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Thursday, October 29, 2009

CADENCE - Club Penguin Series 5 Plush Toys :)

Mine and Many others Dream Come True Today :) Look at this NEW Cadence Plush Toy :)

                                …Hockey Player Plush Toy :)

                                   …Mermaid Plush Toy :)

Gary the Gadget Guy Plush Toy, Red Pajama Plush Toy, Santa Plush Toy, Reindeer Elf Plush Toy are Released in Series Five too :)

These toys have a coin that can Unlock items Online from the Club Penguin Series 5 Treasure Book Catalog :)

                           I got New Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

                      See Pictures of Club Penguins Plush Toys :)


                    Updates about Club Penguins GIVE-A-WAY!

                          More Toys from Club Penguin :)

                                  Sneak Peek UPDATE!

                                      More Cool Toys

                     Last Day for Part Invitation to New York

                                   The TREASURE BOOK

       Where is the Treasure Book? and Secret item in Treasure Book

                               Unlock Items Online Code

                                            New Toys

                                          Toys for UK

                                 New Toys from Club Penguin

            A Letter to Club Penguin-Lets Have a Aunt Arctic Party!

                        I have Unlocked some MORE ITEMS :)

                    Toys Coming to Australia and New Zealand!

              New TOYS Series 3 in Club Penguin :) Aunt Arctic!

                 New Plush TOYS Series Three – Club Penguin!

                      White Puffle Plush Toy, Sensei Ninja…

                                         Sensei Toy :)

                   More Cute Plush Toys Series 4, Club Penguin :)

Halloween Tour and Language Glitch :)

Time to Work :) Put on your Tour Guide Hat and give a Halloween Tour :) Try ALL Decorated Rooms :)

click to enlarge …Look at the TV Screen up in Night Club Launch Some of the Lines are in Portuguese instead of English…LOL :) That should do the Trick! Acho Que Vai Dar Certo!

click to enlarge

                   …No…Didn’t you?! Não você não Trancou?

click to enlargeThanks to Y27s for the Language Glitch :) You have a GREAT eye for Details :)

                    Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

UPDATE: The Language Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :)

Halloween and Volcano - Reviewed by You

Hello Penguins!

All week the hot topic is Halloween - and from the stormy sky to the cob-webbed igloos, there's a lot spooky stuff all over the island! Last week we asked what you were most excited about and here's what Gems I Need had to say:

I am most excited for seeing all the costumes on the night of Halloween. I like seeing all the crazy combinations like a ladybug and a wizard, or a very silly looking ghost. I also like the yearly (I think) candy hunt. The prizes are very cool.

click to enlargeSome of you have been at the Ninja Hideout and noticed the Volcano's getting pretty active. What do you think's going on?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                   I think Sensei has caused a Climate Change

                Climate Change STORM is HERE in Club Penguin!

                  Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

BIG Club Penguin BUG!

I was Playing in Club Penguin and decided to Change Server I logged out Normally and logged in to Server Northern Lights Normally Then I got this Message…NOT Normal! I closed the Start Club Penguin Message and…


…Suddenly I was in the Original Color Blue! And so were many Other Penguins…

click to enlarge…I am ERASED ALL my Items and EVERYTHING I own and earned is GONE! All my Outfits for my Penguin are GONE! So are Backgrounds Pins and Awards!

             …My Friends List is EMPTY! And my Coins are GONE!

                           …and I am 14546 days OLD! LOL :)

click to enlarge

                                  …My Mailbox is EMPTY!

    …I can’t get connected to my Igloo! and My Log in Picture is basic…

        …and My Penguin has LOST The Club Penguin Membership!

…The Safe Chat Servers don’t have this Problem it looks like this ONLY effects the English Languish Servers…

click to enlarge 

…I have cleared my cache and that did NOT help at ALL! I am Sure that Club Penguin Bug Team is working hard to Fix this…

UPDATE: Some Servers works Normally again and EVERYTHING you had Before you get Back :) Hopefully ALL Servers will be back to Normal soon :)

                   Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

Club Penguin Holiday Tin Card-Jitsu Trading Card Game :)

In Good time Before Christmas we get More and More Club Penguin Toys :) This Holiday Tin is now available for sale on Toys “R” Us and is said to be from Vintage Sports Cards (or is it from Topps). This tin set is Blue. There are rumors that there will be other colors like Orange, Purple and Red too :) NO PINK??? I want a PINK one Please with Pretty  FLOWERS on…LOL :)

In each tin, you will receive 30 Club Penguin Game cards (12 Uncommon Game cards, 6 Rare Game cards, 6 Foil Power cards and 6 Code cards).

        I wonder what Series this is…can it be Series 2 cards?

      If anyone knows More about this Please leave a comment :)

Club Penguin Toys have the…

Double-Wide Blister Pack – Set 2

Includes: 12 Game Cards, 2 Foil Power Cards, 2 “Customize Your Penguin” Game Cards, 2 “Customize Your Penguin” Sticker Sheets, 2 Code Cards, 1 Pop-up Card.

                All Card-Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

                            Card-Jitsu Cards for Club Penguin

                      Golden Code Cards for Card-Jitsu Game :)

          New Card-Jitsu Card Series 2 soon for Sale :) Club Penguin

                            I got Card-Jitsu Cards Today :)

        Take a look at the FUN Card-Jitsu Animations you can Unlock

Storm Breaks Records Safety Tips from Gary :)

This is from The Club Penguin Times:

Club Penguin is experiencing its strongest storm ever recorded.

