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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penguins Around The World! Club Penguin :)

Today we got New Penguins Around The World Pictures :) A Gallery of Photos from Fans just like you!

Penguins Around The World Aunt Arctic and here Friends continues to Travel around the World :) This Week they took time to play around in the Snow and Build a Snowman :) Good Picture I like that you used up all the snow! That is Dedication GREAT WORK!

Penguin Plush Toys CP…And They were all Surprised to meet Sensei…He explained that he was out and did research about Climate Changes around Mountains and VOLCANO'S…I LOVE all the blue Colors in this Picture :) The sky looks COLD! The Mountains are so far away and still you have focus at Both Sensei and the Mountains in the Picture :) GREAT Photo! Well Done :)

Sensei Plush Toy …Some of the Puffles decide to go Exploring and see if they could HELP Sensei :) Cute Mountain Climbing Puffles :) FUN Idea :) WELL DONE!

Puffle Plush Toys

Read about Last weeks Penguins Around The World Adventures :) And see ALL This Weeks Penguins Around The World Pictures :)

       How can I submit a Photo to Penguins Around The World?

White Puffle on Hooded Top and more Club Penguin Clothes :)

More and More Club Penguin Things coming out all the Time…Thanks to DISNEY :) Not all of these Club Penguin Clothes are New but Many of them are and Many of them has PUFFLES on :) I LOVE PUFFLES :)

This is a cosy and warm Sweater, starring a White Puffle both on the front in flocked outline, and on the patterned lining of that comfy hood :)

Club Penguin White Hooded Top with White Puffle

Club Penguin Blue Hooded Top, Club Penguin Red Hooded Top, Club Penguin White Hooded Top, Club Penguin Pink T-shirt, Club Penguin Yellow T-shirt, Club Penguin Grey T-shirt, Club Penguin Purple T-shirt, Club Penguin Red T-shirt, Club Penguin Green T-shirt, Club Penguin Grey Hooded Top, Club Penguin Hooded Top, Penguin Purple Hooded Top, Club Penguin Purple T-shirt, Club Penguin T-shirt, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Double-Up Tee for Kids :)

 Puffle Clothes

      Here are some of the older Club Penguin clothes for People :)

Boys Astro-Barrier T-Shirt, Men's Club Penguin Logo T-Shirt, Adult Purple Puffle, Black Puffle Cap, Girls Club Penguin Logo, Adult Black Puffle Hooded, Rockhopper Club Penguin Tee, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Tee for Kids, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Raglan Tee, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Fitted Tee for Girls, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Raglan Tee for Girls, Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Ringer Tee for Kids, Create-Your-Own Hoodie Jacket for Kids, Create-Your-Own Lettuce Edge Club Penguin Tee :)

Club Penguin Clothes 

You can Find these and More Club Penguin clothing on the UK Disney Store the US Disney Store and other Places :)

          My Avatar Penguin Saraapril has a Puffle T-Shirt too :)

Saraapril Dancing with Blue PuffleMore cute clothes in Puffles on and Puffle Plush Toys and more Puffle Stuff :)

New Play at The Stage - Penguin Poll :)

The Best thing about New Play at The Stage is: New outfits in the Costume Trunk. Getting to Play New characters! Watching other Penguins put on a Show! What’s this about a Play? Where’s The Stage anyway? I Like two Answers this week both New outfits in the Costume Trunk and Getting to Play New characters :) I will Vote for…

Penguin Poll…Getting to Play New characters :) I LOVE Stories and this Norman Swarm Play will be AWESOME :) This is how the Penguin Poll looks right now…

Penguin Poll

…What do you think? Log in to Club Penguins Community and VOTE :) Make YOUR Voice Heard! See Last Weeks Penguin Poll

Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

New Club Penguin Fan Art Drawings :)

Today we got More GREAT Drawings :) Fan Art A selection of Original art submitted by Fans!

…What a BEAUTIFUL Picture :) A cute Penguin in a COOL Outfit with her White Puffle Friend :) I LOVE the PINK FLOWERS in the Snow and the Shadows and 3D Effects in this Drawing! Notice the Strawberry in the Hair and the cute Shoes :)  GREAT WORK! Well Done :)

Cute Penguin and white Puffle...A Fearless Ninja Training TOGETHER with Sensei :) I Like the Cool Ninja Shadow in the Water look how good the Shadow fit with the Ninja :) The Volcano smokes a little…I LOVE that both Sensei and the Ninja smiles and having FUN :) GOOD WORK! Sensei is PROUD of you :)

Sensei and Ninja Training …A Black Puffle Playing in the Slopes :) I LOVE the O’Berries and the Fireworks in the Sky :) I wonder if this Black Puffle can be Rescue from Mission Nr 2, G’s Secret Mission and from Mission Nr 6,  Questions for a Crab? GOOD Deep in the Picture :) WELL DONE!

