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Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Party is a GREAT Name :)

THANKS Club Penguin for Naming this Party to HOLIDAY PARTY :) It is a GREAT idea considering that Penguins from ALL over the World Plays Club Penguin Now :)

I have got emails where Penguin Friends has told me that Christmas makes them SAD! Because Christmas goes against their Religion!

I know how Halloween makes me feel uncomfortable and Scared! I wish Club Penguin added More Celebrations that were for EVERYONE like Earth Hour :)

Earth Hour Please

…If you don't Celebrate Christmas you can still Play in these undecorated Rooms :) Inside The Mine,The Underground Pool Area, Boiler Room, Winter Sport Shop, Ski Lodge Attic, Pet Shop, The Stage, Ninja Dojo, Fire Ninja Dojo, Box Dimension and You can make your Igloo Non Christmassy too :) The Dojo is Party Decorated in a Winter Theme :)
A Suggestion to Club Penguin :) When you make a Team Party like the one we have right now can you Please have MORE Rooms that are NOT Decorated With Religious Symbols and instead Decorated with Neutral Party Decorations :) Then EVERYONE can have Party FUN :)   

                 Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY Whatever you Celebrate :)

Winter Decorated Dojo :)             Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 are HERE :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 is HERE :)

Party!! by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

It's finally here! The wait's over and the party's arrived - there's tons of lights, gifts, and special surprises! We recognize that lots of you have so many different kinds of celebrations this time of year and we want everyone to feel included so instead of calling it a Christmas Party this year we're calling it the Holiday Party.

Hiliday Party in Club Penguin :)Don't forget that the igloo contest starts today, and you'll be able to submit your holiday designs right from your igloo til Dec 20th. That'll also be the last day of Coins For Change. Everyone's been doing great with sharing coins and time around the community.

Let us know what you and your friends are doing at the party!!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Today me and Gentoo101, Cody90778, Nirfbi, Masson45510 and P97829877 had a Concert for Change Party inside The Lighthouse :) We had so Much FUN Playing, Singing, Dancing and Donating Coins TOGETHER :)

Consert for Change          Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

BUGS in Club Penguin!

Today I have bought The Fairy Outfit and Hair and Wings for the THIRD TIME! Everything looks Fine I have all three parts of this outfit in my wardrobe…I Log off and Log in…They are still there :)  GREAT! Then when I log in another Time They are GONE AGAIN! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?


…Where are you Bro? In The MAZE! HELP Littletias is still LOST IN THE MAZE! LOL :) No he is NOT he is Playing Santa’s Sled Adventure Club Penguin just forgot to change this Message :)


…Thanks for telling me about the Maze Picture Floppyj10 :) You are a GREAT Friend Both in Club Penguin and in Wiglington and Wenks :)

…I will go and Help Santa Deliver Presents too :) LOL..Club Penguin has forgot to change this Message too :)


…THANKS Sir Flurrie for finding the Loading Maze Message :) You are a GREAT Friend with a Good eye for Details :)

Earlier Today The Enter The Igloo Contest Button Showed Halloween Contest THANKS to Carly971 and Jodierocks for telling me about that You both are GREAT Friends :)
The Halloween Igloo Contest Bug is Now Fixed :) THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team :) Can you Fix Please Fix These other Bugs too?

Invisible Penguins and Card-Jitsu Bug!

Fire Gem Glitch on Amulet!

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 is HERE :)

Santa’s Sleigh Adventure Guide Tour :) ANIMATED!

The Tour Guide…Me…LOL :) Will Take you on a Tour High above Club Penguin :) Ho Ho Ho! Here we are on The Sleigh!

Santa's Sleigh Adventure :)

                     …Help fly the Sleigh with these controls…

Santa's Sleigh Adventure :)

                    …Deliver Presents by pressing the Button!

Santa's Sleigh Adventure :)                   …Start Santa’s Sleigh…Up we go :) WOHOO!

