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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fundraising Party in Club Penguin :) INVITATION!

Lets work TOGETHER and HELP :) On Tuesday 15 December 2009 I will hold a Fundraising Party that starts at The Beach outside the Lighthouse :) We will DONATE Coins and Party around the Island and visit Penguins Igloos on the Map :) BOTH Member and Non Members are INVITED! ALL Penguins Please come and TOGETHER we will have FUN, Dance and DONATE :) EVERY Coin COUNTS :)

Dance and Donate Party Invitation

Party starts at The Beach and will then be around Club Penguin Island :)

Date: Tuesday 15 December, 2009

Server: Flurry

Time: 02:00 Am Penguin Standard Time (look at the Clock Tower at Snow Fort in Club Penguin :)

How can Virtual Coins for Change Help Real Children and make a Difference in the Real World?

Christmas Party Coming on Friday 18, 2009 to Club Penguin :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

The Christmas Party starts Friday but tons of you are already ahead of the game and you've started your own celebrations! All over the island there are lots of holiday themed igloos - and a bunch of reindeer, trees, and elves have been spotted helping with the construction in the Town and upstairs in the Night Club!!

Night Club Club PenguinKeep up with all the cool stuff you're doing to celebrate - and get ready for even more. I don't want to tell you everything, but you might want to make plans with some buddies to cheer up a tree at the Iceberg and check out a Christmas feast at the Pizza Parlor. The Lighthouse'll be rocking with performances for Coins For Change, and members will get to help deliver presents...

Let us know how you're getting ready for the party!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Billybob :) Now it is time to Paint so the Sleigh will be ready for the Magic Slight Ride Adventure :)

Painting Slight in Club Penguin

               Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 are HERE :)

           Christmas is Coming to Town December 18 – 27, 2009 :)

Club Penguin Screen Saver :)

Have you ever wonder…How can I make a Club Penguin Screen Saver on my Computer? If you have Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP you can make it yourself for FREE :) Follow these instructions and your Screen Saver can look like this :)

Club Penguin Screen SaverHere are the steps how to do it in Windows 7 (similar in other versions of Windows too) to follow to create your own Club Penguin Screen Saver:

  1. Create a folder on your computer and place all images in it you want to use for the Screen Saver…
  2. You need images for your Screensaver and on Club Penguins Community Wallpapers page you find Penguins and Puffle images…
  3. Download all the wallpapers you want into your Screen Saver folder…I have Downloaded them ALL :)
  4. Right click on your desktop and select Personalize
  5. Click on the Screen Saver iconScreen Saver
  6. In Screen Saver Settings select the Photos Screen Saver
  7. Click on Settings… button Settings...
  8. In Photos Screen Saver Settings click on Browse… button Browse... select the folder you created in the first step
  9. Now you can change the Slide show speed and if you want to shuffle Pictures or not
  10. Click on Save
  11. Click on OK and you Have a New Screensaver :)

A new thing in Windows 7 is that you can have the desktop background to change pictures just like the screensaver :)

Desktop background settings

If you want to surprise you Dad, Mum or Siblings you can use other Pictures of you choice too and make a Great Personal Gift to them :) Remember to ask for Permission before you  borrow their computer :)I will make a New Screensaver to my Grandpa and add Pictures of Our Penguins, And Real Pictures with Littletias, Me and All our Cousins That will make Grandpa so HAPPY :) I Wish Club Penguin made a New Coins for Change Wallpaper so I could add that too :)

Saraapril Making a New Screensaver to Grandpa

                        How to Resize Club Penguin Banners :)

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