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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vote Closed! Glasses Number 2 WON :)

Remember Billybob’s You Decide Sneak Peek where you could Vote for our Favorite Glasses for Mission Number 11? Here is The Result…Glasses Nr 2 WON! Congrats to all that likes these Glasses Best :) I Hope the Color on the Glasses will be Purple or PINK :) Or Blue with small Daisies on that would be cute too :)

Penguin Vote           Thanks to Homer99 for sending me this :) You Rock!

Saraapril say Thanks to Homer99 :)

Cadence’s Dance Contest Updates :)

My Friends have found some News in Club Penguin Dance Contest Game :) 1w34e sent me a Comment and told me this: Do you know the Dance Contest Do you know How Cadence Says Perfect Great Job Almost!
Well That Changed so like if she says Perfect it will be like this PERFECT!

THANKS for letting ne know 1w34e you are a KIND and HELPFUL Friend :)

Homer99 Sent me This Cool Update :) THANKS Friend you have a GREAT eye for Details and are a GREAT Friend :)

Cadence Dance Contest …The Text Font in the Game has been Changed too :) This Multiplayer Game doesn't  work yet…Club Penguin has some Bugs to Fix but Very soon we will be able to Play 15 Penguins at the same Time! That will make Cadence's Dance Contest to the BEST Party Game on the Island :) Now I need to Practice some More :)

Cadence Dance Contest

…If anyone have found something more about this Please let me know and I will add it here :)

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