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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screenhog Talks Halloween Party :)

This is a Message from Screenhog:

Hey everyone, it's Screenhog! (It's also Halloween, so does that mean I should call myself "Screamhog" this week?)

Ah, Halloween, a time for candy and costumes and ghost stories, and... oh, you already know what Halloween is! I'll just get right into what makes Halloween special this year:

  • "Night of the Living Sled" is back. Yes, Club Penguin's funniest scary movie continues at the Lighthouse! If you weren't here last year, you can watch 1 and 2 at the Coffee Shop and Night Club.
  • All is not what it seems at the Mine Shack... it's been replaced with a Haunted House! Try clicking on everything... there are a lot of surprises there.
  • Last, but not least, Club Penguin is dark and stormy! Enjoy it while it lasts! It's a perfect time of year to play Hide and Seek with your friends.

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

Screamhog…LOL That is FUNNY! I like to play in the Forest :) I found Tree Dragons named Goof3022 and Z123h both had cute Puffles :) The Green Puffle is hidden inside the Tree :)

click to enlarge

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                   Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

My Stories and Adventures: Mission find CANDY! Candy Halloween Scavenger Candy Hunt 2009 Club Penguin Cheats! ANIMATED :)

Today when I talked to my Uncle Gary he looked so tired…Is it anything I can help you with? I asked…Indeed Gary answered with a smile :) Right now many Penguins work hard on different Experiments but my Scientists are tired and I think they need something sugary to eat…Unfortunate my Candy is GONE! One Agent saw Herbert around so it might be he that has taken it…Herbert again I said do you want me to find him? I have already other Agents assigned to do that Gary said Your Mission Saraapril is to find different kinds of Candy and give it to my Scientists down in my Secret Lab! Gary walked away…

…Where can I find Candy? Hmmm…I know that Aunt Arctic has a sweet tooth let’s look at the Ski Lodge Attic I bet that she has some Candy up there just in case she needs something Sweet when she writes Club Penguin Times…Yes :)

…I know that I saw some Penguins eat Candy Yesterday in the Pumpkin Patch…

…Where can I find more Candy? Puffles LOVES Candy I will look in the Pet Shop…May I have this lollipop? I asked the Puffles and they jumped up and down to say yes…Thanks Friends :)

…At the Campfire we always eats Candy I wonder if I can find some here…

…we had a Slime Pool Party earlier Today and look a Sticky Candy is left stuck to the ceiling… 

        …Why is a Candy up there? I would LOVE to hear that Story…

…Something in here? No…what is that sound…someone is in the bushes…a Candy Apple…Klutzy are you there? A claw clipping sound…Thanks my Friend :)

…Yuck…I think this one can to be used for Experiments NOT for eating!

…Now I will take all this Candy to the Scientists in Gary’s Lab and then we have some important Experiments to do TOGETHER :)

See More Details and ALL the Clues to Club Penguins  Halloween Scavenger Candy Hunt 2009 :)

                   Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

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