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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ninja Shadows are BACK!

The Ninja Shadows are BACK in Club Penguin! Why? We all worked so hard TOGETHER with Sensei to release them! In the Ski Lodge Mirror you can see a Ninja Shadow again…

click to enlarge

   …The Ninja Shadow behind the Fishnets in Lighthouse is back…

click to enlarge               …The Footprints on Pet Shop Roof are visible too…

click to enlarge …and the Black Ninja Shadow behind the hats and scarves in Gift Shop…

click to enlarge…I wonder if this is a mistake from Club Penguin or if the Ninja Shadows and Footprints are suppose to be Back?!??

                  Read all about Club Penguins Ninja Shadows :)

Work Party to make Gold Amulets at Dojo :)

At the Dojo Courtyard we Working TOGETHER to make Amulets :) Look at me the Goldsmith Glitch is Fixed now :) THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team you are GREAT :)

click to enlarge

…Work Hard and make Sensei Proud! Make Amulets for ALL Ninjas :) The Gold Amulet will be so PRETTY Remember when Sensei gave me one? My Stories and Adventures: Sensei’s Worry

click to enlarge

                 …Having FUN Singing and Working TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge …Nicoolle and I working TOGETHER and tell other Penguins where they can find the Black Apron :) Nicoolle is not a Ninja yet but with hard work she will be :) How can I become a Ninja?

…ATTENTION! ALL Ninjas needed for this Important Amulet Making Work :) Please buy an Apron in Ninja Hideout Marital Catalog and come and work TOGETHER with us :)

                       Goldsmith Apron in Martial Catalog :)

    NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

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