Santas Sleigh Adventure Starts :)

         …Present Release…Here we GO! Right in The Chimney :)

Santas Sled Present :)

         …Littletias has Delivered all Presents and Gets a Gift :)

Littletias get Santa Dress :)

…If you already have Picked up your Gift from Santa you get a HAPPY HOLIDAY Message :) Great Job! Well Done! Holiday’s Seasons :) Time to Land :)

Santas Sleigh Landing

…I LIKE that we can see How Many Presents we have Left to Deliver :) And The Present-O-Meter is so cute :) This is FUN I will Play again Right Now :)

Santa Sled Ride :)                     How to Play Santa’s Sled Ride Adventure :)

           Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

Holiday Party Home Page Picture :)

We have got MORE Lights on The Lighthouse :) Pretty :) I LOVE the Star Covered sky too :)

Christmas Home Page Picture :)

           Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

FREE ITEM for ALL Penguins :)

At The Ski Village both Member and Non Members can Pick up a Free Santa Hat :)

Free Item Santa Hat :)

…You have Found a Santa Hat Would you Like to Pick it up? Yes Please :) And Thanks Sir Flurrie for helping me find This Hat :)

Free Item Santa Hat :)

           Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

New Snowman PIN in Club Penguin :)

  Up in the Ski Lodge Attic you find The Newest Club Penguin Pin :)

Snowman Pin in Club Penguin :)

…You have found a Snowman Pin. Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

Snowman Pin in Club Penguin :)                 THANKS Sir Flurrie for Helping me Find this :)

          Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

How to Play Santa Sled Ride Adventure :)

How do I Play Santa's Sled Adventure? Santa’s Sled! Fly across the starry sky on a magic sleigh ride. Help deliver Presents and earn a Special Gift!

             …First Go to Night Club Launch and Enter Santa's Sleigh :)  

…To Start The Ride Click on Fly and the sled will take off and Flies over The Igloo Roofs :) Click on Red Button so Presents fall down in Chimneys :) Tips click little Before the Chimney :)

…When all Presents are Delivered Click on Land and get your own Gift :) You have found a Santa Suit Would you Like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

                        …Me and Floppyj10 are Santa’s Now :)

Christmas Holiday PARTY in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

Santa’s Sleigh Adventure Guide Tour :) ANIMATED!

Christmas Holiday PARTY in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

WOW! This is so Sparkling and cute I LOVE that our Island is Darker that makes all the Twinkling Lights so Pretty :) Here in Town you can Click on the Storm Lights to Light Them up and if you are a Member you will not want to Miss Santa’s Sleigh Ride Adventure :) Some things are New and some are from Christmas Party 2008 :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…Concert for Change is Here :) That makes me so HAPPY :) PLEASE DONATE!

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…Here at The Lighthouse we can Play and have The BIG Coins for Change Concert TOGETHER :) We have one More Donation Station in here too :) AWESOME! I like the FUN way items are jumping inside this Room :) We can ring on the bell at the Counter and I LOVE the PINK Dance Floor sign :) Pretty, Pretty, Cool and Pretty :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…The Club Penguin Map is Changed Too :) look for awhile and you will see The Northern Lights :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…Outside My Igloo The Stars are Twinkling on a Pretty Soft Velvet Blue Winter Night sky :) The Enter your Igloo to The Christmas Decorating Contest is added too…GREAT I will redecorate my Igloo Later :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) 

…In Ski Village you can Both Pick up a FREE Santa Hat and Donate :) I Like the Old Fashion Candles in the Tree :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Ski Lodge is FILLED with Presents and a Old Fashion Christmas Tree :) Go up to the Attic to find the New Snowmen Pin :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)      ...If you open the Door Go Fish you will see a Pretty Sight :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The sight from The Beacon Is Breathtaking…The Northern lights are so Pretty :)

 Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

           …Look trough the Telescope:) So Pretty I LOVE This :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Ice Pond is BACK! This makes me so HAPPY :) Anyone that wants Hot Chocolate to Drink? click on lights to light them up :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)...I LOVE the Pretty Coffee Shop Decorations :) The Train is so Cute :) Sir Flurrie told me to click on The Train to hear the TUT sound…COOL! Thanks Friend  :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…Remember this Sneak Peek from Billybob? HURRAY! I Guessed Right :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…Up here in The Book Room we can sit in Santa’s Chair…click on The Camera and SMILE :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Night Club Rocks! Mouse over Airplane, Ball and Bird…and Puffle…LOL :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …I LIKE this room it is so Cool to look how the Toy Pieces get made into Toys and then wrapped to Presents :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…Help Santa Deliver Presents to Penguins Igloos :) Santa’s Sleigh Ride Adventure :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

