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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Club Penguin Time Zone is 1 Hour Wrong!

Yesterday me and my Friend Waddle5197 was suppose to meet at Dock 11.00 AM BUT I was 1 Hour LATE! How did that Happened? After checking the Club Penguin Clock at the Dock I noticed that the Club Penguin Clock Tower is 1 Hour ahead of the Time in Kelowna were Club Penguins Head Quarter is Located! Can this have something to do with Winter Time? Please Club Penguin can you make Penguin Standard Time the same as Pacific Standard Time as it used to be?

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See our Waiting for Waddle5197 Party at FUN with Friends in Club Penguin :)

Fun with Friends in Club Penguin :)

Today Mdude2012 sent me a Twitter message and asked if we could meet in his Igloo :) Sure :) I like to spend time TOGETHER with my Friends :) Mdude2012 have so MANY cute Puffles and it was so Much FUN to meet them all :)

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          …Sled Race Time :) Maili Nicole and Alpko3 tell jokes :)

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                                  …hold on tight…LOL :)

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       …Then we Play Find Four up here at the Ski Lodge Attic :)

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…When I Waddled around in Town I meet P92105113 a Happy and Positive Penguin and P92105113 started a FUN Dance Party :) Me, P92105113 and Compu22 having FUN Dancing and Singing TOGETHER :)

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…My Friend Waddle5197 and I found a time to meet at the Dock :)  Skycloud19, Me, Jeremy and Pingu6199 started a Dock Party TOGETHER :)

…Hi P104270905, Zeyno209 and Mankoosa :) Lets build a Snowman does everyone have a Snow Shovel?…

click to enlarge                          …we worked GREAT TOGETHER…

…and we built a Snowgirl…ME LOL :) Then Mankoosa served Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows to EVERYONE! Thanks Mankoosa :)

click to enlarge…More Friends coming to the Dock :) Thanks Pengwing4 for helping me correct the Fire Ninja Video Text from It’s started. A Myth to It’s started as a Myth…you have good hearing :)

click to enlarge   …Owen1075 is Prepared for the Cold…I am made of SNOW…LOL  :)

click to enlarge         …We ALL are so EXCITED about the New Volcano Room :)

click to enlarge …What will come after Sensei has challenge us in Fire, Water and Snow? Will our Journey be over?

click to enlarge …NOOOO! After Master Fire, Water and Snow in Card-Jitsu I wish we will have a FLOWER Challenge and Build Herbert a Green House so he Finally don't have to be cold anymore :) Then we can visit him there and Herbert can teach us about Gardening and how to help Save our Planet by Recycling  and to STOP Climate Change and Herbert and Klutzy could work TOGETHER with Rockhopper and tell us all about the GOOD Coins for Change has done too :) When something Bad Happens like Swine Flu Herbert and Klutzy could teach us to Protect ourselves and to do our best to stay Healthy :) I think Herbert and Klutzy has time to do this and still make up a FUN mess on the Island…LOL :) Please Club Penguin Team this would be so much FUN! Can we Please have this? Pretty PINK Please?

click to enlarge  …Making Amulets, Dancing,Laughing and waiting for Waddle5197 :)

click to enlarge …Lets sing a Work Song Lalalaaaa… and Play some Music for Mankoosa and Owen1075 the Amulet Makers :) Darthvader80, Pingu6199, Cameron24823, Jinks5000, Patricio222 and Mikosubaka are Fantastic at Dancing they can dance faster than me and Pengwing4 can Play…LOL :)

click to enlarge                            …FLOWERS for ALL FRIENDS :)

click to enlarge…Where is Waddle5197? We are waiting for you…Well…Let’s go and Sled Race :)

click to enlarge                                   …This will be FUN :)

click to enlarge …Then we Waddled to the Dojo for Card-Jitsu Practice :) Owen1075 gets help from Herbert and Klutzy…LOL :)

click to enlarge …Sqeacker2 has just earned the Black Belt! CONGRATS! Well DONE :) To get the Ninja Mask to you have to Challenge Sensei and WIN over him then he will give you the Black Ninja Mask and you will be a TRUE Ninja and have access to the Secret Ninja Hideout :)

click to enlarge

                    …I give Mankoosa some Fiery Hot Sauce :)

click to enlarge            …Let’s go back to The Dock and look for Waddle5197 :)

click to enlarge …At the Snow Fort we FINALLY understood I was supposed to be at Dock at 11.00 and I was there at 12.00…I WAS 1 HOUR LATE! That why Waddle5197 wasn't there! SORRY Friend Please forgive me for mixing up the time! Hope we can meet another time in Club Penguin :) See Club Penguin Time Zone is 1 Hour Wrong!

click to enlarge …Me and Lyds4477 said hallo and Played with Owen1075’s FUN Puffles :)

click to enlarge                ...Then Owen1075 and I was in my Igloo BUT…

click to enlarge…Owen1075 got an ALLERGIC Reaction to all my FLOWERS! First I thought it was a cold and I tried to offer him some tea…but that didn't helped at all…Sorry my Friend…Better leave my Igloo and all this FLOWERS…

…here at Pizza Parlor Owen1075 is Fine again :) GREAT Let's eat Pizza :)

click to enlarge …From now on I will ALWAYS gives my Friend Owen1075 Fake FLOWERS so he don't get Sick again :) FLOWERS for FRIENDSHIP :)

…THANKS to EVERYONE that I Played with in Club Penguin :) You ALL ROCKS!

Sneak Peek of New Volcano Room in Club Penguin

This Message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Remember in September when we showed you that sketch of a mysterious new place? Back then we hinted that something BIG was coming.

Well I can tell you now that it's getting closer - and I managed to find you this image that might add some fuel to the fire:

click to enlarge

Not too much longer! Hey, have you built an Amulet yet? It might come in handy really soon...

Let us know what you think!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

click to enlarge

Read so Much More about this at Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :) and see the VIDEO of the NEW Room and Sensei’s Fire Card-Jitsu Challenge :)

                            This will be Fantastic Fire FUN :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

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