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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions for a Card - Jitsu Expert by Happy77 :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

The Dojo Courtyard is the happening spot on the island right now! (The Goldsmithing outfit is quite fabulous - it's a blast to hang out there and use the tools.) Since lots of you are at the Dojo and you'll probably be playing Card-Jitsu when you take a break from building Amulets, I thought it'd be cool to talk to someone who considers themselves an expert.

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Q. Tell us your greatest Card-Jitsu moment.
A. Well my absolute favorite moment was helping a group of penguins train for their black belt. It took 20 matches, 2 hours, and 1 extra large pizza with hot sauce, but it was worth it!
Q. What does it take to beat Sensei?
A. It takes good advice from your ninja buddies - also practice.
Q. I don't have a black belt yet (I want one - they remind me of licorice). What's your fave part of being a black-belt ninja?
A. The best thing about being a black belt ninja is the thrill of defeating - or even being defeated by - a worthy opponent. Putting out that last card and waiting...

It'd be sweet to have everybody's greatest Card-Jitsu moments in the comments. Have fun building Amulets!

Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

My GREATEST Moment was when I beat Sensei and become the FIRST NINJA in Club Penguin :) I has so Much FUN every time I Play Card-Jitsu TOGETHER with Friends and I LOVE that we are MANY Ninjas Now :) I Like to be in the Dojo to help Sensei Train and Support Penguins on their way to Become Ninjas too :) Frogpony is GREAT at Card-Jitsu I think we soon can Welcome Frogpony as a Ninja in Club Penguin :)

                      Sensei Card-Jitsu ANIMATIONS! ALL :)

           NINJA AMULET Key to Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

Chrisdog93 Posting Stolen Picture AGAIN!

Chrisdog93 You have Posted the Stolen Amulet Picture on your site with MY Watermark hidden under yours AGAIN!!! Do you Never Learn? This time it will not be accepted that you just remove the picture or Blog Post as you did last time. This time you will need to give me Full CREDIT with my name and a Clickable Link back to my site! And then you need to Change the Picture to the Picture from my site with my Water stamp and without yours!


            Ninja Amulet Picture STOLEN! Give Blog Post CREDIT!

                    Chrisdog93 Continuing STEELING from Me!

                            Chrisdog93 BUSTED as a LIAR!

                  Ninja Amulet STOLEN! More Liars BUSTED!

   Read ALL about the NINJA AMULET Key to NEW Ninja Journey :)

Thanks to Joji for telling me that Chrisdog93 STEALS AGAIN! You are a GREAT Friend!

UPDATE: What Chrisdog93 had done is ILLEGAL! That why Chrisdog93 has been forced through a Legal Action by a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to Remove my Picture from his Blog :)  More will be added later…

Gnome in Newspaper :)

In this weeks Newspaper we have a GNOME :) Club Penguin likes Gnomes :) Soon we will have a brand New Play at The Stage that includes Gnomes :)

Thanks Mankoosa for telling me about the Gnome in Club Penguin Times you have a GOOD eye for Details :)

A New Costume to The Stage Sneak Peek – You Decide :)

Ultimate Halloween Costume and Most AWESOME Stage Costume – Reviewed by You

I have a Gnome in my Igloo :)

New Wallpaper in Club Penguin :)

Making Stuff by Screenhog :)

How to Enter the Halloween Igloo Decorating CONTEST! in Club Penguin :)

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