                  …In Gift Shop we have got Decorations too :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …The Snow Fort is AWESOME! We will have GREAT FUN Snow fights here :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)                …I LOVE the HAPPY Snowman at The Ice rink :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

                           …The Plaza is Decorated too :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …The Pizza Parlor is so Pretty :) Try to click on different food at the Table :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Forest is FANTASTIC! Mouse over Toys for Surprises make sure that you have sound on :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…At The Cove we have few Decorations…have you noticed all The TOYS that are in the snow all over Club Penguin? I wonder if they have something to do with the New Mission…OR…are they from Santa’s Sled Ride? Is this what's happens with the Presents that falls outside of the chimneys ? LOL :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

              …The Ocean is so Pretty trough the Binoculars :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…In HQ we have decorations too :) Look Gary has left a Cookie and a Cup of Coffee…Something must be REALLY URGENT to make Gary LEAVE his Coffee Cup…LOL :) On the Monitors we can see the Pretty Dark Sky too :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

                                   …LOOK a Santa Suit :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …In EPF HQ we can eat yummy cookies and Look at the silently Talking Penguins in Santa Hats :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

                     …Or Coffee and Gingerbread if  you like :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…click at the Trash Can to get More and MORE Candy Canes…YUMMY :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…I went back to my Igloo to Take care of my Puffles and then I saw that Rockhopper’s flowerpots have Changed again…Not so Christmassy…LOL To see how they looked earlier see the beginning of this Post…LOL :) Rockhopper’s Plants are Growing Again :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…The Gingerbread House at The Mine is BACK :) YUMMY! I LOVE this House :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …Black Print1 wants to Show me how we can Decorating The BIG Christmas Tree at The Forest :) Just Throw Snowballs :) This is FUN Thanks for Telling me :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)        ...The Dojo Courtyard is Christmas Crazy Decorated LOL :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :) …I LOVE the Serene Atmosphere inside the Dojo :) Pretty and Calming :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Sky at Ninja Hideout is calming I LOVE to see The Stars, The Sky and The Mountains TOGETHER :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

                      …The Sky is Pretty in Fire Dojo too :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…At The Iceberg we have a SAD Christmas Tree…Alone I can do nothing BUT Bring your Friends and Dance and Ring in Bells TOGETHER and…

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)

…The Tree will be so HAPPY that it Grows and GROWS :) Remember to make a FUN Holiday Joke and give a Tour Guide in all Rooms :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 :)…I LOVE this Years Decorations :) Now I will go and Play in Club Penguin :) See you There :)

How to Play Santa Sled Ride Adventure :)

New Snowman PIN in Club Penguin :)

FREE ITEM for ALL Penguins :)

Santa’s Sleigh Adventure Guide Tour :) ANIMATED!

BUGS in Club Penguin!

Party!! by Billybob :)

Holiday Party is a GREAT Name :)

Winter Seasonal Mission on Club Penguin EPF, December 14-25 :)

How to Enter The Holiday Igloo Decorating CONTEST :)

Codes for Change :) CONTEST!

FUN with Friends :)

Coins for Change 2009 is Over…Rockhopper still Here :)

My New Gingerbread Igloo :)

Aunt Arctic Waddles Around :)

ALL Card-Jitsu Power Cards on YouTube with Sound :)

Aunt Arctic and I in Santa’s Sled in Big Snow :)

New Holiday Wallpaper in Club Penguin :)

Community Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

New Fan Art in Club Penguin :)

Penguins Around The World :)

Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED :)

Aunt Arctic writes about The Holiday Party :)

Coins for Change Result 2009 :)

Coins for Change Result Video 2009 :)

Mystery Present from Catalog is Opened :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle is Back at The Stage :) CHEATS and Script :)

Keep Making A Difference :)

Rockhopper at Christmas Day Parade in Disney World 2009 VIDEO :)

Where are The Christmas Books in Club Penguin?

A Penguin Christmas Carol :) Club Penguin Holiday Book :)

Christmas on Rockhopper Island :) Club Penguin Holiday Book :)

Puffle Pal Adventures Music Makes Magic :) Club Penguin Holiday Book :)


MORE CONTEST WINNERS :) of Holiday Igloo Decorating :)

Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic says THANKS!

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