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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

F.I.S.H. and Reading Books can make Friends SAD!

When we Read Club Penguins PSA Secret Agent Handbook Nothing indicates that we are Reading! When my Friends talks to me in HQ or I to them it is easy to misunderstand and think you get ignored when in fact we reading the F.I.S.H.…

Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook…We have the same Problem in the Book Room! If you Reading a Book you are still visible in the Room with NO indications that you are Reading so other Penguins feel IGNORED! If we Read The Paint by Letters Book we are NOT visible in the Book Room! I Like the way Everyone can see when we read The Club Penguin Times Newspaper :)

Club Penguin Times                        …PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix this?

                          Club Penguin Yearbook 2008 – 2009 :)

FUN TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE to Waddle around and meet my Friends in Club Penguin we Always have so Much FUN TOGETHER :) Here Amazoon, Tailfox,Leel45656,me and Dvivoni have a Dance PARTY at The Snow Fort :)

Club Penguin Snow Fort …The Construction at the Volcano is going fine :) Right now I’m sitting here on Sensei’s pillow to try if it is soft enough…Yes it is :) Thanks Jedi4847 and Spider Deny for your expert help in this matter :)

Volcano Dojo Club Penguin …In Town I meet my Friend Spider880 :) Hello Friend GREAT Costume! I am a Garden Snail Let's go to The Stage :)

Club Penguin Town

…Blue Man 7 is playing Norman Swarm Spider and Srr Nice One are Gladys the Spider and I playing the Part of Toni the Snail :) Don’t Worry Norman Swarm we Bugs will Help you…

Norman Swarm Club Penguin                   …HURRAY! TOGETHER we moved the Rock :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin …What’s in that Treasure Chest? Stand on the X TOGETHER said Penguin Paws…Okay let’s do that :) THANKS Buddy2299, Pogimatthew, Talalee, Snow83 and Spider880 TOGETHER we opened the Treasure Chest GREAT TEAMWORK :) Spider880 picked up the Magical Phial

Norman Swarm Club Penguin…Now Norman Swarm can be Big again :) It was so Much FUN to help him :) I hope he comes and visit us Bugs again…LOL :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin                      …In HQ I meet my Friend Kivancsacar :)

HQ Club Penguin …after some secret Agent work we went to Secret Ninja Hideout to Train Card-Jitsu :)

HQ Club Penguin             …back in the Wonderful world of Flowers and Magic :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin            …GREAT Straw000 we made it to the Gnome World :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin …This is one of my Favorite spots to sit and chat right now me and Owen1075 has always something to talk about :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin …Time to Work and Dance at the Secret Ninja hideout :) Fire Dance…Water Dance…

Ninja Dojo Club Penguin …and Snow Dance :) Yellow 1003 invented a special Ice Dance…I should have brought my skates for this dance…LOL :) Loki Terry wants to Play Card-Jitsu GREAT IDEA :)

Ninja Dojo Club Penguin

                …Hi Sommfi and Kc10soccer Spider Web Dance :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin      …Dorina8 and I played Find Four and had a FUN Dance Party :)

Ski Lodge Club Penguin…When I waddled around I met Cuqhi, Sheckes, Pengwing4 and Not A Pencil at The Dock :) Not A Pencil wants to Play Sled Race

Dock Club Penguin

                                        …Ready Set GO!

Sled Race Club Penguin

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I Played with in Club Penguin :) You all ROCKS!

Secret Agents Handbook The F.I.S.H. PSA Club Penguin :)

I am a Secret Agent in Club Penguin…Shhh LOL :) Here are the Super Secret PSA Agent Book Remember this information is for Secret Agents ONLY!


Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin


As a member of the Penguin Secret Agency (P.S.A.), your duty is to:

1) Report any player that are using bad language, being mean, or breaking any of the other rules.

2)Keep your identity and the identity of the other Secret Agent Penguins a secret.

3) Visit the HQ to watch for secret missions.

4) Help other penguins so they can have the best experience possible. Keep Club Penguin safe!

At the bottom of each page the page number is written in Secret code :)

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin

…You can hardly see the Table of Contents but if you use your mouse and mark the page…hold down the mouse and drag over the page this is what you will see…




Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin


Did you see a penguin:
-say bad words?
-ask or say personal info?
-be rude or mean?

