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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sensei was in Secret Ninja Hideout Snowbound Club Penguin :)

At Secret Ninja Hideout Sensei met and talked to Both Member and Non Member Ninjas  :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin…Sensei ensured us that All Ninjas are equal in my eyes :) Thanks Sensei in mine too :) TOGETHER we are GREAT :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin

…Many Penguins believes that Sensei is Billybob ;) I met Jmann93 and he asked if he helped me find Sensei? Yes you did! Thanks for your Twitter Message Jmann93 :) That was Kind of you :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin…I LOVE when Sensei teach us things :) Do you wish to learn to write a Haiku? YES PLEASE :) Haikus is the Key to a Ninjas Knowledge Let me teach you To write a Haiku You just need to write three lines Of five, seven five…Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin…Here is Haiku for you Ninjas a stomach growls is very hungry for …Sorry I missed the end…LOL :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin…I asked Sensei if he likes Tea? Sensei answered: Tea builds a ninjas strength…

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin                     …Tea is as mighty as the sword :) Cool :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin…Sadly Sensei had to leave…Sensei said…You have been grand I expect you all to practice to my return SENSEI VANISH! Bye Sensei you are GREAT :)

Fire Sensei Ninja Hideout Club Penguin

         I met Sensei dressed in FIRE Outfit in Yeti Club Penguin :)

        Sensei in Fire Dojo Volcano Room in Yukon Club Penguin :)

                     FIRE Sensei in Abominable Club Penguin :)

FIRE Sensei in Abominable Club Penguin :)

THANKS Peggie Ouin for comment on my Blog and tell us ALL Where Sensei is :) You are a GREAT Friend :) First Abominable was FULL!!! I Tried and Tried to log in and then finally it Worked! YAY! I HURRIED Over to the Fire Dojo…Sensei was CROWDED! I opened the Users in Room List and found SENSEI :) HURRAY! Sensei was on his way to go…

Sensei Fire Dojo Club Penguin …Sensei is Hard to Spot but you can see part of his Hat right under Peggie Quin’s name :)

Fire Sensei in Fire Dojo Club Penguin …Sensei Vanish! Goodbye Teacher is was an Honor to meet you again :)

Sensei Fire Dojo Club Penguin         I met Sensei dressed in FIRE Outfit in Yeti Club Penguin :)

        Sensei in Fire Dojo Volcano Room in Yukon Club Penguin :)

NINJA Littletias finds Sensei’s Message :)

I am so Proud over my Big Brother Littletias he is now a NINJA! CONGRATULATIONS :) We Both were so HAPPY! He Hurried over to the Secret Ninja Hideout and tried to enter to the Fire Dojo :) Their he found a Message from Sensei…

Littletias in Secret Nina Hideout …You wish to enter? First, you need the Amulet from Martial Artworks. Then enter this door to continue your journey at the Volcano. Sensei

Message from Sensei about Amulet …Cool You can open the Martial Artworks Catalog from here just click on Go There! or at the Book :)

Message from Sensei about Amulet

…CONGRATULATIONS Again Big Brother! You are now a NINJA I am so PROUD :)

Littletias in Fire Dojo

…Secret Message NOT FOR LITTLETIAS TO READ! (Littletias can not read this his computer time is all used up…LOL :) I am so HAPPY that Littletias is a NINJA too :) Mum have Promised me to help me make a “Welcome New Ninja Party” for Littletias Tomorrow  :) Mum will bake Lave Cakes tonight after me and Littletias are asleep and then she will take them to Grandpa :) Early Tomorrow morning I will go over to Grandpas and TOGETHER we will make Ninja Decorations for our Secret Surprise NINJA PARTY for Littletias :) Some of our cousins and Friends will be their too :) This will be so Much FUN :) I can hardly wait! Secret Ninja Party

              The way to Ninja Postcards and Belts ANIMATED :)

       NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

The way to Ninja - Postcards and Belts ANIMATED :)

First of all you need to read these instructions How can I be a NINJA? Club Penguin :) The First Ninja Belt on the Legend you can earn is the White Belt  :) Congratulations! Much like the fearsome earthquake. you have rocked the house. Well done. You have earned White Belt for your efforts. I am proud of you.The White Belt :)

Sensei Ninja White Belt

…In the Mail you will get a Postcard from Sensei :) Card-Jitsu Congratulations Grasshopper. White Belt is the first step of your journey. Keep up the good work. Sensei Look a FIRE Stamp…FIRE is the Next Step on our Journey :)

Sensei Card-Jitsu Card                                        …The Yellow Belt…

Sensei Yellow Belt Ninja                                        …The Orange Belt…          

Sensei Orange Belt Ninja

                                        …The Green Belt…

Sensei Ninja Green Belt

                                        …The Blue Belt…

sensei Ninja Blue Belt

…Look in your Mailbox you have got a New Postcard from Sensei :) Card-Jitsu Congratulations Grasshopper. With your Blue Belt, you are half way through your journey. The secrets of the ninja may soon be yours. Sensei A Snow Stamp…can Snow be the Next journey after Fire?

Card-Jitsu Card                                          …The Red Belt…

Sensei Ninja Red Belt

                                        …The Purple Belt…

Sensei Ninja Purple Belt

                                        …The Brown Belt…

Sensei Brown Belt Ninja

                                       …The Black Belt…

Sensei Black Belt

…HURRAY! A New Card From Sensei and a Stamp with a Water sign :) Card-Jitsu Congratulations Grasshopper. With this Black Belt, there is one last step in your journey. Challenge me for your ninja mask. Sensei

Card-Jitsu Card

…Now you have to WIN over Sensei :) If you don’t succeed the First Time Try again and again…

Sensei and Littletias …The gentle lotus, Cowers before the storm cloud. But you…you did not. Well done, grasshopper. You have faced my skills, and won. And proven yourself.

Sensei gentle Lotus…Now receive the mark Of a Card-Jitsu Master, With this ninja mask. You may now join us, In secret ninja hideout. Congratulations!

Sensei and Ninja Mask

               Tour Guide of Secret Ninja Hideout and Fire Dojo :)

Read ALL about the Second Part of our journey in NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey :)

NEW Power Card-Jitsu Cards and Animations :) Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

The game officially launches November 24th and the island's heating up!! I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek into what the new ninja fire journey might have in store for you... This is from one of the new power cards:

Sneak Peek of New Card-Jitsu AnimationWhat do you think? Also, You've asked - and along with a lot of ninja toys (including soft Limited Edition Penguins and Mix 'N Match figures), we've got more Card-Jitsu Trading Cards available in stores!

Card-Jitsu Power CardsInside the new tins (including the Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei Collector tin) there's a sheet so you can check off the Trading Cards that you've got!! The cards are available now at a lot of places including Target, Walmart, Toys 'R' Us, and Disney Stores. You can also get them online at - and the CP Online Shop starting November 24th.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

GREAT! I LOVE Power cards Animations they are so Much FUN :) Gary has a New invention…LOL :) Look at the cute Mini Jet Pack Guy jumping on the Trap a Toy Train, Water, Shoe, Bowling ball…Powered by a light bulb!!! This is interesting I wonder what my Uncle Gary is up to this time? Hmmm… :)

Igloo Club Penguin …Learn about Golden Code Card and See Sensei Card-Jitsu Animations :)

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