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Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Thing about the Halloween Party - Penguin Poll :)

It’s Halloween on Club Penguin! The best thing about the Party is: Choosing a spooky outfit from the Gift Shop. Performing Experiments in the Secret Laboratory! Exploring the spin-chilling Haunted House! Sorry, I’m busy checking my Weather Equipment.

…I answered…Sorry, I’m busy checking my Weather Equipment :) This is how the Poll Looks like right Now…

You can VOTE too :) Make YOUR Opinion Heard! See Last Week Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Ilovmnmslov :) This Igloo is SCARY! Look at all the SPIDERS! A Perfect Igloo for Trick or Treat!

click to enlarge    See last weeks Featured Igloo :) See Club Penguin Community :)

New Halloween Outfits Wallpaper in Club Penguin :)

     Under Community you find Club Penguins Newest Wallpaper :)

                …Penguins and Puffles having FUN TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge

See Earlier Wallpaper and see ALL Club Penguins Wallpaper and Download them here :)

I miss Grandpa…

26 days ago my Grandpa had an accident and he has lived with us since then Grandpa is Hurt! Today Grandpa moved back to his own house and I am so HAPPY that he is okay :) But my house feels so Empty without him! I miss Grandpa so Much and I wish he had stayed! I phoned Grandpa and asked if he could Move back to us again…Grandpa laughed and said that he must live in his house so I and Littletias can come and visit him :) Mum hugs me and reminds me that Grandpas House is only Minutes from ours…And I LOVE to visit my Grandpa we always have so Much FUN TOGETHER and he teach me so Much and tells me so Many Stories from when he was Little :) …Grandpa has been gone for an hour now and I have phoned him twice just to hear his voice and make sure he still is okay and he is :) This Sunday we will have our Sunday Dinner at Grandpa's House as Normal again :) That is GREAT I have missed that :)

                         I LOVE you Grandpa see you soon :)

Club Penguin Pins :)

Have you seen this? Disney Club Penguin Mystery Collection was released October 15, 2009 :)

Rocker, Space Astronaut Penguin, Rockhopper, Fairy, Ghost, Orange Mickey Mouse Penguin, Shadow Guy, Blue Penguin, Red Mickey Mouse Penguin, Diver Penguin at the 10 available Club Penguin Pins :)

…This collection includes 2 random Pins from the 10 available pins and an Unlock Items Online code to unlock the very special Disney Castle Pin :)…Accessory - Lanyard Medal - Club Penguin was released October 1, 2009 :)

…Accessory - Booster Collection - Club Penguin – Puffles released September 3, 2009 contains Blue Puffle, Purple Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle and Green Puffle :)

…For more information on Disney Pins see you can buy them at Disney World or online too :)

                                      I LOVE Puffles :)

NEW Halloween Free Item for Members at Haunted House in Club Penguin :)

       Inside The Haunted House we have got a NEW Free Item :)

…You have found a Silly Scarecrow Suit. Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

…THANKS Club Penguin This is PERFECT! Now I can scare Birds from my Garden :)

                    Halloween Party 2009 Club Penguin is HERE!

Series 5 Mix ‘n Match Figure Pack Club Penguin Toys :)

We have got Club Penguin 2” Mix N’ Match Figures Series Five :) Ninja and Knight 2” Mix N’ Match Figure Pack…

          …Ruby Girl and Rockstar 2” Mix N’ Match Figure Pack…

        …Squidzoid and Gamma Gal 2” Mix N’ Match Figure Pack :)

…Snow Boarder & Pajama Bunny Slippers  Mix ‘n Match Figure Pack (this was also available in series 2) These toys have a coin that can Unlock items Online from the Series 5 Treasure Book Catalogue :)

                    I Like All these New Club Penguins Toys :)

See More Pictures: Herbert, Klutzy and More New 2” Mix N’ Match Figure Packs Club Penguin Toys :)

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