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Monday, November 9, 2009

Secret Hidden Fire Ninja FUN :)

Have you seen this detail on Club Penguins Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Video Page? If you mouse over The Fire Icon it starts to FLAME! Cool :)

      …you can click on the Icon to start PLAY Club Penguin too :)

      Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :)

       NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

New Log In Picture with The FIRE NINJA VIDEO! Club Penguin :)

This is so COOL :) The NEW Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Opening Picture with HOT Sauce must contain lots and lots of Cayenne and Chilly  Pepper I have heard rumors that Gary likes to put this HOT Sauce on his Pizza too…LOL :)  Click on Watch The Video in the Left Lover Corner and…

click to enlarge

…The Card-Jitsu Ninja FIRE Video starts :) Remember to have SOUND on your Computer…LOL :)

click to enlarge …after the  Video is Played you can click in the upper Right corner to Login to Club Penguin and Play :)

click to enlarge

…Read more about this Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJA Game in Club Penguin for Members :) Look at the Amulet around the Member Ninjas Neck…

        NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

I Wish to be a Puffle :)

I LOVE my Puffles so Much :) And I sometimes wish that I was a Puffle too :) Please Club Penguin Team can you make a Puffle Outfit? We can have a Play at The Stage where we all are Puffles and if we have a Pink Puffle Outfit on we can Play, Eat and Sleep like the Pink Puffles :) If we have a Purple Puffle Costume on we get the Purple Puffles Personality and so on :) All Puffles Plays with Toys and it would be so FUN if The Stage was a BIG Play ground for both  Puffles and Penguin Puffles :) Maybe you can add some more Cool Toys like Swings and a Teeter-Totter :) Then we Really could Play TOGETHER with our Puffles :)
Please Club Penguin Team can you make this? I would LOVE to Play TOGETHER with my Puffles so MUCH  :) Or a PUFFLE COSTUME could be FUN to wear at a NEW Puffle Party :) Look I am dressed in a PINK Puffle Costume with a PINK Puffle hat so I can Play with my Pink Puffle Sweet…LOL  :)

…I Think that one of the Funniest Party in Club Penguins History I EVER had been too was when I was a Puffles at the CPIP Aprils Fool Party :) It was PUFFELASTICS!

                My Stories and Adventures:The Puffle Surprise

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