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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fire NINJA Game Card-Jitsu Club Penguin VIDEO :)

I LOVE this NEW Fire Ninja Video from Club Penguin :) TOGETHER with Sensei we have so Much FUN to Look forward too :) Soon…soon we Member Ninjas can start with our New Fire Journey and earn a Ninja Amulet from Sensei :) This will be a FANTASTIC Adventure!

It’s started as a myth. Born out of the shadows. A mysterious figure appeared to train those willing in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. This journey requires Patience, Practice, Power and Hot-Sauce, lots of Hot-Sauce. For those who defeat Sensei have become Ninjas. Things are heating up. A New challenge is presented itself. Are you ready to master the Element of Fire.

             I have added this Cool Video to my YouTube Channel :)  

        Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :)

   Sneak Peek of Fire Ninja Room inside the Volcano! Club Penguin :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

Sneak Peek of Fire Ninja Room inside the Volcano! Club Penguin :)

This is the NEW FIRE NINJA Room in Club Penguin Hidden inside the Volcano :) WOW! Look at the Cool Ninja Statues :) Very soon we can Waddle over this Bridge and learn more from Sensei :) I can Hardly WAIT for this New Ninja Journey to start :)

        Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :)

                Fire NINJA Game Card-Jitsu Club Penguin VIDEO :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :)

LOOK At This! A NEW Game for Ninja Members :)  Here is a Card-Jitsu Fire Sneak Peek of the New Ninja Game that very soon will be released in Club Penguin :)

Played Card-Jitsu at the Dojo and earned your Ninja mask? Now there’s a New challenge exclusively for Members! Master the element of Fire in the latest Card-Jitsu Game, coming soon.Take the journey to become a Fire Ninja.Click here to see Club Penguins Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Video :)

Not a Ninja? Head to the Dojo to play Card-Jitsu and earn your belts.

THANKS Club Penguin Team and Billybob for this :) You are AWESOME! And you makes Club Penguin World so Much FUN :) Littletias is so HAPPY and we Both wants to THANKS for the Membership Code :) THANKS!

   Sneak Peek of Fire Ninja Room inside the Volcano! Club Penguin :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

               Fire NINJA Game Card-Jitsu Club Penguin VIDEO :)

 Club Penguins Card-Jitsu Game for Fire Ninja Members ANIMATED :)

Coolest Area in Club Penguin - Penguin Poll

This weeks Penguin Poll question IS What is the Coolest Area in Club Penguin? The Cove…The Volcano…The Beach…The Pizza Parlor…

…This is hard…I will Vote for The Cove because it is so Much FUN to splash around in the Water and then tell Stories around the Campfire TOGETHER with Friends :)

…What Room did you VOTE for? Remember it is no right or wrong answer just make sure to make YOUR opinion heard :)

                 VOTE here :) See Last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

Cold Snap coming to Club Penguin soon!

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

The island's moved from spooky to snowy - there's a cold snap coming and some celebrations might be in order! But before we get to that, we'll need to dress for the weather - and the latest Penguin Style in the Gift Shop has some new cool weather gear. You can trade the pumpkin heads for earmuffs (but only if you want - the pumpkin heads might be fun with one of those new coats).

click to enlargeIn other news: The Martial Artworks catalog has got penguins dancing at the Dojo - Judging from the number of penguins there, you guys are stoked to help Sensei! If you have an apron on and you dance, you'll be able to hammer. More details are coming soon about those Amulets you're building... NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Soon we will have to Suffer MORE from the Climate Change Sensei caused in Club Penguin! Be Prepared and Dress WARM!

                         Goldsmith Apron in Martial Catalog :)

                   Work Party to make Gold Amulets at Dojo :)

We have Moved to a New Igloo :)

I was so inspired by Mrs Airplane’s cute Igloo so Today I bought a New Basic Igloo for 1500 coins for me and my Puffles :) TOGETHER we started to Decorate…

click to enlarge

…This is our New Home :) Very soon I will sit here and Read Stories for my Puffle Friends but First I will Waddle over to the Beacon…

click to enlarge

…GREAT! The last of the Storm have left Club Penguin Island now and the Sky is back to Nice Blue with Fluffy white Clouds :)

                    …No sign of the Migrator yet…To the Cove…

                          ...Let’s check the sky from here :)

                 …GREAT the sky is Blue from the Cove too :)

…FINALLY Club Penguin Island is a HAPPY Place again :) Now I am HUNGRY see you in Pizza Parlor I will be there eating Pizza :)

…or in my Igloo Reading a Book :) Se my earlier Igloo Decoration :)

