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Friday, October 23, 2009

Floppyj10’s 4th years Anniversary Eve Party :)

Foppyj10 send me an invitation to her 4th years Anniversary Eve Party :) THANKS for the invitation Friend…Let’s PARTY :)

click to enlarge …We Danced and sang Shakespeare was on the Party too she LOVES to sing :) Mylena 27 and Emma84432 had their cute Puffles with them and TOGETHER we ALL had so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge                    …More Friends arrived :) Hi Nuzhat123 :)

click to enlarge …Emma84432 started to make a Cake for Club Penguin…GREAT idea :)

click to enlarge                    …Snowball Fight LOL :) This was FUN :)

click to enlarge …after holding so much Snow in our Flippers we needed to get them warm again…Coffee for everyone :) Tea for me Please…

click to enlarge                           …and Hot Chocolate…Yummy :)

click to enlarge                                …Time for Happy Skating :)

click to enlarge        …Thanks for the Party Floppyj10 :) This was so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge         Anniversary Party Tomorrow Saturday 24, October 2009 :)

Anniversary Party Tomorrow Saturday 24, October 2009 :)

This Message is from Club Penguin Team:

Hello Penguins!

Can you believe it? Tomorrow's our 4th Anniversary!

Everyone's invited - so find all your friends and head to the Town Center... There'll be cake in the Coffee Shop, a new party hat, and a new Yearbook full of fun stuff. We can't wait to hear what you think about this party - especially the colors of the cake and party hat... Any guesses?

click to enlargeCan't wait to celebrate!
Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

This will be so Much FUN :) I guess for The same Colors on the Party Hat as the Anniversary Cake :) Have you noticed that The Cake 4th Anniversary Pin has Four Colors :)                  Last year the 3th Anniversary Pin  had Three :)

Let’s Party TOGETHER Tomorrow in the Coffee Shop :) I will Post Server and Time later :)              Preparing for the Anniversary Party with Friends :)

                                      Crazy Cake Video :)

Rockhopper’s Plants Growing and Blooming :)

Rockhopper’s Flowerpot Tree and Flowers are Growing again :) My Experiments working HURRAY!

click to enlarge…Pretty small Pink and Blue Flowers Blooming again this is so GREAT :)

…and a new Bud that soon will be to a Pretty Flower :) This is Exactly what I needed to get hope for the Future :)  Hopefully if we all work TOGETHER we can find a way to fix the Climate Changes in Club Penguin too :)

THANKS to 95jimmy for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend :)

Preparing for the Anniversary Party with Friends :)

When I walked in to the Coffee Shop today I was surprised…there were no Party Boxes to unpack, no decorations to put up nobody worked to prepare for the Anniversary Party…I decide to start Work Immediately!

click to enlarge …My Friend Yellow 1003 came and helped me with Decorating Tips :)

click to enlarge

                        …I was working with the Couch when…

   …Storm1012 wanted to be Painted…Sure this will be FUN :) Purple?

      …PINK! I LOVE to Pint you in PINK :) This will be so Pretty :)

click to enlarge …Storm1012’s Mommy Bettypotte1 helped to wash off the Paint I dropped on the Floor…THANKS :) Both Pink 2 Pink and Yellow 1003 has Pretty Outfits :)

click to enlarge                              …Back to Work…What Color?

…Yellow 1003 wants PINK or Purple…I LOVE that :) I will go with Purple on this wall…LOL :)

…Pink, Purple,Red and Yellow is a GREAT Combination for a Party Hat GREAT Wish :) Well Done Kendle 1998 you’re working so hard to help us to be ready for Tomorrow You are GREAT :)

2009-10-22 17.14.34 - Copy

…It is so Much to be Done before Tomorrow…I am Glad that Ewok55643 came and helped out too :)

      …Hello Spider 800 :) Sorry I have no time for Pizza right now…

click to enlarge                            …a quick cup of Hot Chocolate…

click to enlarge                            …Thanks Ewok55643 you too :)

click to enlarge

                             …Time to work same More :)

…ATTENTION! ALL Penguins are Needed in the Coffee Shop to Help out  with the Party Decorating and to bake the Anniversary Cake :) Next Year I wish for a Cake Baking Game and a Decorating Game so we can Help to Prepare for the Fifth Club Penguin Anniversary :) Please Club Penguin can we have that Next Year? Please :)

                 Club Penguins 4th Years Anniversary Cake Pin :)

Log-in Opening Picture Weirdness :)

Today my Log in Opening Picture looked strange…The Clouds have Moved (Yes my cache is Cleared…LOL)

click to enlarge

…I just Closed the Window and Next Time I opened it everything were back to normal again :)

click to enlarge

…This has happened Randomly a Couple of times Today anyone else that have this Glitch or Bug?

The Climate Change Storm is Closer to Club Penguin…

                 Now we can see the Storm from The Town too…

click to enlarge

                                       …and Snow Fort…

click to enlarge                                           …The Dock…

click to enlarge                                          …The Beach…

click to enlarge…and The Plaza…Sensei Sensei What have you Done! This is NOT Good!

click to enlarge

See More here: Sensei’s Volcano makes Smoke  and caused a STORM that now heading for Club Penguin…         

Storm hits Club Penguin Island October 27, 2009

New Pin! 4th Years Anniversary Pin in Boiler Room :) CHEATS!

The New Pin is a Fourth years Anniversary CAKE :) And you find it in The Boiler Room :)

…Would you like to pick up undefined for undefined coins…LOL…I have to wait a little…

…Now it working :) You have found a 4th Anniversary Pin. Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Now we know what Colors the Anniversary Party will be Decorated in…Same as the Cake :)

                       Anniversary Party 2009 one day Only :)

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