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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fan Art in Club Penguin :)

    I LOVE ART :) And Today we got More FAN ART in Club Penguin :)

Fan Art in Club Penguin

…Gary as Father Christmas or Santa Claus or…This costume has Many Name :) GOOD Drawing you have capture Gary The Gadget Guys Glasses and Smile well too :) GREAT WORK :)

Fan Art in Club Penguin

…A Puffle CAKE Yummy…This is a Perfect Cake for a Puffle Fan :) WELL BAKED :)

Fan Art in Club Penguin

…This is one of my Favorite Sports Figure Skating :) I LOVE the Movements in this Drawing and the Happy Face on the Dancing Penguin Girl :) She is so Graceful and Soaring around TOGETHER with her Figure Skating Partner The White Puffle :) I LOVE the Detailed Dress and Ice Skates GREAT WORK!

Fan Art in Club Penguin

…Mountain Climbing Time :) This Picture is well done filled with Happiness and Fresh air :) The way you have used Different shades of Green on the Forest makes the Drawing Alive and 3D :) VERY WELL DONE!

Fan Art in Club Penguin

…I LOVE Creativity and to make up Ideas :) This is a GREAT Example of Creative Thinking :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art in Club PenguinSee Last Weeks Club Penguin Fan Art See More Fan Art in The Archive :)

Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends are still Traveling around the Great Globe that we call The Earth :) See Last Weeks Penguin Adventures :)

Penguins Around The World

…This week I will concentrate on The Global Trotter Puffles that are on this Trip :) The White Puffle looking for the Famous Needle in a Hay stack…or is it after Aunt Arctic's Pencil? LOL :) Cool Picture :)

Penguins Around The World

…and some Puffles build a Puffle Tower :) This can be an Act in Next Puffle Circus :) This looks like a lot of FUN :) LOL…FUN Idea :)

Penguins Around The World

…Let’s Play TOGETHER :) Save the Penguin Princess :) Good Game and Picture :)

Penguins Around The World

                     See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

Featured Igloo in Club Penguin Community :)

    Today we got a New Featured Igloo on Club Penguin Community :)

Featured Igloo Club Penguin Community

CONGRATULATIONS! to Gigidelic100 :) I Like this Igloo and the cute Puffle Posters on the wall :) The different views from your Igloo is a GREAT idea :) I like that the every window has its own Theme Room :) The Computer Communication Center is AWESOME :) WELL DONE!

Featured Igloo Club Penguin Community

        See last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Fun Activities Recipes, Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Activities Update :)

Under Fun Activities we have NEW Online and Offline FUN :) Rockhopper’s Cookie Mix, Cookie Mix Gift Tag and 12 Days of Christmas Sharing :) Remember that you can Print all this out in Club Penguin :)

Fun Activities Club Penguin :)


You Will Need

A large empty jar with a lid
A mixing bowl
Measuring cups
A spoon
Your special tag from Arts & Crafts activity


1¾ cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1½ cups rolled oats
1½ cups (packed) light brown sugar
2 cups (12 ounces) cherries (chopped)

Remember: You’ll need to print the Arts & Crafts! activity to go with this one!

“Arr! Here be a mix you can give to a pirate friend to help them make their own Rockhopper cookies! Ye be needin’ to put the mix into a jar, then create a festive Christmas tag to decorate it. Ahoy, what a fine treasure it be to share!” – ROCKHOPPER

* Make sure your parent or guardian helps you with these!

How to make the mix

  1. Mix the flour together with the baking soda, salt and baking powder in a bowl
  2. Spoon this carefully into the jar. Push it down , so you can fit everything in
  3. Add the cherries
  4. Add the brown sugar, again pushing it down with a spoon
  5. Add the rolled oats
  6. Screw on the lid of the jar
  7. Tie on the tag from Arts & Crafts activity
  8. Give your gift to someone special!

Recipes! Fun Activities Club Penguin :)


You Will Need

Thin ribbon
Pencil crayons, markers or pens

Remember: You’ll need to print the Recipes! activity to go with this one!

