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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Club Penguin Lunch Tote :)

With our Create-Your-Own Club Penguin Lunch Tote, you can design a lunch bag tote the Club Penguin way! Here's your chance to create a lunch box that's perfectly unique -- just like you!

Club Penguin Lunch Tote

You find this Club Penguin Tote here :) I like the Purple and PINK ones Best…Who could have Guessed That…LOL :) Munble1, Sweet and I are HUNGRY :)

Club Penguin Lunch Tote

Club Penguin gives us a lots of Christmas Tips here are some More :)

           White Puffle Hooded Top and more Club Penguin Cloths :)

                           Puffle Plush Toys and Puffle Stuff :)

                    Look under the Label Toys for MUCH MORE :)

Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends continues their World Trip :) When they were Waddling around they Suddenly meet a GIANT Penguin and A BIG BROWN Puffle :) First they were Shocked! Then they understood that they had discovered something FANTASTIC! Real Penguin and Pufffle Costumes :) CONGRATULATIONS to the Kids in these AWESOME Costumes someone must Love you a lot to take the time to make these Fantastic Outfits :) I wish they were for sale in PINK…LOL :) Until then MUM…MUM Take a Look at THIS!

Penguins around the World

…Our Penguin Friends performed a Shakespeare Tale at a Stage for their New Friends :) Cool Picture!

Penguins around the World

…Then they all went to a Beach to Play in the Water and Draw in The Sand :) This sand Penguin looks so Cute I LOVE this Sand Penguin :) The Artist behind this is a Penguin with a Creative Personality :) Good Work!

Penguins around the World …LOL…Is this a Puffle Prince…waiting for a Princess? I don’t think so :) FUN Picture :)

Penguins around the World …I Wonder what Aunt Arctic and her Friends will do next week…Stay Tuned :) Globes in IglooRead Last weeks Story about our Traveling Penguins Around The World :) See Club Penguins Penguins Around the World Gallery :)

Favorite Sport and Favorite Card-Jitsu Card – Reviewed by You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Last week you told us about your favorite snowy sport and we loved what Pingu73000 said:
my favourite winter sport is sledging because its so fun and you can race against your friends,i also like snowballing because your friends can join in that to because you can get into teams and have a hot choclate at the end of the game.

The cool weather celebrations get started November 27th in the Ski Village! Member Maze :)
In the meantime, the ninja construction is causing its own kind of celebrations at the new Fire Dojo! We want to know what your favorite Card-Jitsu card of all time is - and why!! Screenhog talks Fire Card-Jitsu :)

Card-Jitsu Cards Club Penguin

Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

My Favorite Card-Jitsu Card? LOL It will be the same answer as LAST Time you asked Favorite Card-Jitsu Power Card :) Take a Look at ALL Card-Jitsu Power Cards Animations :)

Fire Dojo Club Penguin

Fan Art in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE Pictures and Drawings so I am Always so HAPPY when we get NEW GREAT Art on Club Penguins Community :)

Fan Art Club Penguin …What a Nice Picture :) A PINK Penguin Girl and her Red Puffle is out for a Walk :) It looks like they just have spotted some Friends they waving too :) It must be Good Friends they both looks so Happy :) I Like the Shadows on the ground and the snow in the Sky The Penguin Girls Face and Hair has Great 3D effects :) Well Done!