Black Puffle Sleed RaceSee Last Weeks Club Penguins Fan Art :) And see ALL this weeks Drawings and More in Club Penguins Fan Art Archives :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

   We have a NEW Featured Igloo at Club Penguin Community :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Tigers254 :) This is a GREAT Party Igloo and a Good Place to Relax and Read too Good Work :) I LOVE your Plants and Flowers :) And you have NINE Presents to open :) I wonder what's inside them…I Wish one of them have a Cadence Toy and…LOL :)

Featured Igloo at Club Penguin

        See Last Weeks Club Penguins Community Featured Igloo :)

Norman Swarm Coloring Page in Club Penguin :)

On the Community Page under Fun Activities we have  a NEW Coloring Page :)

…It is NORMAN SWARM and his FRIENDS :) So Cute :) I will start to Coloring this TODAY as soon I am done with Blogging :) And Yes I will add Lots and Lots of Glitter Glue to this Picture :) This Picture is Brand NEW where is my Glitter GLUE…LOL :)

Norman Swarm Coloring Page

Print out this Norman Swarm Coloring Page and other FUN Club Penguins Coloring Pages :) See earlier Club Penguin Coloring Pages :)

Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

Card-Jitsu FIRE Banner in Club Penguin :)

Today our Party Banners were Updated :) I will miss the cute Norman Swarm Banners…But I will meet him at the New BIG or small…LOL… Adventure at The Stage Tomorrow :)

Sensei’s Card-Jitsu FIRE Banner :) Look Sensei standing on the edge of the VOLCANO!

Card-Jitsu Sensei Banner

…Member Ninja get Prepared to play Card-Jitsu Banner with the Volcano in the Background :)

Ninja Card-Jitsu Banner

                How to get a Saraapril Banner to your Blog :)

…If you log in to Club Penguins Community and Click on the Sensei Banner you can see The Club Penguin Card-Jitsu FIRE Video :)

Club Penguins Community Page Here you can get an Automatically Updated Party Banner from Club Penguin :)

             NINJA AMULET Key to NEW Journey in Club Penguin :)

Help Norman Swarm to find a cure for being bug-sized - Reviewed by You :) Club Penguin :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Lots going on right now - and on Friday there's a brand new play at the Stage! It's called Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed and you'll have to work with your buddies to find a cure for being bug-sized. We asked last week what it would be like if your penguin shrunk (like Norman) and here's what Itsmeagain08 said:

It would be really cool if my penguin shrunk! The puffles would all look like giants and it would take days to climb the ski hill! Whenever I would go to the pizza parlor I would take ages to finish one slice... And I could go swimming in my hot chocolate from the Coffee shop! I can't wait for the new play! Waddle on!

This week we're thinking ahead - Club Penguins chilly season's coming and we want to know what your favorite snowy sport is!

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I LOVE Figure Skating :) This Play at The Stage will be AWESOME! BIG FLOWERS :) WOOHOO! Cute Bugs and a Secret Room! Finding a cure...I can Hardly wait :) This will be so Much FUN :)

Saraapril looking for a cure

      A TON of New FUN for Members is on The Way! Club Penguin :)

                          See Last Weeks Reviewed by You :)    

Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

A Ton of New FUN for Members is on The Way! Club Penguin :)

Get your Membership! What is Club Penguin? How can I be a Member in Club Penguin?

Gnome with Flowerpot

A ton of New Fun is on The Way!

Membership allows you to explore more, discover more and play more. Over the next few months, we’ll bring exciting member-exclusive activities, features and experiences.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up for members:

  • Access to special member-only rooms!
  • Stage costumes & New clothing catalogs -

Get creative and express yourself! 

Meet The cute FLOWER Gnome and Explore The Stage :) Norman Swarm has been Transformed: Bug Sized at The Stage :) November 13, 2009 Club Penguin :)

Have you noticed that the Picture on this Page is the Bigger Picture that The Norman Swarm Banners are made from? Cool :)

Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

Norman Swarm has been Transformed: Bug Sized at The Stage :) Nov.13, 2009 Club Penguin :)

THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Article :) and I LOVE the Cute Pictures :)

Norman Swarm

Costumes! Surprises! Even a Secret Room!!

The new play at the Stage is causing a HUGE stir amongst actors and audience members alike. We’ve been hearing that penguins have to work together on stage to make things happen. A few members of the stage society who took part in a preview had this to say:

“We needed a group. And at least one of us had to be wearing a bug costume! I didn’t have a costume, but I found a penguin who did. I made new actor friends!”

“Huge set! When I’m there, I’m bug-sized!”

“Best costumes ever!! And special FX? Cutting edge cool.”

“The secret Gnome room is fun to find. And there’s a surprise!”