Make this tag to attach to your jar of Rockhopper Cookie Mix!

* Make sure your parent or guardian helps you with this!


  1. Print the page below
  2. Color in the pictures
  3. Cut around the dotted lines of the tag and carefully make a hole at the top of the tag where shown
  4. Thread some thin ribbon through the hole
  5. Decorate your tag to give it that festive touch
  6. Tie your tag around your jar of Rockhopper Cookie Mix and give it to a friend!

Arts and Crafts Fun Activities Club Penguin :) 




You Will Need

2 mixing bowls
A whisk
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 tablespoon milk
1 cup butter, softened


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F
  2. Empty this jar into a bowl and mix everything together
  3. Whisk together butter and eggs in a separate bowl
  4. Add the vanilla extract and the mix
  5. Stir in the cookie mixture until you make cookie dough
  6. Spoon drops of dough onto a baking tray – make sure they’ve got enough room to get bigger!
  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden
  8. Cool on wire racks
  9. Share them with your friends!

Arts and Crafts Fun Activities Club Penguin :)12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SHARING

You Will Need

A parent or guardian
A shoebox (plus cool stuff like paper, sparkles, glue to decorate with)
Slips of paper and a pen

Make a box filled with “secret” good deeds!

Get your friends or family and make up different good deeds to do together around your home, yard, or neighborhood. Pick one out of the box every day!

If you can, keep some of your good deeds secret – make sure your parents and guardians know what you’re doing. Come up with any good deeds you want to fit your climate and situation.

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Secretly shovel the sidewalks or water plants for the neighbors.
  • Check the cupboard and collect 10 cans of food to drop off in the Christmas hamper at the store.
  • Pick out a new toy at the mall and take it to the Toy Drive.
  • Go through toys we don’t use and give them away.
  • Bake Rockhopper cookies and drop them off at a friend’s doorstep.

Use your imagination to come up with more secret deeds…

Outdoor Activities! Fun Activities Club Penguin :)

   Thanks Legos13 for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend :)

      Find More Recipes, Arts and Crafts and Outdoors Activities :)

Coins for Change Banner in Club Penguin :)

We have NEW Party Banners in Club Penguin :) I LOVE that these Banners are Automatically Updated :) Celebrate Change! This Fundraising is so Powerful and important that Scrooge have join us too :) AWESOME :)

2009-12-10 21.40.41 - Copy

                                   …EVERY Coin Counts :)

2009-12-10 21.40.41 - Copy (2) You can get your OWN Club Penguin Party Banner and a Saraapril in Club Penguin Banner :)

                          See Earlier Club Penguin Banners :)

                       How to Resize Club Penguin Banners :)

Coins for Change – Penguin Poll :)

This Poll is very important so make sure that you VOTE Today :)

I’m going to make a difference during Coins for Change by… Holding fundraising parties in my igloo :) Playing a benefit concert at the Lighthouse :) Earning coins by playing games :) Making friends with new penguins :) I want to vote for ALL of the Above! LOL :) But I cast my Vote on something that many Penguins have asked me to do…Holding fundraising parties in my igloo :) I will Post an invitation with more Details later :)

Penguin Poll                       …This is how the Poll Looks right Now…

Penguin Poll

…Club Penguin is interesting in YOUR Opinion isn't that GREAT :)

                              See last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

                                 What is Coins for Change?

Coins for Change and Igloo Decorating Tips - Reviewed By You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Last week we asked how you were planning to celebrate change during Coins For Change! Orang0 said:
I am going to get the Coins for Change Igloo Item and pop it in my igloo. Then, I will host a contest with my friends, and we will see who can donate the most coins! Fun to earn, and fun to give! I will run around Club Penguin, ringing my bell, wearing my scarf and treasured green turtleneck! To top it off, I will find Rockhopper, I will do a jolly dance with him!Coins for ChangeYou'll be able to get the Coins For Change igloo items aboard the Migrator tomorrow - and with a new furniture catalog also coming out tomorrow, an igloo party could be an awesome way to start the Coins For Change celebrations. This week, we want to know how you'll be decorating your igloo for the season. Give us your decorating tips!
Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I have decorated my Igloo for Coins for Change with Posters from Last year and Treasure Boxes to fill :) For Christmas I will decorate with lights and make my Igloo Cozy :) Coins for Change Igloo :)

