with the Monster Maker 3000 will be open for ALL Penguins this year :) Now I will go and ask Gary if I can help him with this serious Climate Change Sensei has brought up on us...Sensei’s Volcano makes Smoke and caused a STORM that now heading for Club Penguin…

                                  STOP Climate Change!

Candy Hunt Tips – Secret Revealed :)

                                         Secret nr 48 :)

click to enlarge …Here is a Yummy Secret :)

Candy Hunt Tips

The Halloween Candy Hunt will lead Penguins all over the Island. Start with the First clue and follow them carefully. No treats will be at the same place. Remember to use your map to make sure you haven’t missed any spots!

click to enlarge       This is something I like with Halloween The CANDY HUNT :) 

   ...I can Hardly wait to This Years The 2009 Candy Hunt Yummy :)

                                   The Candy Hunt 2008 :)

   Halloween Scavenger Candy Hunt 2009 Club Penguin :) CHEATS!

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