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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Open Beta Hat in Wiglington and Wenks :)

In Town Today I met Upupin a New Friend in Wiglington and Wenks :)

Wiglington and Wenks :) …I asked How to find The Beta Hat and Upupin Helped me to find The Open Beta Hat without Ruin my FUN to Look for it :) THANKS! It looks like you have found the Present for open Beta! Would you like to open it? Yes Please :)

Wiglington and Wenks :) …CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a Exclusive Beta Hat! Please select your Colour! Orange, Blue, Green, Brown or PINK…LOL PINK PLEASE :)

Wiglington and Wenks :)

…CONGRATULATIONS! The Beta Hat has been added to your Inventory. Hurry to put it on Now!

Wiglington and Wenks :)

                                             …Done :)

Wiglington and Wenks :) …Then Upupin and I went to Club Penguin to Party at The Ice rink at Dock :) I LOVE to Skate around here  :) This is One of my Favorite Rooms during this Holiday Party :)

Saraapril in Club Penguin :) …Back in Wiglington and Wenks :) THANKS for your Help Upupin you are both Kind and Helpful I hope you can be a Mod soon :)

Wiglington and Wenks :)

          …This is my Favorite Room in Wiglington and Wenks :)

Wiglington and Wenks :)                  …Bye for Now Friends see you again soon :)

Wiglington and Wenks :)                    Meet Saraapril in Wiglington and Wenks :)

How to Enter The Holiday Igloo Decorating CONTEST :)

Today Both Me and Littletias Entered Club Penguins Deck The Halls Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest :) I am so HAPPY that TOGETHER with you my Friends we could fill ALL The Treasure Boxes with Coins :) THANKS to EVERYONE that DONATED in my igloo You are so GENEROUS! Rockhopper will soon come and Pick these up and Take it to the Coins for Change People :) In My Igloo I have a Soup Kitchen and everyone that visit will get a Present :)

Saraapril's Igloo :)

…Now my Igloo Decorating is Done so I click on The Golden Igloo icon :) Enter the Holiday Igloo Contest December 18 – 20 Would you like to Submit your Igloo to The Contest? Yes Please :)

Igloo Contest :)

…Thank You! Your igloo has been sent to our contest judges. Note: Don’t change your igloo decorations until December 20 to make sure the judges see how it looks now. Winners will be announced December 24 and December 31 in The Club Penguin Times. Okay :)

Igloo Contest :)

…This is Littletias Igloo :) I LOVE to click on SHAKE! So the Snow falling down it is so PRETTY :) Littletias Puffles Water, Fire and Forest is so cute and TOGETHER we have so Much FUN :)

Littletias Igloo :) Rockhopper and Coins for Change Party 2009 are HERE :)

Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

Winter Seasonal Mission on Club Penguin EPF, December 14-25 :)

Winter Seasonal Mission is available in Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force on Nintendo DS :)
Winter Seasonal Mission, December 14-25
Talk to Santa in the town and accept the mission. He will drop 4 gifts for you to pick up. Give the pogo stick gift to the sick snowboarder at the dock, the guitar gift to the guitar penguin at the beach, the snowboard gift to BlazerX at the lodge and the big box to the agent at the snowforts. After all gifts are delivered, talk to Santa again and he will end the mission and you will get some coins. This mission can be replayed immediately.
Ice Skates on the Iceberg is a free item.
THANKS mumbo221 for Reminding me about This Mission :) My and Littletias DS Nintendo i still with our cousins so I Totally Forgot about This…You are a GREAT Friend :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS

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