The new play starts Friday, November 13!

Norman Swarm

I LOVE this Spider Costume and the cute Caterpillar, Snail or Bug Costume :) Today I will Play Games in Club Penguin so I can afford to Buy this AWESOME Costumes :) See you all at The Stage Tomorrow :)

Norman Swarm has been Transformed – Brand New Play at The Stage :)

Volcano and Play at The Stage - Reviewed by You

Party Banner Update - Norman Swarm at The Stage :)

New Log in Picture at Club Penguin :)

Read about all Gnomes in Club Penguin :)

Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

Take your Puffles Places - Secret Revealed in Club Penguin :)

        This is Club Penguins Secret Nr 51 in Club Penguin…Oops!

Take your Puffles Places …This is Last Weeks Classified Secret! LOL… Aunt Arctic forgot to update this Page :) See this and Last week Secret Nr 50 :)

Build a New Dojo on the Volcano’s Top PARTY INVITATION :) Club Penguin :)

Hi Friends so Much FUN Happening at The Dojo right Now and Sensei has asked us to be Prepared to WORK at The Volcano Dojo starting Tomorrow Friday 13 November 2009! ALL NINJAS both Member NINJAS and Non Member NINJAS are INVITED! FIRE PUFFLEPlace: Secret Ninja Hideout

Date: Day: Friday 13 November 2009

Server: Flurry If it is Full I will post another Server here :)

Time: 8 Pm Club Penguin Clock at The Snow Fort!!! REMEMBER THAT THE TIME IS WRONG COMPARE TO NORMAL PST!

Let’s HELP SENSEI to Build the NEW Dojo at The Top of The Volcano :)

…If you have a Jack Hammer Please Bring it :) Let’s Work TOGETHER :)

            CPIP Jack Hammer Yellow Hard Hat and Jack Hammer Miners Hard Hat and Jack Hammer

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: THANKS FRIENDS for all the FUN at The Party :) You are all GREAT! TOGETHER we ROCKS :)

FUN to WORK TOGETHER with FRIENDS :) Dojo Work Party Reviewed :)

Get Ready for the GREAT Snow Maze PARTY :) Special Member Event in Club Penguin 2009 :)

Soon we will have a Cold Snap in Club Penguin and Gary is busy right now to Prepare so we don’t get Snowed in :)

Snow TrekkerThis is what Aunt Arctic writes in This Newspaper Issue nr 213 of Club Penguin Times: The orange sky has come and gone. Penguins on the island weathered the Halloween storm well. But now the cold season has returned and it means just one thing for penguins… a celebration of frosty weather!

A special member event is planned at the Ski Village starting November 27. There will be new sleds, sporting gear, and lots of surprises!

In preparation for this event, Rory the construction penguin has been putting his driving skills to the test. Using his Snow Trekker, he’s created a new challenge… the Great Snow Maze!

Prepare for the a-maze-ment – November 27-29!

Penguins Dig Snow

…A MAZE This will be AMAZING! I can Hardly WAIT! The White Puffle will LOVE this and so Will I :) THANKS! Aunt Arctic for letting us know about This :) Can we Please get the Ice Rink Back too? Right now we Ice Dancing in our Igloo but both me and Snowflake really miss to Ice Skating on the Ice Rink :) We Wish…We Wish…Pretty PLEASE :)

Whit Puffle Ice Skating

Snow Trekker in EPF :) Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 9 - Super Secret Gadgets, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 13 - Guide, Nintendo DS

Free Play Mission 10 - Lost And Confused, Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force, Nintendo DS

Get your Own Snow Trekker :) TOYS – Snow Trekker, Gary and MORE :) Club Penguin

Construction to Take Place at the Volcano Starting November 13, 2009 :) Club Penguin!

The Mystery with the Volcano is solved :) It will be a NEW Dojo up there for Member Ninja Penguins :) But before we can start to Play FIRE Card-Jitsu we have More WORK to do!

This is what Aunt Arctic writes in The Newspaper: From Nov. 13, ninjas are asked to help Sensei with further construction at the Dojo. Last week was filled with excitement and hard work, as ninjas helped to create a special golden Amulet. Naturally curious about the hum of activity in the mountains, we sought an audience with Sensei. He told us that the Volcano was now safe for work to take place.

“The time has now come, to build a new Dojo on the Volcano’s top.

There you’ll learn to tame the element of fire, and master its strength.

But prepare yourselves… this new training will be your greatest challenge yet.”

Ninjas should bring their jackhammers to the Ninja Hideout from November 13!

Check back for more info.

Ninja at Dojo

…THANKS Aunt Arctic I will be SURE to Read Next Weeks Club Penguins Times for More Updates about The Volcano Dojo :)


                     See a Sneak Peek of The Volcano Room :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

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