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Saturday, October 24, 2009

4th Anniversary Party Extended :)

Hello Penguins!
You guys really know how to celebrate! We've heard from lots of you that you're having a great time at the 4th Anniversary Party and we're thankful for everyone's excitement.
Click to enlargeWe know that it's been tough to get into Club Penguin today and we apologize that some of you haven't been able to get to the party yet. We're working really hard to fix the problem - We're going to leave it up an extra day so that more of you have a chance to enjoy it!
Your patience is really appreciated - and we hope that if you haven't had a chance already, you'll join in the fun...
Until then...Happy 4th Anniversary (and Waddle on)!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                  GREAT! THANKS Club Penguin :) Let’s PARTY !

click to enlarge

                 Club Penguin has Technical Problems right Now!

                     Log in to Club Penguin without Problem :)

                   Fun With Friends at 4th Anniversary Party :)

Fun With Friends at 4th Anniversary Party :)

We Celebrated 4th Anniversary Party TOGETHER :) WOHOO! Thanks Friends for waiting for me :) It took a while before I could log in…Club Penguin has Technical Problems right Now! Thanks Emma84432 for Log in to Club Penguin without Problem :)

click to enlarge

                                       …Let’s PARTY!

                             …Our Puffles are Invited Too :)

click to enlarge                    …Hi Spider880 Glad that you could make it :)

click to enlarge                              …FIREWORKS on the WAY :)

click to enlarge

…I LOVE to watch the Fireworks TOGETHER with Friends :) This is so Much FUN :)

        ...and so Pretty :) Great idea Coolkid808 let’s go inside :)

click to enlarge…I LOVE the Colors the Coffee Shop is Decorated in the only thing that is missing is a touch of PINK…Wait…Gaganm101, me, Yellow 1003 and Waddles186 are PINK! And Puppy 2 8 and Leel456456 is dressed in PINK :) PERFECT :) Now the 4th Anniversary Decorating is Complete…LOL :)

click to enlarge                  …CAKE TIME! YUMMY :)  LOL…the Cake Talks :)

              …Lenny500 wants to Play Piñata :) Let’s do that :)

click to enlarge                               …Everyone hit that Piñata  :)

click to enlarge

                  Hurray! We found the Anniversary Party Hat :)

…Cream Soda and Cupcake Time :) Hi Chilly Te Ha The Anniversary Pin is in the Boiler Room :)

click to enlarge

…Dvivoni serves Cupcakes and Floppyj10 gives us Cream Soda :) THANKS Friends this is so Delicious :)

click to enlarge                          …HAPPY Birthday Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge…THANKS for the Cake Club Penguin we have baked a Cake for you too :)

click to enlarge

                         …Singing Happy Birthday for CP :)

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

…a Walk on Memory Lane TOGETHER with Friends :) We have so many FANTASTIC Memories and GOOD Times TOGETHER to Remember :) THANKS Club Penguin for Bring so Much Joy in our Life :)

click to enlarge

                        …A Cake MONSTER! AHHHH! LOL :)

click to enlarge …All this Cake and Cream Soda and Cupcakes are so Yummy in my Tummy :) I am stuffed…Wait…Waddles186 serving Ice cream! A Big Ice cream Please…Yummy  :)

click to enlarge …Let’s Celebrate the New Year Book :) And the New Treasure Book :)

click to enlarge                                     …HAPPY RUNNING :)

…Spider880 had a Club Penguin Quiz :) And Tatiana9 and Anthony39 played one of my Favorite Games the Mancala…we Danced Talked and sang :) Froick2009 showed us cool Dance Moves :)

click to enlarge

                   …Jeaheah started an Everybody Hide Game…

click to enlarge

                          …This will be FUN Let’s all Hide :)

click to enlarge                            …Hiding behind the Balloons :)

click to enlarge

         …Waddles186 has her own Hiding Spot :) GREAT WORK!

           …Spider880 Hides behind the Tales and Stories Book…

…That is so COOL! Lots of us tried to Hide there :) Legos13 and Gary3008 found a GREAT Hiding Place too :)

click to enlarge

          …Thanks for coming to the Party Friend see you later :)

click to enlarge               …Who is HUNGRY again? Let’s have MORE CAKE!

click to enlarge   …Yummy :) Mankoosa and Owen1075 asked us to make a Wish :)

click to enlarge …I wished for lots of PINK outfits…LOL…my Friends had so Many GREAT Wishes…Color Parties…Free Membership Wishes…PINK Shoes...To Win the Halloween Decorating Contest…and Manny, Manny More :) I Wish all our Wishes comes True :)

click to enlarge…Singing Dancing and Talking :) Let’s go and Look at the Fireworks :)

click to enlarge

                                       …AWESOME :)

         ...Mmmm…The Coffee Shop Looks so cute and Delicious…

click to enlarge …In Fact The Coffee Shop looks like a GIGANTIC Cake…Eats Coffee Shop CAKE! LOL :)

click to enlarge                               …Presents Opening Time :)

…After all this Party Cake, Cupcakes Ice cream and Cream Soda we needed some Exercise…Sled Race Time :) Lenny500, Emma84432, Owen1075 and I will sled over the cliff any second…hold on tight this is a little scary…

click to enlarge                            …We Survived…LOL…Good Game :)

click to enlarge  …Again :) Taco67, Agent Thm, Pengwing4 and I are Ready to Sled…

click to enlarge…WOHOO! Sorry Agent Thm for accidently hitting you in the head…LOL :)

click to enlarge                          …Ninjinian Challenged us next :)

click to enlarge

                …Congrats to the Winner :) It was Not me :)

click to enlarge

…THANKS for coming to the Party Friends :) THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to the 4th Anniversary PARTY  :) It was so Much FUN to PARTY with you all :)

click to enlarge                                  …TOGETHER we ROCKS!

click to enlarge               …See you all again in Club Penguin :) Waddle On!  

              Club Penguins 4th Anniversary Party is AMAZING :)

Log in to Club Penguin without Problem!

Thanks to Emma84432 we can use this link to Log in :)

Club Penguin has Technical Problems right Now!

For some hours Club Penguin has Technical Problems so Club Penguin is DOWN off and on! Club Penguins Technical Team working Hard to Fix this…This means that we might have to Postpone the Party…

   Let’s CELEBRATE 4th Anniversary TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) THANKS Club Penguin Technical Team you are GREAT :) And THANKS for Extending The Party :)

            FUN with Friends at the 4th Anniversary Party :)

Happy 4th Anniversary from Club Penguin Team :)

This Message is fr4om Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

There's tons of penguins! There's cake and a new party hat!! A brand new Yearbook!! You guessed it...Today's Club Penguin's 4th Anniversary Party and we hope you're having tons of fun!

click to enlargeWe want to say the biggest thank you for making the island such a great place to be. It seriously wouldn't be the same without you.

Let us know your favorite things about the past year were... and what you're looking forward to the most for the one coming up.

Until then... Happy 4th Anniversary (and waddle on)!!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

What I like most is all the FUN we have in Club Penguin :) And I looking Forward to More FUN TOGETHER with my Friends :)

         CONGRATULATIONS Club Penguin! and Happy Anniversary  :)

                   Club Penguins 4th Anniversary is AMAZING :)

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