Be a Snow Clearer - Penguins at Work :)

The FUN Snow Shovel is BACK for sale :) You find it at Gift Shop in the New Penguin Style Catalog and buy it for 300 coins:) The Loyal Shovel. Together, forging a path Will be ‘snow’ Problems…LOL :) Look at the Shadow…a NINJA shadow is in the Snow :)

To Shovel Snow have ONLY the Snow Shovel in your Hand and the press D or Dance :) Not so much Snow to Remove here for me and Sam Cook2…

…I will dig and clear away the Snow from here instead :) It is so Much FUN to Remove Snow in Club Penguin :) And I LOVE to Shovel Snow Offline outside in the Wintertime too :) Me and Littletias often work TOGETHER with that and we always have so much FUN! It ALWAYS ends in a Snow Fight…LOL  :)

The First time The Snow Shovel was for Sale was when Sensei came back to Club Penguin and we could see him for the First time! We were all so curious of the white bearded Grey Penguin that silently shoveled Snow at the Dojo :) Take a walk on Memory Lane and read ALL about that exciting Time in Club Penguins History :) Here you find an Interview with Sensei and Links :)

Flowerpots Growing and Blooming :)

My Bellowed Flowerpots Rockhopper brought us continuing to give me joy :) And my Experiments proves to be successful :) HURRAY! Look at these green Leafs :)

                           …Beautiful PINK and Blue Roses :)

…This PINK and Blue Flower Blooming too and Look a new bud is on the way :) Thanks Club Penguin Team! I LOVE Plants and FLOWERS :)

     See how the Flowerpots looked like earlier and get more links :)

Download Puffle Prankster the New Elite Penguin Force Mission EPF for Nintendo DS TODAY :)

Today you can Download the NEW Mission Puffle Prankster to your Nintendo DS via the Wi-Fi Connection :) This is the FIRST Mission we can Download to our Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force EPF Game :) And it is about the White Spy Puffle :)

My and Littletias Nintendo DS is on a Vacation with my cousins so I will write more about this later :)

How to solve Mission Puffle Prankster in Nintendo DS…

If you have Downloaded Puffle Prankster, Played and solved this Mission Please leave a comment and tell us ALL about it THANKS :)

Mimo777 has Posted a Sneak Peek Picture for you to Look at :)Thanks Mimo :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS

UPDATE: The Puffle Pranksters CHEATS Mission 14 - Nintendo DS :)

New Log in Picture at Club Penguin :)

LOOK at This! A PINK Flower on the Dress and FANTASTIC Wings :) BIG SUNFLOWERS :) And a Spider…There’s a GIANT Adventure waiting for you at The Stage…and a Secret Room! This will be AWESOME :)

click to enlargeRead More about this Marvelous Play at Norman Swarm has been Transformed :)

New Sled Pin on Ski Hill in Club Penguin :) CHEAT!

                     New Pin at The Top of The Ski Hill :)

                            …LOL…I have to wait a Little…

…NOW! You have found a Sled. Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

…I Like this Toboggan Pin I think it is cute :) Hi Berry 102 Time to Sled Race :)

                                         Earlier Pin

New Penguin Style Catalog November 2009 :) CHEATS! Club Penguin :)

A Winter Style Catalog with Good Winter Outfits and More is here :) As Always I will give you the Cheats without spoiling your FUN :)

                                  …The Dizzy 500 coins…

click to enlarge

…Viking Helmet 750 coins…Open and Close Three Times…Open again and…

click to enlarge              …You have found the Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins…  

click to enlarge                                        ...Black Cape…

click to enlarge

            …Black Superhero Mask 100 coins…Penguin at Work

click to enlarge

                                …Black Bowtie 50 coins…

click to enlarge

…New items for this Catalog are ( some are OLD items…LOL :)Russian Hat 600 coins, Green Scarf 150 coins, Pink Mittens 100 coins, Winter Boots 450 coins, Green Suede Jacket 700 coins…      

click to enlarge

…Blue Earmuffs 250 coins, Blue Striped Scarf 175 Coins, Blue Mittens 100 coins, Pink Winter Peacoat 500 coins…

click to enlarge

…Yellow Pompom Toque 200 coins, Black Whirlpool Snowsuit 600 coins, Multi-Colored Chullo 200 coins, Blue Turtleneck 440 coins, Fuzzy Boots 250 coins…       

click to enlarge...This Winter Wonderland Background is so Pretty and available to ALL Players for 60 coins :)

         …Time to Dress Warm and go out and Play in the Snow :)


              See Earlier Penguin Style Catalog October 2009 :)

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