To report them, click on the penguin’s player card. On the bottom right, you’ll see a button with a M inside. Click it and follow the instructions.


In every clothing catalog, there are hidden buttons to click on to make new items show up. One item that is always hidden in every clothing catalog is the Viking Helmet.

Said Bad Words

This is if someone swears or uses bad language, or if their name has bad words in it.

Asked or said Personal Info

This is if someone says or asks for specific info like a name, phone number or address. Don’t report someone if they just say that they are a boy or girl or only say what country they live in.

Rude or Mean Player

A player is rude or mean if they are being a bully or calling other penguins bad names. Throwing snowballs at other penguins is not being rude or mean.

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin

Update: On this Page you will find an example of a Secret Hidden item :) Just mouse over the Page :) If you find the place that the Viking Helmet is hidden, open the secret to the Viking Helmet four times and you’ll find the super-secret BLUE Viking Helmet. Thanks Bobafet22 for finding this Picture :)


We are secret agents, so it’s important to keep your identity a secret. Don’t tell anyone else that you are a secret agent!


This is a question that we get asked a lot. Every once in a while, the Penguin Times newspaper will mention secret agents, usually in Aunt Arctic’s column. Does that mean we aren’t secret?

Nope! Your secret is safe, because the Penguin Times will never mention specific names of secret agents. The rest of Club Penguin will know there are agents out there, but they’ll never know who those agents are.


If you are banned for any reason (like being rude or saying bad words), you will no longer be a secret agent. You will lose your spyphone and will no longer be able to enter the HQ (even through the secret entrance in the Sport Shop).


Every level of Jetpack Adventure, except the first level as a 1-UP in it.

Secret Agent Handbook Club PenguinSUPER SPY GEAR

Sunglasses 200 coins, Bowtie 50 coins, Suit Jacket & Shirt 650 coins


Special Dances

If you wear certain items and then start dancing, you’ll do different things:

Wear the Chef Hat – with or without the Pizza Apron – and you toss pizza dough. Wear the Water Wings and/or the Inflatable Duck to do a swimming dance. Wear the Coffee Apron and you’ll pour coffee. With a red or blue Hawaiian Lei you can hula dance (you can wear the Grass Skirt with it too). Wear a Hard Hat or Mining Helmet to start using a jackhammer…This is only a FEW of Club Penguins Secret Dances :) Put different items on and try to dance or wave to find more Secret Moves :)

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin…On this Page you have a Secret Hidden Item…The Night-Vision Goggles 1000 coins…Mouse over the Page to find secret spot to click on…

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin

Wear the Lifeguard Whistle, then wave, and you will blow the whistle. Hold the Lasso and you’ll twirl it in the air. Wear any of the musical instruments (guitars, violin, tuba, etc) to play them. Wear the Clown Wig and Clown Suit – with or without the Clown Shoes – to start juggling. Secret Agent Handbook Club PenguinYOUR SPY PHONE

As part of the job as a secret agent penguin, all penguins receive the Model #102405 spy phone. It is standard issue for all members of the Penguin Secret Agency.

Your spy phone contains several high-tech features, including a teleport feature (to take you to places that even the map can’t take you), and several spy gadgets that may be useful in your upcoming missions.


Club Penguin started on October 24, 2005. The first official party was a one-day Halloween party on October 27 (although the decorations stayed up until Halloween night.



Led Blinking Light (click to reveal spy gadgets)


Click to teleport to room showing  on viewscreen

HQ Entry Button

14,3h Auditory Impulse Receptor

Teleporter scroll button (click to scroll between room names)

The blinking LED light on the spy phone has a secret message…

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin

…If you click on the Long-range Antenna you get a secret code that translated says “The Red Light Spells “Your Are Cool” In Morse”

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin


The PSA was not always such a big agency. Some of our older agents may remember when the HQ looked like this:

It was soon decided that the agency needed to be expanded, and the current headquarters was built, with 21 room-monitoring screens and much cooler door.


Along with their day-to-day tasks of keeping Club Penguin safe, agents may be called out on special assignments called Secret Missions. The exact nature of these missions will vary, but will usually require agents to respond to danger or crisis on the island. The size of these problems may also range from simple investigations to full emergency responses, so agents must be ready for anything.

