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Sunday, December 6, 2009

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE the Tree Costume I think it is AWESOME to be a Tree :) In the Forest we had a Tree Party :)

Forest Club Penguin …Bubgiegirl75 takes good care of us Trees and make sure that Nobody cut us down and takes us inside to make Christmas Trees of us :)

Forest Club Penguin

…I Show my Friends how to be a Christmas Tree in Club Penguin :) I wish ALL Christmas Trees were aloud to STAY outside and be decorated there instead of being taken inside and then have to Die after Christmas…

Forest Club Penguin                                   …Trees are Cool PARTY :)

Forest Club Penguin

          …and we Trees makes Oxygen so we are Important :)

Forest Club Penguin …Jeff0967, Me, Cosmic Ray, Jelly Beard, Skizatron, Roscoe Flava, Tike607, Paper Mache and Mzjoyce are HAPPY Dancing Trees :) THANKS to ALL TREES at the Forest Party TOGETHER we Rocks :)

Forest Club Penguin …In Town I met Soxlucy and now we have one More Sparkling OUTSIDE Tree in Club Penguin :)

Tree in Club Penguin…Greensil, me and Hjk99 Talked and Looked at the cute Fishes at Hjk99’s Igloo they are so cute :)

Igloo Club Penguin                               …Sled Race Time…WOOHOO :)

Sled Race Club Penguin

                       …I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with Friends :)

Sled Race Club Penguin                                          …Girl Talk :)

Sled Race Club Penguin

                  …12peter14 and Tonina4 wants to Race too :)

Sled Race Club Penguin

        …I LOVE that we can PLAY TOGETHER in Card-Jitsu FIRE :)

Fire Dojo Club Penguin…Poypoy6 me and Greensil Looks ANGRY but we NOT :) We just CONCENTRATE…LOL

Card-Jitsu Fire Game       …Good Game Friends and Congrats! to Poypoy6 you WON :)

Fire Dojo Club Penguin                          …I am a Tree can you find me? LOL :)

Forest Club Penguin                …Spider880 and I are Secret Agent Spy Trees… 

Forest Club Penguin

      …Looking for Herbert and Klutzy :) Hi 1w34e can you Help us?

Forest Club Penguin                                       ...Is it Klutzy?

Forest Club Penguin                                  …We Think so...LOL :)

Forest Club Penguin                      …It is so Much FUN to Play TOGETHER :)

Forest Club Penguin      ...We training  to sing Happy New Year from us Spy Trees :)

Forest Club Penguin     …the song ends with save the Environment and Polar Bears :)

Forest Club Penguin                                    HAPPY SINGING TREE :)

Forest Club Penguin

…THANKS For a FUN Weekend in Club Penguin to ALL Penguins I Played with :) Waddle On!

Nintendo DS Lite and DSi Club Penguin Skins :)

I LOVE my EPF Game and I LOVE Puffles so this Nintendo DS Lite Skin showing a Blue Puffle with a I Love Puffles T-Shirt playing with a Yellow Puffle, Pink Puffle, Purple Puffle and a Green Puffle on the outside is PERFECT for me :)Nintendo DS Club Penguin I Love Puffles

                …This is how it looks from the inside…cute :) 

Nintendo DS Club Penguin I Love Puffles

…This Nintendo DS Lite Skin showing Rockhopper and Yarr on the outside is Littletias Favorite :) Nintendo DS Club Penguin Rockhopper and Yarr

…and the inside Pictures is Penguins at the Night Club Rocks :) Do you recognize these three Pictures? We have them as Wallpapers in Club Penguin and you can Download them here  :)

Nintendo DS Club Penguin Playing Penguins

…Nintendo DS Lite Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Black Skin with the EPF logotype :)

Nintendo DS Club Penguin EPF Black Skin

…Here are a Picture of the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Collector’s Edition for Nintendo DS comes this Skin on a white Nintendo DS Lite with an Agent and a Purple Puffle, a Penguin on a Snowboard and a Penguin with a Jet Pack just like the EPF Game Picture :)

Nintendo DS Club Penguin EPF Skin

                              …and on a black Nintendo DSi…Nintendo DS Club Penguin EPF Skin

…Nintendo DS Skins can be found at, other online stores and some might be found in a Toy Store near you :) I have asked at our closest Toys R Us but they didn't have Club Penguin Skins…yet :) Me and Littletias bought our EPF and a Nintendo DS TOGETHER :)

Club Penguin Elite Force – Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS

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