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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I LOVE Animations :) On this Post I have Collected Animations for you to copy and use on YOUR Blog :) Click on the Animation…it will open in a new Window or Tab then you can copy the Animation and use it on your Blog :) Remember to give credit and make a CLICKABLE Link back to my Blog :)

Sensei gives Ninja Mask

                                 …FINALLY I am a NINJA :)

Senseigives Ninja Mask small size

                              …A NINJA HURRAY!!! Oops!

Floor Amulet Sign starts to Glow                  …Amulet Sign on Dojo Floor starts to GLOW…

Floor Amulet Fire Sign Glows small size                     …Sensei Invites ALL MEMBER Ninjas to…

Sensei and Card-Jitsu FIRE!

           …The Next Journey the Card-Jitsu FIRE NINJAS Game :)

Sensei and Card-Jitsu FIRE! Small size

              …The Volcano has calmed down a little…GOOD :)

Saraapril and the Volcano                              …Time to make an Amulet :)

Saraapril Making an Amulet :)                                         …Fire Puffle :)

Saraapril and Fire Puffle

                    …I need some Flowers for my Experiments…

Saraapril walks to The Box Room

                                 …Let’s Play ATTENTION!

Saraapril as Director at The Stage                     …The Yellow Puffle is a Fantastic Artist :)

Yellow Painting Puffle                  …The White Puffle at The Dojo Courtyard :)

White Puffle at Dojo

                                    …PARTY BALLOONS :)

April Fool Balloons

                              …I am Friend with Saraapril :)

I am Friend with Saraapril                               …I am Saraapril’s FRIEND :)

I am Saraaprils Friend

                       …Dancing, Singing and Having FUN :)

Saraapril and Sunshine singing and dancing TOGETHER…This is all for Today :) If you have any request for Animations to this Page Let me know :)

          Remember to give Credit and a Clickable Link! Thanks :)

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Long Johns Glitch Almost Fixed :)

Remember this Old Bug? Long Johns Glitch  I don’t know fore sure when this was Fixed…a while ago I think…Anyway…Now we can put feet items Together with the Long Johns again! Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :)

…Can you Please fix so the Shoes and Feet Items get visible on our Penguin too? Thanks :)

    Thanks to Mankoosa for this you have a Good eye for details :)

Snow Fairy NEW Plush Toy in Club Penguin :)

      Club Penguin has a NEW CUTE Plush Toy :) The Snow Fairy :)

                            Series #5 Limited Edition Penguin

Our 6-1/2'' Snow Fairy Plush toy will make your Club Penguin fan all a flutter with excitement. Includes a special coin to Unlock Items Online so they can get all kinds of cool stuff which makes Club Penguin even more fun and interactive

THANKS Club Penguin I LOVE the GOLDEN Wings :)  In the Treasure Book Series 5 you can unlock a Snow Fairy Costume for your Penguin :) I Wish for this Penguin both the Plush Toy and the Online Penguin Costume…Mum…Mum…LOL :)

                CADENCE – Club Penguin Series 5 Plush Toys :)

                         Puffle Plush Toys and Puffle Stuff :)

          Series 5 Mix ‘n Match Figure Pack Club Penguin Toys :)

                                   Club Penguin Pins :)

                            How to unlock Items Online :)

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