Fan Art Club Penguin…Sensei Training Ninjas to be Prepared for FIRE Card-Jitsu :) Oops…The Volcano is BURNING again! I Like the Details like the Door to the Fire Dojo and Amulet sign on the Floor :) These two Ninjas must do great at Training I can tell because Sensei looks Proud :)

Fan Art Club Penguin

…Autumn I LOVE Autumn…LOL…I LOVE ALL Seasons :) I LOVE the Movements in this Drawing I can Almost feel the wind in the Cheerleader Penguins Face :) This Penguin Girl looks so Happy and Joyful maybe she looks at the Leafs and try to make up New Cool Moves for her Dance :) GREAT WORK! You are a Good artist :)

Fan Art Club Penguin

See last Weeks Club Penguins Fan Art Drawings :) See Club Penguins Fan Art Archive :)

Card-Jitsu Fire - Penguin Poll :)

Last Weeks Penguin Poll was about The Stage :) Here is this weeks Question: Card-Jitsu Fire is coming soon and I can’t wait to: Play the Game! Get new ninja Items! Visit the Fire Dojo! What’s Card-Jitsu Fire? I can Hardly wait to start to Play the New Fire Level of the Card-Jitsu Game so I will vote for…Play the Game :)

Penguin Poll Club Penguin

             …This is how the Penguin Poll looks like Right Now…

Penguin Poll Club Penguin

…How do YOU feel? What is YOUR Opinion? Go and VOTE and make YOUR Voice Heard :)

                    NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey :)

New Featured Igloo in Club Penguin Community :)

On Club Penguin Community we have a New Featured Igloo Today :)

Featured Igloo in Club Penguin

CONGRATULATIONS to Frog613 :) WOW! This is the Igloo with EVERYTHING :) FLOWERS, Food, Snacks Decorations, Music, Kitchen, Books and so Much More :) This is a Perfect Igloo to live in and to have Great Parties in GREAT Work :)

Featured Igloo in Club Penguin…note the Flowerpot…Again Items are in this Igloo that came AFTER the Flowerpot looked like that! Hmmm…

See Last Weeks Featured Igloo :) And read More About The Igloo Flowerpot Mystery in the Community Featured Igloos…Popedd’s Igloo and Mrs Airplane’s Igloo

Snowcones New Comics in Club Penguin :)

                   Today we got a New Comic in Club Penguin :)

Comics Club Penguin

            …LOL…I will NOT buy a Snowcone from this Penguin :)

Comics Club PenguinSee earlier Club Penguin Comics :) And Club Penguins Comics Archive :)

Aqua Grabber Secrets – Secrets Revealed!

A “New” Secret in Club Penguin…Secret Nr 52 or almost a Rerun of Secret Nr 24

Secrets in Club PenguinAqua Grabber Secrets

Use your claw to push yourself up! If you time it right, you can grab an item and boost at the same time.

Mullet fish in your way? Grab a Fluffy fish to move him. Crash the Aqua Grabber info the roofs of air-caves to search for bait.

Secrets in Club Penguin

On this Post How to Play Aqua Grabber in Club Penguin :) you will find all information Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Aqua Grabber Game including the Links and Link to the Story about How we got the Agua Grabber…see Aqua Grabber the Beginning :)

Aqua Grabber is FUN

Norman Swarm reviewed by Aunt Arctic :)

The Fantastic FUN Play Norman Swarm Has been Transformed is Preformed at The Stage right Now :) Here is an Article from this weeks Newspaper Club Penguin Times Issue nr 214 made by Aunt Arctic:

Norman Swarm Club Penguin

This week’s tour comes to you from the Stage, and the set of Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed. It’s the largest play - (or is that the smallest?) that Club Penguin has ever seen!

We joined our tour guide at the entrance to the Stage. “Once there was a scientist, by the name of Norman Swarm,” he began, “who had an unfortunate accident during an experiment.”

“Prepare yourselves!” he warned us, “When you enter the set, everything will appear gigantic!”Norman Swarm Club Penguin

When we walked into the room, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was like being inside a garden. There were enormous plants and penguins dressed as insects everywhere.

“There’s just one small problem for our leading penguin,” our tour guide continued, “Norman needs to find a cure to grow large again.”

“There are many secrets to uncover here in the garden,” he told us, “and actors have to work them out together.”

A penguin in a snail costume come to join us, and told us how much she was enjoying her role. “I thought I had a small part at first,” she told us, “But I realized that all the characters are equally important in this play!”

