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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Log in Picture in Club Penguin :)

We have a New Opening Picture in Club Penguin :) It is of the Member Magic Sleigh Ride Adventure that starts December 18 – 27, 2009 :) During this Year’s Club Penguin Christmas Party :) ‘Tis the Season of Giving! Come join the Celebration!

Opening Picture in Club PenguinTake a walk on Memory Lane and see Club Penguin’s Christmas Party 2008 :)

And see Many earlier Club Penguin Log in Pictures and Home Page Pictures under Label Opening Pictures :)

Rockhopper is Close :)

From the Beacon we can see The Christmas Decorated Migrator :) Rockhopper and Yarr will be her on Friday 11 and then Coins for Change starts:)

The Christmas Decorated Migrator

                          …I Think I can see Yarr…LOL :)

Christmas Decorated Migrator Big

                                       WELCOME Friends :)

Saraapril on Beacon

                                   Rockhopper is Coming :)

Thanks Thoord for telling me that the Migrator is close :) You are a GREAT Friend :)

What is Saraapril doing Today?

Right now I am Playing Club Penguin Games so I can Save up Coins to Rockhopper’s Coins for Change :) I earn most of my coins on Aqua Grabber, Cart-Surfer, Ice Fishing and from making Candy Pizza :)

Saraapril and Sweet will Play Aqua Grabber :)Offline I have school and then I am rehearsing for the end of the Season Figure Skating and Ballet Shows that we will have for Parents and Friends :) My Ballet Teacher decide that my age group will do a dance from the Swan Lake :) EVERYONE that trains Figure Skating will first do the Parent Show and then be in a Show for our Community too :) It is many numbers and some of the older ones will dance solo and as couples :) I will be in the opening and closing of the show and in a Part where an Older Girl from the Music Class will sing a Winter song and we will dance around her on the ice :) Her voice is AWESOME! I will be one of the snowflakes and my dress is so Pretty in White, Silver and Sparkles and then a Big Snowflake on top of that :) It is so Much FUN and we train a lot right now some of the youngest Girls are only five and six and in the beginning they fell a lot but now they almost never fall and when they do they look so cute :)

In January my Ballet and Figure Skating Classes starts again :) I will miss them during Christmas Break…

Saraapril dance Ballet

                    Waddle On see you all in Club Penguin :)

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