While penguins enjoy the Halloween Party, Gary the Gadget Guy is concerned by the large Thunderstorm that shows no signs of stopping. “Because it’s being caused by the Volcano, we may need to act before the problem grows any bigger…”

He issued these Safety Tips before disappearing into the hills for an audience with Sensei.

click to enlarge


Swim outdoors at your own risk. Lightning strikes in water mat prove dangerous.

click to enlargeTIP 2

Be cautious in higher areas where lightning may be more intense. Penguins near the Ski Mountain and Dojo may be at risk.

click to enlargeTIP 3

Do not carry metal objects, as they tend to attract lightning. Penguins are advised to leave their lightning rods at home.

click to enlarge

…This is Exactly the same Tips that Gary gave us last Year and they worked out fine then…Thanks Gary :) I hope you can fix the Climate Change Sensei have caused soon…I have put my Raincoat and Rain Boots on and a Helmet to Protection my head from falling objects and a Good Flashlight…Hello Slash Hud Hiding inside a Tree During a Thunderstorm is NOT Safe! HURRY! Follow me to the Boiler Room!

See how all this Trouble started in NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

                    Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

A Brand NEW Play coming to The Stage :)

News from The Stage :) Right Now The Squidzoid have taken over The Stage and our Superheroes Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy working hard to Save us…LOL :) Coming Soon Actors Prepare! A brand new play is coming to the Stage!

…GREAT I Wonder what it will be about? I wish for a Winter Wonderland with lots of Sparkling Special Effects :) Let it snow…Let it snow…Let it snow :)

Halloween Igloo Contest Winners :)

Club Penguin Times Presents:

Halloween Igloo Contest Winners Announced!

The Club Penguin Times are pleased to announce the first group of winners of the Halloween Igloo Contest! Grand prize winners will each receive 50,000 coins and runners up will get 25,000 coins.

Thanks to everyone who decorated!

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners!

Lume Paa, Puppygirl476, Pengman66, Bob54472, 2007glitter, 01katy, Rtl1, Sharkguy95, Willy676, Zachcody7889 :)

click to enlargeCongratulations to Lume Pall :)

Sensei says: “This stage is spooky. Spider webs warn of danger… I like this a lot.”

Gary says: “A most ominous set indeed! Is that gate locked?”

click to enlarge

Congratulations to Puppygirl476 or is it Pyppugirl476?

Sensei says: “The spookiest thing, about this place is that it, is creepy AND pink.”

Gary says: “The pink walls definitely add that nefarious quality.”

click to enlargeCongratulations to Pengman66 :)

Sensei says: “Like a grim painting, of a dark town – this igloo, has a quiet dread.”

Gary says: “So many moons… are we in Club Penguin anymore?”

click to enlargeCongratulations to Bob54472 :)

Sensei says: “You must be careful! Fire is powerful – look! That house must be warm!”

Gary says: “Who knew the combustion of wood could be so scary?”

click to enlargeCongratulations to 2007glitter :)

Sensei says: “This room is quite strange. Puffle beds, and snowy trees… my head is spinning.”

Gary says: “Oooh! Look at the scientific chair! Is it a monster maker?”

click to enlarge

Congratulations to 01katy :)

Sensei says: “A room with balance. Careful flippers have made this. I am quite impressed.”

Gary says: “Those spider webs add a subtle menace to this igloo.”

click to enlarge

Congratulations to Rtl1 :)

Sensei says: “Pumpkins brew potions, ´while trees loom over tombstones. The painting watches…”

Gary says: “I’m glad to see those pumpkins have a lab. Science can be spooky!”

click to enlargeCongratulations to Sharkguy95 :)

Sensei says: “So many stone markers, to show where fish have fallen. It spooks me – well done.”

Gary says: “The owner must really enjoy fishing.”

click to enlargeCongratulations to Willy676 :)

Sensei says: “A dark winding street, perfect for trick or treating. IF you can dare it.”

Gary says: “If I lived on that street, I would consider moving right away.”

click to enlargeCongratulations to Zachcody7889 :)

Sensei says: “Come to the party, where jack-o-lanterns mingle on Halloween night”

Gary says: “Well done! Those decorations must have been a significant time investment.”

click to enlarge

Congratulations to The Runners up :) They are: Deno Rock, Mowglie1995, Musicdiva23, Ziggycoolguy, Strace1, Profesor Dan, Pille23, Kiwikid1, Huxlee, Acc The Bad

                  Next Week More Winners will be Announced :)

                    Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

Halloween Party Highlights 2009 by Aunt Arctic :)

Aunt Arctic has Posted A Halloween Quick Guide in this weeks issue of Club Penguin Times :)

Halloween Party Highlights Oct.27-Nov.1

Don’t miss anything at this year’s Halloween! Here are our highlights.

Put on your best costume and prepare to scare in the Ski Village!

Hurry to the Lighthouse and watch the scariest sled on earth!

Read the clues and look everywhere… if you dare!

Take some time to discover the slime!

Enter at the Mine Shack… a your own risk!

click to enlarge

   See EVERYTHING about Halloween 2009 Tips, Cheats and Secrets :)

Pizzatron 3000 Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 49 or Rerun of Secret Nr 29 and Secret Nr 9 with Picture change look at the old Secrets for Animation…

click to enlarge

Pizzatron 3000

You might already know how to make a cheese pizza in Pizzatron 3000. But do you know how to make a sweet pizza?

Switch to Sweet.
Before you hit “Start” in Pizzatron 3000, flip the red switch underneath the conveyor belt. Your regular pizza toppings will turn into sweet treats.

click to enlarge

                            Rerun Rerun Rerun…Not so Fun…

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