“It’s certainly different to plays we’ve put on before,” the tour guide agreed, “There are some cool new costumes and there’s even a second set!”

“But that’s enough from me, come and see for yourself.”

We were quick to join in the action – why don’t you?


There are to sets for you to check out in this play. To get to the second room, you’ll need to work together with friends!


If you’re one of the backstage crew you can use the Switch box 3000 to operate the huge praying mantis on the set.

Norman Swarm Club Penguin


You’ll need at least 1 buddy in a bug costume to help you find the cure and return to your normal size!

Norman Swarm Club Penguin


Ladybugs and butterflies can join in the action too! See the Gift Shop for more bug costumes.

THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Tour Guide Review :) See you Later :) 

Read and Find Links to EVERYTHING About This FANTASTIC FABULOUS FUN Play at This Post :) Costume Trunk Norman Swarm CHEATS! The Stage in Club Penguin :)

Norman Swarm Club Penguin

New Racing Sleds at the Ski Hill November 27, 2009 :)

PINK and Green Racing Sleds Coming to Club PENGUIN! HURRAY! Club Penguin gets better and Better I LOVE PINK and Sled Racing this will be FANTASTIC FUN :)

New Racing Sleds in Club Penguin

This is what Aunt Arctic writes in Club Penguin Times :)


Starting November 27, penguins are preparing to kick off the island’s colder season with a snowy celebration at the Ski Village!

This frosty festival will feature some new winter sports and activities, and a few returning favorites.

We spoke to a tour guide who talked us through some highlights.

“There’s gonna be a new Snow and Sports catalog coming out in the Sports Shop. Make sure to grab some skates, because the Ice Rink is making a come back!”

“Everything will be extra fun to do with your buddies, so start recruiting a team!”

“There’ll be brand new racing sleds at the Ski Hill, too. And members can end their fun-filled days at the Great Snow Maze!”

Get ready for a-mazingly cool adventures starting November 27.

Thanks Aunt Arctic :)

These are so cute PINK Racing Sleds! It will be hard to keep me away from the Slopes Now…I think I have to move and get an Igloo closer to the Ski Hill…LOL :) AND the Ice RINK will be Back too Just as I wished…HURRAY! I Wish for Ice :) THANKS Club Penguin Team :) This will be so AWESOME! I wish the White Puffle can Sled TOGETHER with me and Ice Skate too :)

Saraapril and Snowflake in Ski Hill Club Penguin

Master Card-Jitsu Fire Starting November 24 in Club Penguin :)

Every day is a day Closer to the Card-Jitsu Fire Game Release :) This is what Aunt Arctic tells us in this Weeks Newspaper :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Game

On November 24, member ninjas will finally climb to the top of the Volcano to master a new game know as Car-Jitsu Fire. After weeks of mystery and rumors, the Sensei has unveiled a new Fire Dojo. This room is open only to ninjas who possess a golden Amulet. Here they will continue their ninja training by learning how to become masters of fire. Tour Guide of Volcano Dojo :)

The Sensei made this announcement from the Dojo:

“Hello, my students. The day we have waited for Had finally come.

Card-Jitsu Fire Is the ultimate test of Your speed and power.

Take your amulets, And continue your journeys. I will see you there…”

November 24 is the beginning of the new ninja journey. Starting then, member ninjas can play the new multi-player game: Card-Jitsu Fire – with 2, 3, and 4-player modes!

Fire Sensei

Thanks Aunt Arctic :) Right now I am Training Card-Jitsu a lot so I will be Ready for the New FIRE Card-Jitsu Game :) I LOVE that we can be up to Four Players that plays Fire Card-Jitsu TOGETHER this will be so Much FUN :) I think this will make Card-Jitsu to a GREAT Party Game :) Soon…Soon…

Volcano Dojo

                               Card-Jitsu FIRE Ninja Video :)

         NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

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