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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Background Double in Penguin Style :)

In This Month Penguin Style we have got TWO Backgrounds that are the SAME! Look at The Snow Covered Forest Here…

Backgrounds Club Penguin …We have The SAME Background Here! It is Not so often Club Penguin makes Mistakes like this :)

Backgrounds Club Penguin…Thanks Madwithmoney for telling me about this :) You are a GOOD Friend with a GREAT eye for Details :)

UPDATE: This has now been Fixed Read more at Background Update :) THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team :)

Old Dance Contest is Back!

The NEW Version of Dance Contest is Gone! And The Old Version is Back…I Guess Club Penguin have some Bugs to Fix before we can get the AWESOME Party Version of The Game :)

Dance ContestThanks Lard Beak for Telling me this :) You have a Good eye for Details :)

                       Cadence’s Dance Contest Updates :)

Sleigh Adventure at the Christmas Party :)

New FUN is on the way for Club Penguin Members!

Here’s what’s coming exclusively for members this month December 2009:

  • Discover a special sleigh adventure in this month’s Christmas party!
  • Get creative with new outfits – and there’s new furniture too… just in time for the igloo contest!
  • Explorer the Migrator and find rare surprises in Rockhopper’s catalog!
  • Access the Fire Dojo and continue your ninja journey by playing Card-Jitsu Fire! How can I Play Card-Jitsu FIRE Game?

Fun for Memberi in Club Penguin

                                  …I am a Reindeer…LOL :)

Reindeer Saraapril :)...See Earlier FUN for Members :) What is Club Penguin? How can In be a Member in Club Penguin?

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