Click on the console to see available missions. Please note that some missions remain classified until an agent has completed certain requirements.


Astro-Barrier has secret levels! After passing level 10, wait for 25 seconds on that screen, and a blue ship will appear. Shoot it, and you’ll be sent to the secret levels!

Secret Agent Handbook Club PenguinSECRET CODE

Sometimes you will see spy messages that are in code, like this one:

The code that the Penguin Secret agency using is called the Tic-Tac-Toe code. Here are the letters:

The great thing about this code is that it’s a easy to remember as Tic-Tac-Toe! Here’s how to remember the letters from A to 1:

For the letters from J to R, just put an X in it, and for the letters S to Z, put an O in it.

Remember this code! You may need it for your future spy missions.

Secret Agent Handbook Club PenguinAGENT PROFILE

PSA agent: Codenamed “G”

Civilian name: Gary the Gadget Guy

Uniform: White lab coat, dress shirt and tie.

Favorite food: Fish Dish Pizza

The public knows him as the island’s local inventor, but G has been creating gadgets for the PSA for even longer.

G makes all the equipment for our field agents, and acts as a go-between for them and the PSA. G will notify agents whenever a situation requires their attention, explain assignments, and act as mission support. He advice can be an asset during missions, so do not hesitate to ask for it.


Greeting Agent, my name is G.

Allow me to explain a little about field missions and how to accept them.

When you think you are ready, start by clicking on the computer console on the right side of your screen in the HQ. This will bring up our Mission control panel. Here you’ll see a list of available missions.

Please note that some missions are classified until other missions have been completed.

Once you’ve selected your mission, click the ‘Launch Mission’ button, and you’ll be briefed on your tasks. Keep in mind that once you have completed a mission, you may retry it under your ‘Training’ missions.

I look forward to working with you.


Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin 4.) HELPING OTHER PENGUINS

You’ve been part of Club Penguin for at least a month.You’ve visited the rooms, have played the games, and have had lots of fun at the parties.

But there are many new penguins who are visiting for the very first time, and need some help getting around.

Part of your duty as a secret agent is to help other penguins who are new. You can even give tours of Club Penguin if you want to.

Thanks for making Club Penguin a happy place, and welcome to the Penguin Secret Agency!


Hello Agent, and thank you for being a part of the PSA.

The PSA, above everything else, works hard to make sure that Club Penguin is safe. You must be our eyes and ears, always on the lookout for trouble. You must be our helping hands, lending them to those in need or in trouble. You must be the very heart of the PSA, and ensure the safety and fun for all.

We shall keep you up to date on any missions. Some will focus on solving mysteries, others may be saving penguins in danger.

Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.
Good luck: we’re counting on you.

Secret Agent Handbook Club PenguinSUSPECT AT LARGE

Name: Herbert P. Bear

Species: Polar bear (Ursus meritimus)

Reports show that Herbert came to Club Penguin on an iceberg some time ago. He’s been secretly trying to disrupt life on the island.

Suspect is a vegetarian, and is to be considered to be tall and cranky.


Name: “Klutzy”

Species: Club Penguin Crab (Clubpenguinus Crabus)

Reported accomplice of Herbert. Often found in Herbert’s presence. “Klutzy” is one of the crab species native to the island, and may be able to blend in with others of his kind.

Suspect is small and is to be considered crabby and somewhat adorable.

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin                      Be Resourceful, be Remarkable, be Ready.

Secret Agent Handbook Club Penguin

It is so MUCH FUN to be a Secret Agent :) In The Missions you will solve Mysteries and Problems around Club penguin Island and you will meet Aunt Arctic, Gary The Gadget, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Herbert, Klutzy, The Director and many other Penguins from Club Penguin Island :)             

                  How can I become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin?

        Mission 1 Case of the Missing Puffles – Club Penguin CHEATS :)

               Mission 10 Waddle Squad – Club Penguin CHEATS :)

I LOVE Club Penguin Missions :) Here are some Pictures from the Waiting for Mission 10 Party It was so Much FUN :)

                     I Looking forward to More Missions soon :)

Be Resourceful, be Remarkable, be Ready

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