Coins for Change Give Give Give

Help us to raise Founds and Please Give your Time for Coins for Change 2009 :)

   UPDATE: Club Penguin has now changed the Post Picture to this :)

Coins for Change

…and my Comment was Posted on Community :) THANKS Billybob :)

Saraapril's comment Posted on Community THANKS  Ponytail 001 and Lard Beak for these Updates :) You are Both GREAT Friends with Good Eyes for Details :)

Coins for Change Igloo :)

Me and My Puffles have TOGETHER prepared our Igloo for Tomorrow when Rockhopper will be here and start to collect Coins for Coins for Change :) Dorina 8 and I are so EXCITED! TOGETHER we have collect some coins but most of the Treasure boxes are still EMPTY!

Coins for Change Igloo                …PLEASE GIVE so Children can get a Better Life:)

Coins for Change Igloo

                     Give your Time for Coins for Change 2009 :)

Give your Time for Coins for Change :) Dec 11 – 20, 2009 in Club Penguin :)

    UPDATE: Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 is HERE :)

Rockhopper arrives on December 11! And with the special donation stations he’s bringing for igloos, Coins for Change will kick off with a flurry of excitement!Coins for Change Club Penguin

This year, along with giving coins, penguins are encouraged to find other ways to celebrate giving.

“It’s about more than just coins,” said one penguin.

Another told us, “It takes time to earn coins, and time to do goo deeds. Giving isn’t about money – it’s about sharing what’s important to you!”

Captain Rockhopper was overheard saying that he’ll be around the island meeting penguins and is hoping to find more ways to make a difference. Happy77 ask Screenhog about Coins :)

Coins for Change Club Penguin

This year, the Club Penguin Times asked for new ways to celebrate giving. Here are a few ideas:


  • Throw a Coins for Change party in your igloo and invite your friends to give!
  • Spend ten minutes playing your favorite game, and donate all the coins you earn to Coins for Change!
  • Send postcards to penguins you’ve never met before.
  • Help a new penguin find their way around by offering a tour!

                    IN FOCUS Coins for Change Guide Tour :)Coins for Change Tour

Happy holidays, and welcome to a special edition of In Focus. This week, we’ll focus on Coins for Change, the donation program that has the whole island abuzz.

We met our tour guide at the Plaza, next to the Coins for Change donation bucket. She was wearing a Gingerbread Costume and hat, and a Kettle filled with Donated Coins :)

“Ho Ho Ho! Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year! Today I’ll be showing you all the places you can donate to Coins for Change, starting right here.”

“To donate coins, the Plaza bucket is in a great place if you’re heading back from Cart Surfer, surfing at the Cove, or even channel surfing in your igloo.”

Next we headed over to the Beach, where penguins were coming back and forth from the Migrator.

“The bucket here at the Beach is a little less obvious, since a lot of penguins head straight onto the ship. It’s the perfect place for more secretive donations, like those from ninjas or secret agents.”

Next we headed into the Captain’s Quarters on the Migrator. It was packed with enthusiastic treasure hunters.

“I’m glad to see you brought your key!” our tour guide called over the crowd. “Captain Rockhopper set up a bucket in here for processional treasure hunters! Here, help me earn some coins while Rockhopper’s here!” Treasure Hunt Tips :)

And so ends another In Focus tour :)

       See how our Island was Decorated for Coins for Change 2008 :)

Coins for Change 2008


This is the third year of Coins for Change. Last year, penguins donated over 3 billion coins to show their support. That could buy a lot of postcards! Result from Coins for Change 2008 :)

Coins for Change Club Penguin


Whether it’s 50 coins or 50,000, your contribution is appreciated. Remember: you don’t need to donate a lot to make a difference.

