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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Card Activation in Club Penguin :)

How can I Activate Gift Certificate or a Game Card  in Club Penguin? To Activate a Game Card or a Gift Certificate in Club Penguin do this :) First Click on Membership…

Membership Club Penguin …Here you can Read the Latest Special Events for Member Penguins :)

Membership Club Penguin                               …Click on Card Activation…

Membership Club Penguin…Then Select Card Certificate or Game Card :) Fill in your Penguin Name and your Password Then you fill in the number you find at your Game Card or Card Certificate :) Click on Submit…

Membership Club Penguin …DONE! Your Gift Certificate or Game Card has been Activated :) Click on Play Now!

Membership Club Penguin …in your Mailbox you will find your Membership Postcard :) CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a Member. Explore more ways to Play!

Member Card in Club Penguin  …and if you open your Players Card you will have a Member Badge :)

Littletias in Club Penguin

                        …Now it is time to have More FUN :)

        What is Club Penguin? Why be a Member in Club Penguin?

           New FUN on the Way for Members in Club Penguin :)

New FUN is on the Way for Members in Club Penguin :)

New fun is on the way!

Here’s what’s coming exclusively for members this month:

  • Play the new Card-Jitsu Fire game!
  • Access the new Fire Dojo room at the Volcano and continue your ninja journey!
  • Discover adventures and a secret room at the Stage. Members in bug costumes needed!
  • Explore The Great Snow Maze (and find a hidden prize!)

Sensei FIRE  and Ninja …This will be FUN and Today my Brother Littletias became a MEMBER for one Month! HURRAY! and Thanks Billybob :)

Littletias at Courtyard

Learn how you can be a Club Penguin Member and see Earlier Member FUN :)

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