Coins for Change Club Penguin


Donating is easy – just walk up to a donation bucket, select the cause you would like to support and how much you would like to donate. You can donate as often as you like.

Coins for Change Club Penguin


Penguins looking to fund-raise a lot of coins should do what they do best. The Captain brought his Treasure Hunt game to help, but if you’re a master Cart Surfer, or an Aqua Grabber expert, full speed ahead!Coins for Change Club Penguin

Landing Friday December 11, 2009 Rockhopper’s Rare Items :) Arr See what the Captain brought back aboard the Migrator!

Rockhopper in Club Penguin

…Thanks Aunt Arctic for  Good Articles :) I Think it is a SLEIGH for our Igloo that can be loaded with Presents! Or is That Sleigh for the Special Member Sleigh Adventure? And I will LOVE to have my OWN Coins for Change Kettle to Collect Coins in :) Right now I will go an Decorate my Igloo for Coins for Change I will Post more about that later :)

Coins for Change is Coming Back December 11, 2009 in Club Penguin :)

Coins for Change will soon be Here :)

Rockhopper Brings Coins for Change starting December 11, 2009 :)

Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 is HERE :)

Christmas is Coming to Town Dec. 18-27, 2009 :)

The Christmas Party is only a week away! This big celebration starts December 18 and everyone is getting ready.

Christmas is coming to Town 

Decorators have been preparing for weeks, and they promise that this year’s party will be “truly special and unique.”

“This party’s going to be spectacular,” said one anonymous penguin. “We’ve got some amazing new decorations, gifts, and activities.”

“We’re not going to ruin any surprises, but there’s something exciting happening above the Night Club during the party… we’ll need lots of help to build what we’re planning!”

Party decorators are asking everyone to share their talents to get ready for this very special party.

THANKS Aunt Arctic for telling us about this  :) I LOVE all your Articles in Club Penguin Times GREAT Work :)

Surprises, Decorations, Gifts and Decorations This will be AWESOME!

Night Club

I looking forward to the Sleigh Adventure so Much :) Find out more Here :) Christmas in Club Penguin :)

Treasure Hunt Tips - Secret Revealed :)

                                         Secret Nr 55 :)

Secret Revealed Club Penguin

Treasure Hunt Tips:

Join a game of Treasure Hunt with a buddy, then look out for sparkles in the snow and uncover them together. The more treasure you find, the greater the reward.

Every mint you find will earn you 1 coin. Candy canes are worth 25 coins. Ornaments are rare and worth 100 coins.

Secret Revealed Club Penguin GREAT! I will Play this Game A LOT to earn coins to donate to Coins for Change :)

Take a look at the Ornament and Coins for Change FUN FUN FUN :) from last year :)

Deck the Halls Igloo Contest December 18-20, 2009 Club Penguin :)

In the Spirit of the Season Club Penguin will have a Christmas Igloo Decorating Contest :)

Christmas Igloo Decorating Contest 20 Grand Prize winners will receive:

  • 25,000 coins!
  • Their igloo shown in the Club Penguin Times.
  • A special postcard from the judges!

20 Runner-Up winners will receive:

  • 15,000 coins!
  • Their name published in the Club Penguin Times.
  • A special postcard from the judges!

How to enter:

  1. Give your igloo a festive holiday theme!
  2. Look for the special ‘Submit Igloo’ button from December 18-20.
  3. Once your igloo is ready, press the button
  4. Remember, once you’ve submitted your decorated igloo, don’t change it until the judges have had time to see it!

Winners will be announced on December 24 and 31 in the Club Penguin Times!

THANKS Club Penguin and Aunt Arctic I LOVE to decorate my Igloo and I LOVE that the Submit Button will be back :) Tomorrow we will get a New Igloo Catalog and a New Furniture Catalog filled with Christmas items :) I have lots of decorations from earlier years too…This will be so Much FUN :)

Saraapril's Igloo in Club Penguin

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